Customer Reviews

Here at PassMeFast, we pride ourselves on helping learners get their licence fast without compromising teaching quality—but don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at what our pupils had to say about their PassMeFast courses…

17th January 2019

Natalie has been so supportive and helpful with everything I needed during my driving lessons! From booking my theory 3 times to advice and support with lesson and my test! Also my driving instructor Colin has been so supportive and positive, he has made learning to drive feel so natural. Thank you so much to pass me fast, Natalie and Colin!

10th January 2019

I would definitely recommend PassMeFast! I've had bad experiences with driving lessons since I was 17 on and off. (I'm 20 now) I passed my theory after choosing my course. the booking agent Natalie sorted everything for me and couldn't be more perfect. everything was quick and easy. I took the 10 hour course but failed My first practical after a few silly mistakes. I then got on to the 5 hour course. Ipassed yesterday second attempt with 6 minors. my instructor put me at ease and gave me so much confidence. didn't put me down or make me feel anxious like my previous instructors. would highly recommend. the best thing I've ever done by far!! thank you!

9th January 2019

Really professional bookings and amazing instructors. I managed to pass after 10 hours with them. If you're unsure of how many hours you need I would definitely recommend booking their 1 hour assessment. It really helped me :)

23rd December 2018

From the moment I got in contact they were really helpful and really flexible. I got 30 hours of lessons with both tests included.
At first I wanted to do a compact course. When I changed my mind and asked to spread my lessons they were so great. They moved my practical test so I could take my time.
They kept in touch as I learned to make sure I was happy. I passed my practical test first time with only 4 minors.
Considering I was so nervous and really thought 30 hours wouldn't be enough I was so impressed!
My instructor Alena was so lovely too!

21st December 2018

I had experience driving before I went with PassMeFast but my instructor Paul just pushed me that little further and I passed after a five hour course highly recommend

13th December 2018

I booked a 30 hour course which included my test. I completed the hours throughout November and was passed on December 11th! It was challenging fitting the hours around work but the instructor was flexible and we we're able to get through them all with a combination of using my lunch hours, evenings and some weekends. I think the 30 hours course was perfect for me as I had already had a few lessons about 10 years ago , so I had some basic experience. On the whole it was a really positive experience and I would massively recommend it to anyone, who like me, just wants to crack on and get it done!

11th December 2018

Ifzal was a brilliant instructor I did the 5 hour slot and I passed with only 2 minors I would recommend him to absolutely anyone and this pass me fast to anyone

4th December 2018

Exceptional communication and guidance, Pass Me Fast provided a truly professional service throughout the course.
Special thanks to my instructor Dave for his patience and understanding how to tailor his instruction to a very difficult pupil!!
I would highly recommend.

4th December

What isn’t there to recommend, my booking agent Natalie was super all the way through helped me in every way possible even getting my theory pushed forward, booked for 40hrs with Sajid who was also fab and got me through my driving in 23hrs with 17 spare and a nice refund just in time for Christmas.
Passed my test first time and all thanks too Sajid.
Best company I've been with.

30th November 2018

As a beginner, I decided to go with PassMeFast for driving lessons. I booked 40 hours and passed after 35 hours with Ann. I cannot recommend Ann highly enough. She was patient, friendly, encouraging and put me at ease straight away. PassMeFast was helpful in getting it all arranged very quickly. I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn to drive and pass quickly to go with PassMeFast.

23rd November 2018

Really really good, passed first time keep in good contact with you would highly recommend

17th November 2018

Absolutely fantastic, Mr. Riaz is a brilliant instructor who helped me overcome my anxiety when on the road, leading me to pass first time. Huge praise, 10/10. I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of learning to drive.

16th November 2018

Being an experienced driver with a foreign driving Licence I only had to do 5 hours, Paul was great and thank you.

16th November 2018

Pass Me Fast has the best instructor - Michelle. Not only was she a great teacher but the lessons were more like hours with a friend ! Don’t get me wrong she nags :) but my god does it pay off in the end. Going to forever be thankful ! Sasha x

10th November 2018

Passed my driving test first time with PassMeFast with my driving instructor Ann. Can’t thank her enough for all of her help, and patience. Would highly recommend Ann, I was extremely nervous on the day of my driving test and she managed to keep me calm and control my nerves.

10th November 2018

Wonderful and fast service, had my test 2 weeks after booking and passed with 1 minor, i would defiantly reccomend

9th November 2018

Had the best experience with pass me fast and my amazing instructor James Cash! Passing my driving test first time with 5 minors after doing a 10 hour course. My booking agent Alex got everything sorted so quickly and was lovely to communicate with. Anyone in the Liverpool looking for an instructor I would highly recommend James Cash. He put all my nerves at ease and was so encouraging, professional and funny. I couldn't recommend him enough!

9th November 2018

Today I passed my test with Ann first time. After ten years of wanting to pass but lack of confidence holding me back I decided to re take my theory which I passed first time and then book 10 hours with pass me fast ANN my instructor was amazing I can’t even put it into words what an amazing friendly hard working lady she is. Over this last week she’s made me believe in myself corrected me where I went wrong and was always there with all the questions I had we had such a laugh but relaxed me to learn and remember everything. Well it just shows because I did it today I passed !!!. She has got me through this test and changed mine and my children’s lives for the better. I can’t thank her enough. Anyone who wants to learn to drive in the Lancashire area I 110% recommend Ann. Thank you to Ann at pass me fast! Who did pass me FAST! :)

8th November 2018

Pass me fast were very helpful in doing all the bookings for me as nd arranging my instructor ann who was extremely good.

7th November 2018

Did some lessons with Ann Winstanley was a brill instructor. So encouraging and she was so helpful. Helped me to Pass my test thank you so much Ann for helping me to achieve my full driving potential... Would definitely recommend pass me fast

31st October 2018

As I failed my test 2 years ago, I decided to use pass me fast as an intensive course and with the help of Haseeb, I passed after 5 days with only one minor! I was very happy, would recommend.