How does the PassMeFast Money-Back Guarantee work?

Your happiness is the engine oil that keeps PassMeFast’s cogs spinning, whirring and fast-tracking learners to success. So if we hit a traffic jam and things don’t whizz along as fast as we’d like — you’ll be able to get a full refund.


When can I get a refund from PassMeFast?

It’s rarer than a Reliant Robin but if your course doesn’t go to plan and you want to cancel, you can get a refund if one of the following applies to you:

1. We're unable to book a theory test within 30 days of booking your course and submitting your details.

2. We’re unable to book a practical test in line with our course completion estimates within 30 days of submitting your details. If you need to sit a theory test, the 30 days will begin from when you pass the theory.

3. We’re unable to connect you with a driving instructor within 45 days of us starting to assign one to your course. We'll start connecting you with an instructor once we've fast-tracked your driving test and you've confirmed it's suitable.

Any lesson hours or test fees already used are not eligible for refund in any of these cases.

Not a PassMeFast customer yet?

Our Money-Back Guarantee means every PassMeFast course is all reward, no risk.

With fast-tracked tests to skip the queue, DVSA-approved instructors to help you master your manoeuvres, and the game-changing PassProtect — PassMeFast is the faster, easier AND less stressful route to driving.

How do I cancel my PassMeFast course?

If one of the above cases applies to your course, give us a bell on 0333 123 4949. We’ll look into where went things wrong and, if you still want to cancel, we’ll process your refund.