Fast-Track Your Driving Test

fast-track practical test

Fast by name, fast by nature — beat the long waiting times by months with a fast-track practical test.

Every PassMeFast driving course comes with a fast-tracked driving test (and theory test, if you need it!) so book today and you’ll be passing in no time.

Looking for a fast-tracked driving test without lessons?

With the DVSA still recovering from the COVID-19 backlog and most test centres being in extremely high demand, we’re only able to offer fast-tracked driving tests without lessons in around 25% of locations across Britain.

To see if we’re offering fast-tracked test only bookings in your area, pop your postcode in here. If you can see ‘Practical Test Only’ next to the 48-hour course, you can get a fast-tracked test without lessons in your area!

If not available in your location, don’t worry – you can still get a fast-tracked test as part of any driving course, whether you drive a manual or automatic. More on that below…

How to get a fast-tracked test

We’re probably the best in the business at finding driving test cancellations. An early test usually only shows up on the DVSA website for a matter of seconds — but with our fast-tracking team on your side, it could be yours.

All you need to do is…

  1. Book any PassMeFast course or a fast-tracked practical test
  2. Sit back, relax, and let us do the hard work
  3. Pass the test!

The average waiting time for a practical test booked through the DVSA is 6 months. But you can slash that in half with a PassMeFast course.

And, in the rare case we can’t fast-track your test fast enough, you can get your money back!

Still need to pass your theory test? Add one onto your course for £40 and we’ll fast-track your test so you can still pass ASAP.

So, what are you waiting for? Turbo-charge your driving with a fast-track practical test from PassMeFast.

Their service and professionalism were top class and I would particularly like to mention how good their communication was throughout uncertain times (yes, COVID lockdowns). You get what you pay for, a quality instructor who works around your schedule (mega shout-out to Will-Manchester, couldn't have hoped for anyone better!) and a test booked in no time. People nowadays are either waiting months and months to get a test booked or pay ridiculous fees due to a backlog of tests being bulk-booked by unauthorised companies to make crazy profit...avoid all that, just sign up to PassMeFast!

Kyle Smith

PassMeFast were quick to respond, worked around my availability (I have a full-time job so finding space for lessons would have proved difficult if not for their flexibility). They also provided me with the best instructor… shout out to John!! I passed first time, having never driven before. Fully recommend an intensive course, especially because of the long waiting lists for tests etc. during these times. THANK YOU!!


Top FAQs

I'd like to book a fast track test, but I already have a practical booked. What should I do?

If you cancel your current booking before the cancellation deadline, the DVSA will give you a full refund. We'll arrange a new test for you — and the price of a fast-track practical test includes all DVSA fees!

How does PassMeFast find earlier tests?

We don’t use bots or stockpile tests. Instead, our fast-tracking team are the Lewis Hamiltons of the test booking race, and they search the system for your perfect test. This is usually done by snapping up driving test cancellations — early appointments which appear on the system (but not for long!) when another learner decides not to take their test.

Does my fast-track course include an instructor/car for the test?

Yes! Book a course with PassMeFast — we’ll fast-track your test and pair you up with an instructor to help you over the line.

Will I be able to take my test on an evening or weekend?

Driving test centres rarely offer evening or weekend tests, so it probably won’t be possible.

We can try to secure a test that meets your requirements but can’t make any guarantees. It’s also worth bearing in mind that evening and weekend tests cost an additional £13.

When and where will my test be?

Though we can’t give exact dates, PassMeFast guarantee that we'll beat standard DVSA waiting times for tests. We’ll always try to find a test for you that considers your preferred time, date, and location.

Can I get my driving test fast tracked?

You can skip the long queues and get a fast-tracked driving test much sooner with PassMeFast. We’ll save you weeks or even months of waiting around. Our fast-tracking team are experts at picking up cancellations and will find the perfect test for you. We’ll schedule your driving lessons around your test date, giving you the best chance of passing first time.

Ready to get started? Book online today, or chat to our friendly team on 0333 123 4949.

How can I fast track my driving test in the UK?

If you’re ready for your driving test, you don’t want to wait in the long DVSA queue. Tests are cancelled every day for different reasons, so you might strike lucky and find a free slot that’s just been given up. Take the luck out of it by letting PassMeFast do the hard work.

Our team of fast-tracking experts has lots of experience in finding the best fast-tracked tests. You’ll be ready to pass in as little as 3 months.

Book online today, or chat to our friendly team on 0333 123 4949

How long is the waiting list for a driving test?

The wait times for a driving test have increased as a result of the backlog caused by COVID. In some areas, the soonest test is in 6 months. PassMeFast can save you time by cutting that wait to as little as 3 months.

Taking your test as soon as you’re ready increases your chances of passing first time, and saves you money in the long run. We’ll organize your course around the test date and do the admin for you.

How do I pass my driving test ASAP?

If you want to pass your driving test ASAP, you’ll need a fast-tracked test to skip the DVSA’s long queues. It’s best to book a test that gives you enough time to finish your driving lessons, and that’s where PassMeFast comes in.

We’ll find you a test in as little as 3 months and arrange your driving lessons to be in the lead up to it. Your new skills will be fresh in your mind, giving you the best chance of passing first time.

How can I book my practical test fast?

The demand for driving tests is at an all-time high, and this means you could be waiting up to 6 months for a test from the DVSA. If you want one sooner, PassMeFast can fast-track your test in as little as 3 months. Instead of spending hours waiting for a cancellation to pop up, leave the hard work to us. Our expert team of fast-tracking wizards will do the hard work for you, leaving you to focus on the driving.