Intensive Driving Courses in Cannock

Want to get on the road in Cannock and south Staffordshire? PassMeFast’s range of intensive and semi-intensive driving courses are here to help every learner get up to test standard just weeks after booking in. Read on to see what makes us different, and why thousands of learners have taken driving lessons (and passed fast) with PassMeFast.

Booking Intensive Driving Lessons in Cannock

If you're looking to design your own driving course, there are plenty of things you’d probably include in there. An instructor with experience and patience would be a given, along with lessons that actually fit around your schedule. (Most of us just don't have the spare annual leave to take a 5-day holiday for a crash course!) To top things off, you’d want a friendly team who deals with the admin side of things for you, and an early test date to help you enjoy the road even sooner.

If all of that sounds right up your street, then PassMeFast is the driving school for you. Our intensive and semi-intensive courses offer more speed and structure than traditional driving lessons, with heaps more flexibility than one-size-fits-all one week crash courses.

Interested in automatic intensive driving lessons in Cannock?

Getting your licence doesn’t have to mean mastering the gear stick. If you’d prefer to take lessons in an automatic car, PassMeFast can help. That’s because every course we offer is available in both manual and automatic transmission. Compare everything we offer by checking out our full range of courses and prices.

You’ll get customer service and support at every step of the way thanks to our friendly team, who’ll be there to answer any queries and iron out any issues. Most importantly, of course, you’ll be learning with a DVSA-approved instructor, ensuring that you avoid picking up bad driving habits and instead become a safe, confident driver for life.

Our courses are available now in Cannock and across South Staffordshire. So, join the thousands of learners who’ve already passed fast, and book your driving course with us today. Call us on 0333 123 4949 to speak to the team, or click the button below to book online within minutes.

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Why choose PassMeFast for your intensive course?

  • Automatic and manual courses to suit all drivers
  • Flexible driving lessons to fit any schedule
  • Learn with experienced instructors
  • Home and workplace pickups
  • Pass in as little as one week

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Practical Driving Test Centres in Cannock

Those living in this area will have different test centres of choice depending on their exact location. If you’re in a town such as Rugeley, Stafford will be your best option, while those living in Cannock Chase may find Lichfield a better fit. Learners in South Staffordshire, meanwhile, will be split between Featherstone in the north and Dudley in the south.

Theory Test Centres in Cannock

Although this part of Staffordshire may not have a theory test centre of its own, its proximity to the West Midlands means that learners here should find it easy to find a place to go. The two obvious locations to take your theory test are Wolverhampton and Dudley, though Birmingham may also prove a good option due to good public transport links.

Haven't taken your theory test yet?

Don’t put it off! Add a theory test onto your PassMeFast course, and we’ll arrange your appointment at a suitable time, date and test centre. All that’s left for you to do is hit the books and secure that pass!

Driving Around Cannock

Whether learning with your instructor or practising driving outside lessons, it’s good to familiarise yourself with not only the roads close to home, but also those which will feature on your practical test. After all, while there’s no such thing as a guaranteed pass, you’re much more likely to get your licence if you know what’s coming on your test!

Map of Cannock within Staffordshire

With no test centre in Cannock itself, those living in South Staffordshire will be spending much of their lesson time in areas such as Featherstone, Lichfield or Dudley. Here, you’ll be building up your skills on dual carriageways, in residential areas, and even on motorways! The local knowledge you acquire will stand you in good stead to ace your practical test, while the skills you gain will be transferable to any road across Britain.

Cannock Fact File

Famous for... Cannock Chase AONB
Population 29,018
County Staffordshire
Local council Cannock Chase
Major local roads A34 to Salford and Winchester
A460 to Rugeley and Wolverhampton
A5 to Holyhead and London
A5190 to Lichfield
Railway station Cannock train station
More local information Google Maps
Weather in Cannock

Places near Cannock


Cropped Google Map with pin over Hednesford

Find in Google Maps


  • Hednesford was a centre of coal mining for more than 100 years, a heritage commemorated by a miner’s lamp in the town centre
  • The area was home to major training camps in the First World War, as well as RAF Hednesford in the Second World War
  • Today, one of its most famous landmarks is the Hednesford Hills Raceway, a short-circuit racing venue
  • The town’s football club, Hednesford Town, won the FA Trophy in 2004


Cropped Google Map with pin over Penkridge

Find in Google Maps


  • At the heart of Penkridge lies the St Michael and All Angels Church, the town centre’s tallest building
  • In mediaeval times, Penkridge was subject to Forest Law, which prevented the town expanding into nearby green space
  • The town remains relatively small even today, though it has grown since the opening of the nearby M6 motorway
  • Penkridge’s local market, first established in the Middle Ages, still operates twice-weekly


Cropped Google Map with pin over Rugeley

Find in Google Maps


  • Rugeley suffered two major disasters in 1709, when the town was both ravaged by fire and flooded
  • Rugeley was home to a notorious serial killer, William Palmer, in the mid-19th century
  • In the 1950s, major coal mining activity began in Rugeley, leading to the opening of Lea Hall Colliery in 1960
  • Media covering the town includes Cannock Chase Radio, which broadcasts across the local area

Which Areas Does PassMeFast Cover?

As well as offering our courses in Cannock and across South Staffordshire, you can book with PassMeFast throughout the county. For more detailed information, check out the links below.

Still not sure which of our packages would suit you best? Give our course recommender a whirl and find a match in moments! If you’re feeling ready to book, just call 0333 123 4949, or click the button below.

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