Customer Reviews

Here at PassMeFast, we pride ourselves on helping learners get their licence fast without compromising teaching quality—but don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at what our pupils had to say about their PassMeFast courses…

11th March 2019

I did 15 hours with Colin and felt more confident than I had in a long time. I passed with 2 minors and couldn’t thank him enough! Definitely recommend using PassMeFast!

11th March 2019

PassMeFast have been amazing! my mentor Alex was great throughout & v helpful. my instructor Noel was 5*, I failed my first test, had 7 hours with him and passed with 5 minors. excellent and kept my nerves down! thanks guys

7th March 2019

I would highly recommend PassMeFast! I booked the 5 hour refresher course and passed first time! My booking agent Adam, was extremely helpful and efficient - the process from booking to passing was really quick too. Thank you guys!

6th March 2019

Great service from start to finish. Very happy with my instructor Khalid, he quickly figured out my areas of weakness and gave me lots of tips to how to improve my driving. He was very calm and patient which helped me to enjoy my lessons and learn better. Passed first time with his help.

6th March 2019

I just want to say how happy I am with the service of PMF so far after a few previous companies have let me down.
My instructor Shibu is very patient, encouraging & clearly very experienced.
Also Anthony at the office - was quick to get everything arranged, & has gone above and beyond.
Lastly i can't thank you enough for your support and understanding whilst I am going through some personal issues & I look forward to resuming & getting passed!

5th March 2019

I couldn’t be happier with my experience with pass me fast. Contact and information was spot on from Anthony. It wasn’t long before I was assigned my instructor Mark. From the moment Mark arrived for my first lesson he made me feel comfortable and relaxed. He was very informative and professional and gave me the confidence I needed to be able to pass my test first time. Thank you so much I will definitely recommend Pass me Fast to friends in the future.

Fantastic service provider *****. John barker from York 10/10 couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Rory my booking agent was incredibly helpful at every opportunity.

4th March 2019

Thanks to the team at PassMeFast I did a refresher course last week and passed first time!
Amazing service from start to finish by everyone from the office staff especially Anthony who went the extra mile and arranged it all with ease and was super helpful. And my instructors were both great Thankyou Darren and Noel!
Would highly recommend these guys to get that pink license 🚗🚘🙂

4th February 2019

thankyou so much to riaz for being patient and helping me get the confidence I needed to get my test passed in one week I couldn't have done it without you thankyou 😁😁I would definately recommend to anyone wanting to learn fast and improve their confidence and skills driving 🚘

28th February 2019

I have had a great experience with mass me fast and my instructor riaz, he was extremely help full and his ways of teaching works very well for me and I would recommend him and pass me fast in the future.

27th February 2019

I got in touch with PassMeFast after trying (and failing) multiple tests due to inconsistancy with my busy schedule. The intensive course was absolutely perfect for me as it was organised super quickly and everything begun almost instantly - ideal if your schedule is a mess like mine!
The booking agents (Jaquie and Sam) were a delight to speak to and the instructor I was assigned (Yasin) was a dream to learn with - there was never any pressure from anyone. Yasin had the patience of a saint and would go completely out of his way to make the car a comfortable learning environment. In a way I'm sad I passed!!
I can't recommend these guys enough - thank you again!!

25th February 2019

Well managed service which responds to customers in a timely and effective manor. I didn’t have the best experience with my first instructor but PMF assisted and reassigned me, resulting in me passing first time

20th February 2019

Pass Me Fast are fantastic! I booked 10 hours with them and within 3 weeks I had passed my test.
I had had previous tests but pass me fast manged to get me my license.
My instructor Ayub was great and made me feel confident about driving his massive estate when I presented him with my worries.
I have recommended pass me fast to everyone and will continue to do so.
Thank you pass me fast, Anthony my booking agent and Ayub!

20th February 2019

Used PassMeFast to find a faster driving test for my son after his booked test was not due for 6 weeks Paid the £20 and the next day an early test date was given for a week later. He passed his test today!. So happy and super impressed with the amazing service Highly recommended

20th February 2019

Ecstatic that I passed my test first time with only 5 minors within a 4 week period with the support of my instructor Johnathan! He was very empowering and allowed me to make mistakes (safely) and learn from them very fast without judgement. I had had some lessons before but had bad luck with unprofessional and in appropriate instructors. Pass me fast helped me find a great instructor within a few days of my enquiry and a month later I can confidently drive a manual car.

12th February 2019

Had a 15 hour course with Noel . The support and encouragement which the course gave me was amazing . Passed first time with only 2 minors . Could not recommend enough.

11th February 2019

Working with noel was a great experience, he really helped me a lot and taught me in 5 hours stuff I didn't know over a year I would say it's not bad for an arsenal fan but yeah great man and very good instructor.

7th February 2019

Natalie has been so supportive and helpful with everything I needed during my driving lessons! From booking my theory 3 times to advice and support with lesson and my test! Also my driving instructor Colin has been so supportive and positive, he has made learning to drive feel so natural. Thank you so much to pass me fast, Natalie and Colin!

31st January 2019

I passed my test first time round, thanks to pass me fast and the team.

17th January 2019

Natalie has been so supportive and helpful with everything I needed during my driving lessons! From booking my theory 3 times to advice and support with lesson and my test! Also my driving instructor Colin has been so supportive and positive, he has made learning to drive feel so natural. Thank you so much to pass me fast, Natalie and Colin!

10th January 2019

I would definitely recommend PassMeFast! I've had bad experiences with driving lessons since I was 17 on and off. (I'm 20 now) I passed my theory after choosing my course. the booking agent Natalie sorted everything for me and couldn't be more perfect. everything was quick and easy. I took the 10 hour course but failed My first practical after a few silly mistakes. I then got on to the 5 hour course. Ipassed yesterday second attempt with 6 minors. my instructor put me at ease and gave me so much confidence. didn't put me down or make me feel anxious like my previous instructors. would highly recommend. the best thing I've ever done by far!! thank you!

9th January 2019

Really professional bookings and amazing instructors. I managed to pass after 10 hours with them. If you're unsure of how many hours you need I would definitely recommend booking their 1 hour assessment. It really helped me :)

23rd December 2018

From the moment I got in contact they were really helpful and really flexible. I got 30 hours of lessons with both tests included.
At first I wanted to do a compact course. When I changed my mind and asked to spread my lessons they were so great. They moved my practical test so I could take my time.
They kept in touch as I learned to make sure I was happy. I passed my practical test first time with only 4 minors.
Considering I was so nervous and really thought 30 hours wouldn't be enough I was so impressed!
My instructor Alena was so lovely too!

21st December 2018

I had experience driving before I went with PassMeFast but my instructor Paul just pushed me that little further and I passed after a five hour course highly recommend

13th December 2018

I booked a 30 hour course which included my test. I completed the hours throughout November and was passed on December 11th! It was challenging fitting the hours around work but the instructor was flexible and we we're able to get through them all with a combination of using my lunch hours, evenings and some weekends. I think the 30 hours course was perfect for me as I had already had a few lessons about 10 years ago , so I had some basic experience. On the whole it was a really positive experience and I would massively recommend it to anyone, who like me, just wants to crack on and get it done!