Fast-Track Your Test

Beat the long waiting times by months with a fast-track practical test from PassMeFast. Book in today, and we'll speed things up with a test that suits you.

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We have experience in finding driving test cancellations. An early test usually only shows up on the DVSA website for a matter of moments—but with PassMeFast on your side, it could be yours. All you need to do is…

  1. Book your test for just £150
  2. Sit back, relax, and let us do the hard work
  3. All you have to do is take the test!

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The average waiting time for a practical test is at least 2 months, and at some test centres is as long as 4 months. This can be a real stumbling block if you want to get your licence fast.

Luckily, PassMeFast is here to change the game.

With our fast-track tests, you can get a test months earlier than those you'd usually find on the DVSA website. It costs just £150 to book your test, and if we can't find something that suits you within 10 working days, you can get a full refund.

So, what are you waiting for? Turbo-charge your driving with a fast-track practical test from PassMeFast.

Top FAQs

I'd like to book a fast track test, but I already have a practical booked. What should I do?

To make the process easier, we advise those in this situation to cancel their existing practical test. We'll arrange a new test for you—and the price of a fast-track practical test includes all DVSA fees.

How does PassMeFast find earlier tests?

Our fast-tracking team are adept at beating the waiting times, and use various methods to secure you the best possible test. This includes finding driving test cancellations—early appointments which appear on the system when another candidate decides not to take their test.

Does the fee for a fast-track test include an instructor?

No—this covers the test and the cost of fast-tracking it. If using this service, you'll need to arrange your own instructor for the practical, or take the test in your own car. Alternatively, you can book a course with PassMeFast and learn alongside one of our instructors.

Will I be able to take my test on an evening or weekend?

Weekend and evening tests are rare, meaning that we cannot guarantee that your test will take place at these times. We will, however, endeavour to secure a test that meets your requirements as closely as possible. Please note that evening and weekend tests cost an additional £13.

When will my test take place?

Though we are unable to give exact dates upon booking, PassMeFast guarantee that we'll beat standard DVSA waiting times for tests. We will always try to find a suitable test for you that takes into account your preferred time, date, and location.

Other FAQs

Why are driving test waiting times so long?

With over 1.7 million driving tests taking place each year, it's clear there are always plenty of learners looking to pass—and, with not everyone passing first time, many may require a few attempts to get on the road. Combine this with a shortage of driving examiners, and the conditions are in place for long waiting times.

That's why fast-tracking your test with PassMeFast is a smart move. We'll help you to bypass the usual waiting times and secure a test date within as little as a few days of booking in!

Why should I come to PassMeFast rather than looking for an early test myself?

Typically, the earliest available tests available on the DVSA website are 6 or more weeks away. It is possible to find earlier appointments—usually when someone cancels their existing test, freeing it up for another candidate to take.

However, these appointments are, understandably, in high demand, and are thus only available for a matter of minutes. Moreover, there's no set pattern as to when these tests appear. You might get lucky and find one quickly—but, in the majority of cases, you'll need to sit at your computer for hours, keeping an eye on any appointments which appear. This simply isn't feasible for most people (and is hardly the most enjoyable way to spend your time!)

Luckily, PassMeFast can do it for you. Our team are experienced in fast-tracking driving tests, including finding those elusive cancellation appointments. Booking with us means saving yourself time and hassle.

Why is it more expensive to book a practical test through PassMeFast than on the DVSA website?

The amount you'll pay to PassMeFast includes the DVSA's fee of £62 for a practical test, as well as an admin fee to cover the cost of fast-tracking your test.

Is there a difference in the fees charged for manual and automatic practical tests?

Nope! Practical tests cost the same regardless of whether they're taken in a manual or an automatic car.

I haven't taken my theory test yet. Can I still book a fast-track practical test?

No. It is not possible to book any practical test (fast-tracked or otherwise) without first having passed a theory test. We advise learners looking to book a fast-track test with us to book and pass their theory test independently before contacting us.

Can I fast-track a theory test too?

At present, we only offer fast-track theory tests as part of a PassMeFast course. If you live in one of the areas we cover, and are interested in learning with us, be sure to add a theory test onto your booking.

If I book a course with PassMeFast, will I need to book a fast-track test separately?

When booking one of our courses, simply add on a fast-track test. The last hour of your booking will then be reserved for the practical test as standard, and you'll be able to take your test in your instructor's car.

How will I be notified of my fast-track test?

PassMeFast will notify you of your fast-track test via email. Please be sure to check your email regularly to make sure you don't miss any correspondence from us. In some instances, you may need to check your spam folder. If you haven't heard back from us within ten working days of booking, please call us on 0333 123 4949 and we'll look into it.

Is the practical test conducted by PassMeFast?

All tests in Great Britain are conducted by examiners employed by the DVSA. As a private company, PassMeFast does not conduct practical tests. If you have any complaints about your driving examiner or test, please notify the DVSA.

Where will my fast-track test take place?

When you book in, we'll ask you to provide a preferred test centre at a location that's convenient for you. You'll also have the option to choose a backup test centre, which helps to increase your chances of securing that perfect test date if you're more flexible with location.

I can't find where I live on the list of areas PassMeFast covers. Can I still book a fast-track test?

Yes. The list of areas we cover refers to areas where PassMeFast instructors operate, and where it is possible to book a full driving course with us. However, it is possible to book a fast-track test with us in any test centre across England, Scotland and Wales.

Please be aware that, when you book a fast-track test, your booking includes the test only. You will need to arrange your own car and/or instructor for the test. This applies both inside and outside our coverage area.

How much faster will my test take place than the usual waiting times?

Typical waiting times vary by test centre, with candidates in some areas experiencing waits of up to 13 weeks! Fortunately, PassMeFast can help to secure you a test within just a couple of weeks—and, in some instances, within just days of booking in!

Can I choose which day of the week my fast-track test takes place on?

It is usually possible for us to find a test for you on a weekday of your choice. However, if you have little or no flexibility as to which day of the week you can take your test on, you may need to wait longer to take your test.

Please note that tests on weekends are very rare, and cost an additional £13. We cannot guarantee to find weekend tests.

Can I choose the time of day of my fast-track test?

We will always work to secure a test date that meets your requirements, including a morning or afternoon appointment, should you wish. Please note that we cannot guarantee to find a test for a specific time.

The DVSA considers all tests after 4:30pm to be evening tests. These tests are very rare, only being available at specific test centres and in limited numbers during the summer months. Additionally, they are £13 more expensive than tests taken at other times. We cannot, therefore, guarantee that we will be able to secure you an evening test.

I've booked a fast-track test with PassMeFast, logged onto the DVSA website, and noticed that my test is a long time away. Why is this?

When working to secure your ideal test date, we will start by booking a provisional test. This may be some time in the future, but don't worry—this is not your final appointment. We'll soon move it forward, and will notify you when we've found your perfect date. Keep an eye on your email!

I'm not sure I'm going to be ready in time for my test. Can I move it back?

As long as you give us a minimum of four clear working days' notice before your test is due to take place, we can change the date for you. Please note that an admin fee of £18 will apply.

If you inform us that you wish to change your test date with less than four clear working days' notice, you will need to pay the full fee of £150 again. This is due to DVSA policy which forbids changes after the deadline.

My test is due to take place within the next four working days and I need to cancel it. Can I do this?

The DVSA imposes a cancellation deadline, after which all test fees are non-refundable. Due to this, we won't be able to refund any money paid for your test if you request a cancellation with less than four clear working days' notice. Should you wish to book a new test, you will need to pay in full again.

What happens if the DVSA cancels my test?

Unfortunately, due to issues such as weather, strikes or illness, your test may be unable to take place. If this happens, the DVSA will automatically rebook your test for a date in the future—but this can sometimes be months away. Fortunately, if you’ve booked a fast-track test with PassMeFast, we’ll be able to bring that date forward again, cutting your waiting time down.

What happens during the test?

The test will last for around 38–40 minutes, and consists of:

  • An eyesight test
  • Two “show me, tell me” questions
  • Roughly 20 minutes of general driving, guided by an examiner, including completion of one reversing manoeuvre
  • Roughly 20 minutes of independent driving, which consists of following sat nav directions or traffic signs

One in three candidates will also be asked to complete an emergency stop.

Candidates will receive the result of their test as soon as they arrive back at the test centre. Successful candidates will be able to start driving as soon as they receive their pass certificate.

What is the eyesight test?

Before candidates begin driving, they will be asked to read a licence plate from a distance of 20 metres. They will be able to do so using glasses, provided that they continue to wear them throughout their drive. If a candidate fails to do so, they will automatically fail the test and their licence will be revoked.

Will I need to follow a sat nav during my test?

Four in every five candidates will need to follow sat nav directions during the independent driving section of the practical test. The other one in five will need to follow traffic signs. This is assigned at random, and candidates cannot ask for one or the other.

What are the “show me, tell me” questions?

During the test, candidates will be asked two questions on vehicle safety and maintenance. The first of these is asked outside of the car, before the candidate starts driving. The second of these is asked while the candidate is driving.

Which manoeuvres will I need to display during my test?

All candidates will need to display one of the following manoeuvres on their driving test:

Will I need to perform an emergency stop during my test?

One in three candidates will be required to complete an emergency stop during their driving test. Please note that candidates are not allowed to ask for an exemption to this. If you are learning to drive while pregnant, and are concerned about your ability to perform an emergency stop, you may wish to consider waiting until after giving birth to book your fast-track test.

Where can I find advice on the practical test?

Over at the PassMeFast Blog, we've compiled plenty of useful guides to taking your test. Check them all out by visiting our practical test section.

What if I turn up late to my test?

The DVSA advises all candidates to arrive at their test centre 10 minutes before their stated appointment time. If you turn up late, your test will be cancelled, and you will lose the fee paid for it. PassMeFast accepts no responsibility if you turn up late for a fast-track test.

Am I guaranteed to pass?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a pass on any given practical test.

What happens if I don't pass my practical test?

If you don't pass, don't worry! Give the team a ring on 0333 123 4949, and we'll be happy to help you book back in. Please note that, due to DVSA restrictions, you must wait at least 10 working days to book another driving test.

Can I appeal the result of my test?

You can only appeal the result of a driving test if you believe your examiner did not follow the proper regulations. Your result won't change in the case of a successful appeal, but you may be eligible for a free retest. Read our article on appealing your driving test result for more information.

I already have a driving licence from another country. Do I need to take a test to drive in the UK?

This varies by the country which issued your existing licence.

  • If your licence was issued by an EU or EEA country, you can drive on your existing licence until it expires, and may exchange it for a UK licence at any time.
  • If your licence is from a 'designated country', you may exchange it for a UK licence without taking a test. You must do so within 5 years of becoming resident in the UK. Designated countries include:
    • Australia, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Zimbabwe
  • If your licence is from Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man, you will be able to exchange your licence as long as it was issued after April 1st, 1991.
  • If your licence was issued by any other country, you will only be able to drive on your existing licence for 12 months. After this period, you will need to take both a theory and practical test to continue driving in the UK.

I have special requirements that affect my driving. Can I still fast-track my test?

In most cases, this won't be an issue—but, to be sure, please give the team a call on 0333 123 4949 before booking in. We'll look into your requirements and let you know if we're able to fast-track your test.

I've been banned from driving before and need an extended practical test. Can I book this through PassMeFast?

Unfortunately, due to very limited availability, we do not book extended practical tests through our fast-tracking service.