Beginner Driving Lessons

Go from provisional to pass in as little as 3 months

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Sick of public transport or begging for lifts? It’s time to get a one-way ticket to Passville! PassMeFast helps you get your licence ahead of usual driving test wait times with our fast-track test system, genius instructors and flexible driving lesson plans for beginners.

The faster way for a beginner to get a driving licence

We’ve been doing this for years, so we know how to go from provisional to pass — fast. Here’s what to expect:

Step 1: Book your course

Step 2: We fast-track your theory test

Step 3: Once you've passed your theory, we fast-track your practical driving test

Step 4: When we've got a driving test that suits you, you'll be connected to an instructor who will arrange your lessons around your schedule, and help you...

Step 5: ... Pass!

Why take beginner driving lessons with PassMeFast?

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Pass faster than the rest

Our fast-tracking system means you can sit (and pass!) your theory and practical driving tests faster than standard DVSA wait times. We've already helped over 50,000 learners get on the road since 2016.

Bringing the industry up to speed

PassMeFast courses bring modern learning methods to an out-of-date industry. You'll go seamlessly from lessons to your driving test, avoiding big gaps and keeping all your new skills fresh in your mind.

Learn with the best

All PassMeFast instructors are DVSA-approved, friendly and just plain brilliant at what they do — plus you can take your course anywhere on mainland Great Britain.

Intensive, not inflexible

Your course, your way. We'll help you build a lesson schedule that suits your lifestyle and learning style.

Pass in a familiar area

Your instructor will usually pick you up from home and your lessons will be in the same area you take your test, helping you to feel more comfortable on test day.

Save money in the long run

Instead of dragging your lessons out over several months and forgetting what you learned, our intensive courses are streamlined and efficient, so you don't waste valuable time recapping.

What is the best PassMeFast course for a beginner?

48-hour driving course — the ultimate driving course for beginners

Start with the basics and develop your skills, progressing to an advanced level. Do the course in as little as 3 weeks or spread your lessons out to take things slower — you choose!

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40-hour driving course — for beginners that learn fast

Confident beginner? This is your perfect choice. Take it as a fully intensive driving course in under two weeks or spread your driving lessons over a longer period. You'll learn everything you need to reach passing standard.

Learn more...

35-hour driving course — for beginners that learn fast

This driving crash course is ideal for learner drivers who have driven a car a few times but have limited experience. You'll build upon your current abilities and develop new skills to become test-ready.

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Is an intensive driving course right for a complete beginner?

Some learners go for old skool, traditional (read: slow) driving lessons, having hourly sessions once a week or so. Beginners struggle with this lesson format — needing something a bit more intensive to drill their fresh skills into muscle memory.

A structured intensive or semi-intensive course is the more efficient and cost-effective way of learning. Having your lessons condensed into a shorter amount of time will help your skills set in for life. And, taking your test straight after your course will help you pass first time, saving money on driving tests.

Unsure which course is best for you? Take our handy (and fast) Course Recommender for a spin — it'll tell you exactly how many hours you need to pass your test.

What will I learn during my beginner driving lessons?

Beginner driving lessons start with the basics—such as moving off and stopping—before moving onto the more complex manoeuvres.

We'll book your driving test first, and then build your course around it. This means your lessons will be finish just before the test and gives you and your instructor a clear goal to work towards. During your lessons, your instructor will teach you everything you need to pass your driving test and be a safe, confident driver.

Can I get beginner driving lessons in my local area?

Yes! PassMeFast cover all of mainland Great Britain. Pop your postcode in here for prices in your area and start learning with a local instructor.

What can I expect during my very first driving lesson?

Your instructor will have a chat with you to determine what you already know, and then they'll teach you the cockpit drill before moving onto the car controls.

Don't worry — your instructor will be a top pro who has helped many people just like you go from 0 to 60. Just bring your provisional licence, comfortable clobber, glasses/contacts if you need them, a bottle of water and a willingness to learn!

Want more info on what to expect during your first driving lessons? We've got an article on exactly that (and most other things that might cross your mind when learning to drive!)

What do I need to start learning to drive?

All you need is a provisional licence! Follow our guide to get your provisional.

Does a PassMeFast course have everything I need to pass?

Yep — you can add a theory and practical driving test to any course. Your course will include all your lessons, both tests, and a car to do them in.

Am I guaranteed to pass with PassMeFast?

We don't offer 'guaranteed pass' courses. Instead, we put our efforts into offering excellent tuition, focused lesson plans, and exceptional customer service. .

And if you do want to give yourself an extra safety net, get PassProtect — the fairer alternative to 'guaranteed pass' courses without all the complicated terms.

If your practical test doesn't go to plan, we'll sort you out with a discounted refresher course to hopefully get your licence on the next try. You can usually take the next test at the same place and with the same instructor, so you'll be familiar with the car and local test routes.

With a pass rate significantly higher than the national average, plus thousands of happy passers, PassMeFast works!

Can I get student discount with PassMeFast?

Yep! Get an exclusive code to save at least 5% on any of our courses.

Got a question about PassMeFast? Give us a call on 0333 123 4949 and our friendly team will help you get on the roads ASAP.