PassMeFast Beginner Courses

When it comes to learning to drive, it can be incredibly confusing and difficult trying to find the right driving school or lesson format. Many learners opt for traditional tuition, taking hourly lessons every week or so. Beginners, however, can struggle with this lesson format—needing something a bit more intensive to truly retain their driving knowledge and skills. PassMeFast knows this struggle all too well, which is why we offer beginner courses.

In this guide, we'll look at what beginner courses are, why they're ideal for learners just starting out and the different beginner courses that PassMeFast offers.

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What are beginner courses?

If the name didn't quite clue you in, beginner driving courses are designed for learner drivers who haven't had much—if any—driving experience. PassMeFast generally defines 'beginner drivers' as learners who have had 0 to 5 hours of experience. In a beginner course, learners will start by covering the basics of driving: clutch control, steering and lane discipline. Eventually, learners will progress onto more advanced skills, such as manoeuvres, driving on high-speed roads and tackling multi-lane roundabouts.

Not only are beginner courses ideal for learners who have never sat behind the wheel before, they're also a great choice for learners who have a few lessons in the past, but have since taken a long break. If you've previously had a bad experience with an instructor, a beginner course can give you the time to rebuild your confidence and ensure your driving knowledge is up to scratch.

Why should I take a beginner course?

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To get passed fast

PassMeFast's beginner courses are between 35 and 48 hours long, which, on the surface, sounds like they could take an age to complete. If you were taking hourly lessons, this could indeed take you months—or even years—to complete. With PassMeFast, however, courses are taken in an intensive or semi-intensive manner. This means that you could be done with an entire beginner course in mere weeks.

If you're feeling particularly adventurous and committed to passing your driving test ASAP, you could finish a beginner course in days. Daniel was a complete beginner who managed to speed through our 40 hour course in just seven days and passed first time! Read Daniel's pass story to find out more about his experience.

For ultimate flexibility

Not only are PassMeFast courses intensive and semi-intensive, they're also incredibly flexible. PassMeFast knows full well that some learners have a higher availability than others. It doesn't matter how busy your personal and work life is, our courses are designed to slot around your schedule.

Our instructors will work with you to pick the right pace for your lessons—determining which times and days are best for you. With our ADIs offering evening lessons, you can even fit a beginner course around a full-time job, if necessary. In most cases, your instructor will pick you up from home—or at another preferred location.

To retain information better

By opting for a beginner course with PassMeFast, you can ensure you'll retain information better. When it comes to hourly lessons, you often end up spending half of your time refreshing your knowledge from the lesson you had in the previous week. By offering longer lessons that aren't spaced too far apart, PassMeFast ensures you'll be able to build up your driving knowledge without needing to refresh it in the next lesson.

Additionally, our beginner courses are fully comprehensive and follow a logical structure. With hourly lessons, you're just taking it one lesson at a time. By comparison, PassMeFast's instructors put together a full course plan for beginners—carefully choosing areas and topics depending on how many hours you have free at a given time.

To save money!

As advantageous as intensive courses are, one of the biggest deterrents for many people is the cost. At face value, this is completely understandable—it's a large chunk of money to have to part with. A counter-argument to this, however, is that you never know how many single lessons you'll need—meaning, you could end up spending more on hourly lessons than you would have done for a single course.

Additionally, learning to drive is an investment. Becoming a qualified driver can open you up to a realm of possibilities—from jobs to fun road trips. Surely an investment that will improve your life is worth it in the long run?

Beginner courses we offer

PassMeFast's 48 hour course


+ Practical

+ Practical and Theory


from £1443

from £1478


from £1550

from £1585

If you're a complete beginner to the world of driving, then you're the perfect candidate for our 48 hour course. Our ultimate beginner course can be completed between 3 and 12 weeks, depending on your availability and preferences. This course is also ideal for learners who have had up to 5 hours of experience, but feel slightly shaky.

With a local instructor, you'll begin with the basics of driving: clutch control (if learning in manual transmission), steering and lane discipline. You'll then progress onto more challenging road features and advanced skills like manoeuvres. Over your course hours, you'll build up your driving knowledge and experience so that you can not only pass your test, but also become a safe and confident driver.

PassMeFast's 40 hour course


+ Practical

+ Practical and Theory


from £1223

from £1258


from £1323

from £1358

Our second-longest course on offer, the 40 hour driving course is ideal for confident beginners who already have a bit of experience—around 2 to 5 hours—under their belt. So, if you're a beginner who has already taken to the clutch like a natural, this might be the perfect course for you.

The 40 hour course can take between 2 to 8 weeks to complete, depending on how full your schedule is, and your preferences regarding lesson intensity. With a local Approved Driving Instructor, you'll progress from driving novice to a complete driving pro—you'll be completing even the most advanced manoeuvres before you know it!

PassMeFast's 35 hour course


+ Practical

+ Practical and Theory


from £1093

from £1128


from £1188

from £1223

Our shortest beginner driving course on offer, the 35 hour course can be completed in 2 to 6 weeks, depending on your availability and preferences. It's the perfect course for learners who have driven a few times, but have limited practice and knowledge. It's also ideal for learners who started taking lessons, but have since taken a break.

One of our experienced Approved Driving Instructors will help you build on your existing foundation and work up until you're speeding through your practical. You'll already have nailed some of the basics—clutch control and steering—but this course will have you working towards advanced manoeuvres, like reverse bay parking, to driving on the motorway. Please note that motorway driving will not feature on your test.

Booking a beginner course with PassMeFast

Has one of our beginner courses caught your fancy? You're in luck—it's so easy to book yourself onto a PassMeFast course that the process can be sorted in minutes! All you've got to do to get yourself booked in is give us a ring on 0333 123 4949. If you're stuck at all, you can ask one of our sales team advisors to give you their tailored recommendation. Alternatively, if you'd prefer, you can book a course online. The road to driving doesn't have to be long with PassMeFast!