Customer Reviews

Here at PassMeFast, we pride ourselves on helping learners get their licence fast without compromising teaching quality—but don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at what our pupils had to say about their PassMeFast courses…

5th October 2018

PassMeFast was the best decision I have ever made, can't thank Riaz my driving instructor for being the best, he helped with everything I needed to know about driving and gave me the confidence I needed, I ended up passing first time with no problem all thanks to my instructor. I recommend PassMeFast to anyone who is learning to drive, amazing service and no delays :)

3rd October 2018

Would highly recommend this company helped me pass first time around in the space of 3 weeks! They do all the hard work sorting out your test and booking an instructor for you ideal for those who are working or need to pass in a short time. My driving instructor was James Cash absolutely fantastic!

1st October 2018

I am so glad I decided to contact pass me fast. I had a very restricted time limit to take my practical test as my theory was about to expire. The staff at pass me fast was extremely helpful, they assigned me an instructor and booked me a test almost instantly. My driving instructor Dean was amazing. I have had lessons and driving tests in the past with other instructors and failed a number of times. However, after only 10 hours with Dean he gave me the confidence boost and reassurance I needed to pass this time. I can't reccomend pass me fast and Dean enough

19th September 2018

Really happy with the course and my instructor, passed first time thank you so much

17th September 2018

Great such an easy way to book your course. People so friendly and happy to help. And a massive thank you to John Barker my instructor from York what a great bloke great teacher and so calm at what he does massive 5 stars from me.

14th September 2018

I had taken 15 hours with Chris in Nottingham. The instructor was extremely helpful and knowledgable, everything was made very simple. The advice given by the instructor is what helped me to pass my test. Could not fault anything about the whole experience. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking in Nottingham.

14th September 2018

Really great service from start to finish, all the staff I spoke to were really informative in helping me choose the right length of course for me. My booking agent Charlotte was fantastic and answered all my queries quickly. My instructor Phil was absolutely amazing and really got my confidence up quickly! So happy to have passed and so glad I chose PassMeFast!

12th September 2018

Pass me fast found me a cancellation test in just over a week and thankfully I passed!! Highly recommend if looking for a cancellation booking 🙂

11th September 2018

Took my test yesterday for the first time and passed 😁 I did a 25 hour course made up of mainly 3 hour lessons with my instructor, Riaz. I'd had lessons 12 years ago and gave up as I didn't like them, but now I need to drive and wanted to get it done asap! Riaz was great and got me to pick up skills super quickly - very thorough, efficient and treated me like a proper driver from the start of the course. For example, we'd gone through the 3 new manoeuvres I'd never done within 45 mins of the start of my second lesson. You can also tell he's a very caring person and wants his students to do well. As the name suggests, it can be intense, but if you want to pass quickly, want to focus on it and are dedicated, then I would recommend an intensive course. PassMeFast were very friendly and professional. The only thing I would say is that the administration fees they take are quite hefty. For example, they charge a fee to find you a test date sooner than the date you'd get on the normal waiting list, by booking you a provisional test date and then working from there to find an earlier cancellation. From paying my deposit it took 11 days for them to find me a cancellation, which was a month away and only 3 days before the test date they'd booked in the first place. All in all, I'm very happy I took an intensive course and Riaz was great instructor! 😁

11th September 2018

Pass me fast are fantastic, within a short space of time everything was arranged and I was driving. Frank is an amazing instructor that help me get my confidence up and pass my test fast.

10th September 2018

I took a three week intensive course and passed first time thanks to Faisal from Nottingham driving school (an approved ADI by PassMeFast.) couldn’t thank him enough. The booking team at PassMeFast in particular Adam is extremely helpful if you encounter any problems. Thanks again!

7th September 2018

Professional and highly effective services, five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

6th September 2018

Passed first time with passmefast. Very good service that considers customer needs seriously. My instructor Ifzal was on top of his game and seriously knew what he was talking about.

6th September 2018

Absolutely brilliant service from everyone involved, I honestly couldn’t find a bad word to say if I tried. My booking agent Charlotte was absolutely amazing and answered every question I had quickly and professionally and definitely went out of her way to ensure I felt supported. Absolutely hands down the best thing I’ve ever done, well worth the money! Thanks again PassMeFast, it’s been a pleasure!!

6th September 2018

I passed my test last week with PassMeFast! Riaz was the best driving instructor I could have hoped for! Not only was he an excellent and patient teacher, but also a great person who I looked forward to driving with. I couldn’t imagine ever having the skills to pass my test but Riaz made sure I had the confidence I needed and was a constant source of encouragement. Riaz also worked the lessons around my schedule and even gave me an extra lesson the night before my test when I was feeling nervous. I can’t recommend Riaz enough and I am so happy that I got such a great instructor who was not only a knowledgable and skilled teacher, but also went out of his way to make sure I was ready for my test. Thank you Riaz!!!

3rd September 2018

After having 3 previous instructors I decided to do a pass me fast course and I’m more than happy that Riaz was my instructor. He made me feel comfortable from beginning to end and from the minute I met him he made me feel so at ease with how patient and calm he was throughout every lesson which was so beneficial for me as I am normally a very anxious person anyway. Riaz clearly explained everything to me and always asked me what I felt less confident doing so we was able to pin point the areas I needed more reassurance in. He was such a lovely gentleman and was happy and chatty which helped with my silence when concentrating because I never once felt awkward. He made me feel like I shouldn’t doubt myself and even when I doubted myself he always made my moods change to being positive. Fantastic instructor, was a pleasure to meet him and don’t think I would have passed first time without him, thank you so much 😊 Also would like to mention how fast my test was booked in. As I had limited time as my theory was about to run out. Riaz was able to sort a test out for me before that date, which I really appreciate. From me booking with pass me fast, I did 20 hours straight away (doing 3 hours a day) meaning I passed in in over a week.

3rd September 2018

I would highly recommend pass me fast for learners wishing to complete their course in a more intensive manor. Jade has always been very helpful, quick & effective at arranging my booking and finding me a local instructor, Gary - Gary has been an absolutely fantastic instructor from day 1. He has always been extremely patient, calm and given instruction in a constructive manor. It is with this and his vast driving knowledge that has aided a very anxious me to pass my test. I would highly recommend pass me fast & Gary to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thanks again to both parties, it is greatly appreciated 😊

31st August 2018

To say I was a difficult student... is an understatement. A self confessed, nervous, anxious driver, lacking in any confidence. Darren was very patient even through my many breakdowns (not mechanical) and remained professional and helpful throughout the process. I passed my test first time and am now very happy to say I can drive with confidence. Looking forward to future lessons to get my motorway driving up to speed. 🚗🚘🚦🛑

31st August 2018

5 stars!! Today I passed my driving test 1st time. I honestly couldn't have done it without Riaz my driving Instructor from pass me fast. what a great guy, kept me laughing and smiling all the way though my 30 hour course. I loved every minute of it. thanks so much Riaz and the team at pass me fast!!

30th August 2018

Passed first time today with my driving instructor named Jo . She was a massive help, always believed in me and always looked after me . Would definitely recommend Jo and this course . Thanks guys!!