PassMeFast Refresher Courses

If you're a learner driver who has been on the road towards learning to drive for a while, or you've recently failed your test, you're probably wondering what your options are. Should you play it by ear and take hourly lessons every other week? Do you even need more lessons? PassMeFast knows how difficult it can be for experienced learners to pick the right course, which is why we offer refresher courses.

In this guide, we'll look at what refresher courses are, why you should take one and the different refresher courses that PassMeFast offers.

What are refresher courses?

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If the name didn't give it away, refresher courses are designed to help learner drivers refresh their driving knowledge. Experienced learners already have the fundamental—and most of the advanced—aspects of driving nailed down. As such, long driving courses aren't necessary. That's why refresher courses are short and designed to be completed in mere days.

The purpose of taking a refresher course varies for each learner. Some learner drivers have opted for hourly lessons over intensive courses, spreading their learning over months or even years. By doing so, however, they end up taking long breaks from driving. It's unadvisable, then, for them to head straight in for the practical. A refresher course gives these learners long enough to get their skills back up to scratch.

Refresher courses are also an ideal choice for learners who have recently failed the driving test. Not only do they give these learners time to build their confidence back up, they also allow them to work on the areas in which they picked up the most driving test faults. By the time they take their next test, these learners are fully prepared and raring to go.

Why should I take a refresher course?

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Refresher courses are a very popular option for learner drivers across the UK, for many reasons...

To give yourself a confidence boost

Failing the driving test can be overwhelming and can also have a serious impact on a learner's confidence. Many find themselves hesitating with certain aspects of their driving from then on. Some even book another practical test, without giving themselves time to recover and get back into the right headspace. Similarly, learners who have taken a break from driving may make the mistake of booking a test, even though they're not entirely ready.

By taking a refresher course, you can build your confidence back up again and remind yourself why you enjoy driving, and why you want to become a fully qualified driver. You'll be doing reverse bay parking blindfolded in no time at all—figuratively speaking, of course!

To break your bad habits

No matter how great a driver you think you are, there are almost always areas in which you could improve. Whether it's your observational skills or your speed awareness, taking a refresher course can give you time to iron out the creases. Remember: driving test examiners will be keeping a close eye on you, so you don't want to mess up on something that you could have improved on with a refresher course.

Similarly, if you've failed a test, a refresher course enables you to concentrate on your weakest areas—using your feedback sheet as a template for your lessons—and get on top of them before you book back in.

To learn with an experienced ADI

As useful as it can be to drive with family members and friends, nothing quite compares to the tuition of an experienced driving instructor. It's a long and challenging process to become a driving instructor, but during this time, instructors sharpen their skills and teaching style so that they can offer the best advice possible to learner drivers.

Whilst you might not pick up on any weaknesses in your driving, a DVSA-approved instructor will be able to give you pointers and tips to help improve your skills so that you fly through your practical test. Even a short refresher course can help take your skills to the next level.

Refresher courses we offer

PassMeFast's 15 hour course


+ Practical

+ Practical and Theory


from £573

from £608


from £625

from £660

Whilst not typically seen as a refresher course, our 15 hour course can be treated as such for learners who have already had buckets of experience, but need some extensive work—and a confidence boost—before they feel like they're test-ready. It's also ideal for learners who haven't been behind the wheel for a while, but don't want to invest in a full-length driving course.

The 15 hour course can take between 3 and 6 days to complete, depending on how busy your schedule is, and how intensively you'd like to do your lessons. With one of our local, experienced instructors, you'll work on a few key areas and skills. If you're shaky on advanced skills like manoeuvres—pulling up on the right, bay parking and parallel parking—or driving using a sat nav, you'll have more than enough time to get yourself up to scratch.

Hate moving through the gears? Have a love-hate relationship with the clutch? Not only can our courses be taken in manual transmission, they're also available in automatic. We include fast-track practicals with all of our refresher courses, and we can include a theory test if you haven't taken one yet.

PassMeFast's 10 hour course


+ Practical

+ Practical and Theory


from £453

from £488


from £488

from £523

Another popular refresher course from PassMeFast, the 10 hour course can be completed between 2 and 4 days. It's ideal for learners who have had a break from driving, but still feel confident in their abilities. Similarly, learners who have recently failed can benefit from working on the areas they received the most faults in.

With a local Approved Driving Instructor, you can stretch your driving legs and get back into the swing of things. No matter what key areas you need to improve on—be it multi-lane roundabouts or high-speed dual carriageways—your instructor will have you test-ready and raring to go in no time at all.

No matter what your preferred transmission is—manual or automatic—you can book a 10 hour course, along with an additional fast-track practical test and/or theory test.