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Intensive Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic cars are more popular than ever before in the UK, with more learners ditching the clutch pedal and saying goodbye to gears.

If you’re looking to learn to drive in an automatic, you’re in luck: all PassMeFast courses can be taken in either a manual or an automatic car. Simply click the button below to get started, or read on to find out more.

Automatic: pros and cons

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Though 84% of UK cars use manual transmission, the increasing popularity of automatic cars shows that there are plenty of things going for them. Some of the main pros of choosing to go auto are:

  • No gears
  • No clutch pedal
  • Smoother urban driving

With an auto, you won't have to worry about clutch control or wearing your clutch out. You'll also avoid the sudden stopping and starting that drives manual drivers insane in an inner-city traffic jam. However, automatics aren't perfect. Before booking, make sure you're aware of the cons…

  • Less control over the vehicle
  • More expensive than manual cars
  • Automatic licences don't let you drive manual cars

Not only are automatic cars more expensive to buy, but they tend to use more fuel and can be more expensive to service. Getting an automatic licence also means you can't drive a manual car later—while manual drivers can switch to auto. And with pass rates in automatic cars lower than for manual cars, it isn't necessarily easier or quicker to learn in an auto.

Want more detail? Check out our full comparison article of automatic vs. manual cars.

Which should I choose?

There are positives and negatives to manual and automatic cars—and, in the end, it all comes down to which suits you best.

The great thing with PassMeFast is that the choice is yours. We offer automatic and manual courses in all the areas we cover, with many of our students benefitting from our automatic driving lessons in Manchester and other major cities.

Manual or automatic, we can help you get on the road in just weeks. To get started, give the team a call on 0333 123 4949, or click the button below to get on the road.

What our students think

Collage of successful PassMeFast learners

From their friendly, positive demeanour to their comprehensive knowledge of all things driving, our instructors are some of the best in the biz. Don't just take our word for it, though—see what some of our customers had to say!

Mark was my driving instructor and all I can say is that he was amazing! I suffer with anxiety and he made me feel comfortable and pushed me so I felt more confident. I did a 15 hour course and passed first time! Thank you Mark!


The instructor assigned to me was Phillip — he was fantastic. Chatty and friendly from the off. He was informative and helped massively with my confidence issues. A great experience.


PassMeFast delivered on their promise: I got a practical test date within 4 weeks! Their driving instructor, Kabir, was really good—professional, patient and instrumental to passing on my first attempt.


The instructor, Andrew, was great: polite, patient, always on time and great support all the way. We had some good laughs — his sense of humor has made the lessons even more enjoyable. In one: great service and well selected, knowledgeable instructors.


My instructor Manesh was amazing — he made me feel so confident, comfortable and happy to be doing my lessons. I would definitely recommend!



Will I learn to drive more quickly in an automatic car?

Learning in an automatic isn't necessarily easier. If you're struggling with common issues such as observation, switching from manual to automatic won’t make much difference.

However, if you're experiencing difficulty with gear changes or clutch control, you're likely find automatic a little easier. Want advice from an expert? We’ll be able to help you decide, give us a call on 0333 123 4949.

Am I more likely to pass in an automatic car?

Contrary to popular belief, pass rates in automatic cars are generally lower than manual cars. Don’t let that put you off though — thousands of learners pass in automatics every year!

Why do prices differ for manual and automatic courses?

Automatic cars are more expensive to buy and run. Plus, most instructors drive manual cars, with a much smaller number of automatics on the road. This means that prices for automatic lessons are usually higher than manual.

I want to drive an automatic car after passing. Do I need to take my test in an automatic?

Nope — if you pass in a manual car, you’re free to drive both manual and auto cars.

If I pass in an automatic car, will I be able to drive a manual car after passing?

No — if you pass your test in an auto car, you’re only allowed to drive automatic cars. You'll need to pass again in a manual car if you want to swap transmission.

Does PassMeFast have automatic driving instructors in my area?

We offer automatic courses in all of the areas we cover, including major cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.

What's the difference between a manual and an automatic car?

In a manual car, you'll need to change gears yourself, but in an automatic car the gearbox makes the decision. If you learn in an auto, you won't have to learn how to change gears or deal with a clutch pedal.

If I book an automatic course, can I switch to manual later on?

This may be possible in certain circumstances. Please contact the office if you wish to change transmission.