Customer Reviews

Here at PassMeFast, we pride ourselves on helping learners get their licence fast without compromising teaching quality—but don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at what our pupils had to say about their PassMeFast courses…

14th December 2017

Pass me fast was well worth every penny! I didn’t really have much interest in driving prior just because I thought I’d be no good and with me taking 3 attempts on my theory; I didn’t think driving was for me. I thought my luck was as good as Arsenal’s. I had 30 hours with a lil bit of experience 3 years back, but was high in confidence well before my test. My instructor, Noel, was an absolute geeza! Gave me some brilliant advice that can be used aside of driving too, taught me things in an easy way, that wouldn’t give me the answers, but thought-provoke me through guided learning to get a good understanding myself, that I would remember. He was extremely patient considering he’d ask me the simplest of questions to figure out and I’m as slow as a snail through peanut butter. He also helped to keep my mind off nerves through chatting and joking about things related and aside of driving. The car was spot on and easy to drive. They worked really well around my dodgy work schedule - had to alter days/times at last minute on occasion, but was well aware of changes and not to an extent that affected anything. Absolutely over the moon I passed first time - being reassured and convinced to drive just after 9am, after me nearly falling asleep at the wheel the same time the week before. So glad that I can finally drive a car now and not just my mum up the wall. Thoroughly enjoyed my time learning and would recommend to anyone wanting to pass over any period of time! Cheers �

13th December 2017

Thanks to Adi (my instructor) and the PassMeFast team - I did a 30 hour semi intensive course and passed first time! Perfect early Christmas present � The booking process was easy and quick - you’re assigned an agent who looks after you and your course booking from start to finish. My agent was Morgan, he was lovely, he has really good customer service skills, very friendly and kept in touch throughout my course. Adi is a great instructor; really patient, punctual and easy to get along with. He was reliable and planned all my lesson around my availability, I work full time so this was important. Adi has such a positive attitude and me feel relaxed so I could concentrate on learning to drive - I can’t thank him enough!

6th December 2017

My experience with PassMeFast was amazing! I would highly recommend to all people who are looking to get on the road ASAP! After completing my Course Assessment I was recommended 20 Hours and this was perfect as I passed first time!

5th December 2017

Absolutely excellent from start to finish, after 35 hours of driving lessons my 17 year old daughter passed first time, will have no problem in using Pass Me Fast, when my other daughter reaches driving age.

1st December 2017

I can not recommend PassMeFast enough, I had previously failed a few tests under a different instructor. I was ready to give up on my dream of driving, but thought I'd give it one last go. I got teamed up with John and my life he's amazing! He pin pointed my issues within minutes of being in the car with him, and corrected them straight away. I suffer with my nerves, and he built my confidence so much so that my nerves disappeared. I actually felt like he cared whether or I failed, unlike my previous instructor. And on test day he text me first thing with words of encouragement, which I thought was just lovely. And I passed! I'm so glad I decided to give it one last try. I want to say a massive thank you to all at PassMeFast, especially Rachel who got me my test nice an early and John for being the BEST blooming instructor EVER!!! Thanks guys 👍 👍 👍 👍 🚗🚗🚗🚗

29th November 2017

I booked onto a 10 hour refresher to build my confidence back up after failing a test before, Ann my instructor will never get enough credit! I passed first time with PassMeFast and it’s all down to her, I laughed on my lessons and had general chitchat and my mind was put at ease. On the day of my test I was a bag of nerves, I told myself I couldn’t do it and Ann made me laugh and told me I had to! And I passed! Thank you so much for everyone’s help the whole service from start to finish was amazing!

28th November 2017

Great admin work from Adam I managed to get a test in two weeks! Noel was a brilliant instructor and helped me through everything and made driving fun. Thank you!

24th November 2017

Pass me fast has been great from the get go.... But i must say Jeremy is by far the best instructor that i have ever had the pleasure to learn from. And if it wasnt for his excellent teaching skill i wouldnt of passed today 1st time. Thanks to all the pass me fast team But most of all thank you Jeremy dor putting up with me :)

23rd November 2017

I had an excellent experience with passmefast. I booked 5hours intensive course My instructor Brian , who helped me feel at ease whilst driving and he taught me everything step by step as well as reviewing my progress after each lesson which helped me develop. I passed and would definitely recommend Brian as an instructor.

22nd November 2017

Well done, PassMeFast and Noel! I passed my test last week. I'd been a nervous learner in the past, but Noel did a great job of putting me at ease. He encouraged me to drive to a high standard, and to be extra vigilant of cyclists, buses and the many quirky streets of Didsbury! Good administrative support from the team at PassMeFast, especially Charlotte. Highly recommended!

20th November 2017

Used pass me fast for my 18yr son he was really struggling to get a test date and on 31/08/17 he was given a test date for 19/11/17 He had finished his lessons to standard but was stuck. Pass me fast had him booked in for a test within 2 weeks of signing up with them they also arranged 5 xtra hours with a lovely lady the day before so he could be happy and comfortable with the car. He passed his test with only 1 minor. The service support and price were brill would definitely recommend.

16th November 2017

I've had 6 hours driving experience prior to PassMeFast as my old instructor was unprofessional. I'd have given it a 5 star rating if the PMF Admin team were better. However, I had an amazing instructor Talitha, who helped me feel at ease whilst driving and she taught me everything step-by-step as well as reviewing my progress after each lesson which helped me develop. I passed yesterday and would definitely recommend Tal as an instructor!! :)

I passed my test today after doing a 20 hour course with Riaz,, without doubt I would not have passed without Riaz he’s an amazing instructor and so patient and kind I would recommend him to everybody I was very nervous but he made me feel like I could do it!!!! Best instructor ever!!!!!

16th November 2017

I booked my son in after he'd failed his test 4 times. I was a little concerned about the cost and timelines. His confidence was at an all time low. I was also a little worried that he wouldn't get his test before the changes on the 4th December. Passmefast didn't let me down, Admin were spot on, answered all my queries. Adam kept me informed at every stage of booking.. Arshad the instructor from Rochdale, despite only having a few hours to build his confidence and get him to where he need to be, ironing out his flaws, he did it, built his confidence and fully understood what he needed to do, to pass Finally he received a well done on passing email from Adam at Passmefast which I thought was a nice Touch. Worth every penny and more.

15th November 2017

I had such a great experience with pass me fast! My instructor Jeremy was great and I felt confident and secure in taking the test, and I passed today! The intensive hours really worked for me, and thank you to pass me fast for assigning a great instructor and the test centre I wanted, all within only a few months.

15th November 2017

I booked a 30 hour semi intensive course, I paid my deposit then advised pass me fast I would pay the balance upon speaking to the instructor I was to be allocated. Glad I waited to pay as the first instructor messed me around for a week before confirming he could not do the days and times I needed. I gave them another chance and so glad I did as the next instructor I was given Carl could fit me in perfectly and he has been fabulous. I only had a few lessons previously and my last instructor left me very nervous and totally lacking confidence. Carl has been amazing, patient and always made me feel relaxed. I passed my test today! first time, and its all thanks to his instruction, advice and sense of humour! So if you are wondering if you can learn to drive and pass your test in 10 weeks then yes you can

11th November 2017

From the first call right through to the test day, my interactions with Passmefast were efficient, productive and met all my needs; Charlotte is an absolute angel that one! John was my instructor, and although I was nervous about doing only 5 hours and then going for the test, he put me at ease and really boosted my confidence. I passed the test first time and I'm glad Passmefast passed me fast and I can now enjoy driving safely all over the UK :)

9th November 2017

Took 6 week from when I rang till I passed

3rd November 2017

Sue is the best instructor, she made me pass with only 16 hours. I thought I needed more but she assured me I was ready! Great results and I’ve passed first time. Highly reccomend Sue to anyone. Thank you so much xx

3rd November 2017

My course was booked by Morgan, After an email enquiry from myself as to why it was taking so long, he called an advised that my desired test centre had actually closed and found me one in a New area. I didn’t know the New area well at all but even so I went ahead. Booked a 15 hour course, carried out my lessons in 3 x 3 hour slots and one 4 hour slot over 2 weeks. Arshad was an excellent tutor, and although I was very anxious he quickly noticed my triggers and worked me through them. We did 1 hour 30 tutoring the morning of my test and I passed first time. As someone who has failed twice previously I cannot rate them highly enough!

2nd November 2017

My son Josef had an excellent experience with passmefast after passing his theory test we agreed on a date to start his 40hr intensive course at the end of september, apart from swapping a few lessons round (by both sides) he completed the course with Riaz his instructor who was patient and encouraging and passed his test 31st of October. I think that Josef benefitted from this type of course as it focusses the student on the driving test because the test is booked before the lessons start, instead of the conventional weekly method where the test is way in the future and there is greater temptation to miss lessons which prolongs the whole experience.

1st November 2017

Excellent 100% couldn’t say a bad word about PassMeFast. After trying to book with a few fast track test companies I booked a ten hour course on the 12th of October 2017 I made my self as flexible as possible and the next day the 13th PassMeFast contacted me with a test date for monday the 29th of October 2017. The following day my instructor mark contacted me and I told him the dates I’d be available for the lessons and he came back to me the following day with dates that suited us both. Mark was her not only on time but early for each lesson he taught me in The short time we had together not to drive like I’m on a driving test but drive safely and in A consistent fashion he gave me the confidence I needed in a few manovers I wasn’t that confident in. On Monday 29th I woke up early hours with a horrible sickness and diarrhoea bug that has gone round work and I thought “this is all I need” yet I still managed to pull my sell together and get out the door, mark talked me threw what was going to happen and I asked if he could come on my test with me witch tbh I would advise and to cut it short I passed with three minors on my mirrors that I got coming back into the test centre as I was in touching cloth and desperately needed the toilet 🙈🙊. Words can not describe the gratitude I have for mark and PassMeFast they have helped me get my life back. The moral of this is your paying for quality not quantity. If you pay peanuts you get monkeys. I would recommend PassMeFast to anyone who is willing to listen and learn. Thank you PassMeFast I can’t say it enough 🙋🏻‍♂️

31st October 2017

Had a great experience, each test was booked in line with my preferences and within my time frame. They were very quick with all the communication and did all the hard work for me. My instructor Sean was fantastic making it fun to learn and was very accommodating when booking in lessons. Passed on my first time and within 6 weeks of my first lesson. Also great value for money! Can’t recommend them and Sean enough!

29th October 2017

I booked a 30 hour crash course over 4 weeks, which I wanted it in 2. I had previously had 10 lessons with a different instructor. In the first week I only had one lesson for 2 1/2 hours. In the second week I also one lesson for 3 hours as my driving instructor had booked other people in for the times I was meant to be doing the lessons as they were doing there driving test the week after or that week. This meant the week before my test I did 15 1/2 hours of driving over 6 days not only was my driving test coming up which is stressful anyway learning to drive for so long over such a short amount of time was draining. Surprisingly to both me and my driving instructor I passed my test with only 2 minors. She was a great driving instructor and really did have patients to learn me as I was a nervous driver but she didn't have enough time. All together I only did 21 lessons including my test but paid for 30 which honestly I wasn't best pleased with as it's a lot of money to pay out but I would recommend pass me fast to anyone �