PassProtect: the closest thing to a 'guaranteed pass'


2 fast-tracked retests for 1 — PassProtect takes the pressure off your practical

Did you know 1-in-5 Brits are too scared to even face the driving test and less than half pass on their first attempt?

One of the main reasons for this is the fear of failure. Some driving schools offer ‘guaranteed pass’ driving courses but they're expensive, time-consuming and hide behind T&Cs the length of an 18-wheeler…

And the reality is that nobody can guarantee you’ll pass because nobody knows what will happen on the day.

But here's the good news — nearly 9/10 people pass within 3 attempts, which is why we changed the game with PassProtect.


What is PassProtect?

It’s the back-up plan every learner needs! Here’s how PassProtect gives you the best chance of getting your licence:

✓ PassProtect is your safety net — increasing confidence so you perform better on the day

✓ If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again — 2 fast-tracked retests for the price of 1 (£150 RRP)

✓ Get a fast-tracked retest in a few weeks, rather than joining the back of the queue (and forking out £££ for tonnes of lessons while you wait)

✓ No confusing terms and conditions! PassProtect is honest and easy to understand. You get 2 retests for the price of 1 with no hidden charges.

✓ Exclusive option to buy 2 hours of lessons if you've used all hours in your course. This is only available with PassProtect. 

How to get PassProtect (for new customers)

1. Book any PassMeFast course or fast-tracked test

2. Add PassProtect to your booking at Step 4 of checkout for an additional £150 — you can't miss the button

3. We arrange your driving test ASAP. If things don’t go to plan in your first test, you have 2 in the bank ready to be fast-tracked (and passed)!


How to get PassProtect (for existing customers)

You can add PassProtect onto your course on the Add-ons page of your Student Portal, or by calling the team call on 0333 123 4949.

Please bear in mind that PassProtect can only be added onto your course before lessons start.

Please be aware that PassProtect doesn't include extra lessons or use of an instructor's car for the retests. These must be purchased seperately.

We’ve helped over 50,000 learners get on the road — here’s what they say:

PassMeFast is an excellent service which secured me multiple tests months quicker than I would have got doing it manually. Even with all the changing restrictions and lockdown they worked hard to find new test dates for me. The team is communicative and always gives updates. Highly recommended.

Poppy from Birmingham

My instructor was patient and professional at all times, built up my confidence and booked my lessons around my work and child commitments. They always kept in contact and gave fast replies to any queries. I had many lessons before with other instructors and took 2 tests many years ago and failed. I lost all confidence in myself and driving, but over a 15 hour course I conquered my fears and passed! Very pleased I chose PassMeFast.

Kelly from Coventry

PassProtect FAQs

How many attempts do I get at the test?

PassProtect includes 2 additional fast-tracked tests for £150. It’s only possible to add PassProtect to bookings that include a practical test, so you’ll get 3 attempts in total.

Does PassMeFast provide a car for my additional PassProtect tests?

You'll need to arrange use of a car for your 2 extra PassProtect tests. If you take a PassMeFast course or use a PassMeFast instructor's car for your first test, they'll usually be happy to help you with any retakes. Please discuss this directly with your instructor.

How do I buy PassProtect?

Simply add PassProtect at Step 4 of checking out! If you've got an existing course and lessons haven't started yet, please give us a call and we'll add it to your booking.

What is the RRP of a practical test?

The DVSA charges £62 for a practical test. Our fast-tracked practical tests can get your licence in half the time and cost £150 when bought individually.

I’m already a PassMeFast student — can I get PassProtect?

PassProtect can be added to any course that has a practical test, as long as lessons haven’t begun yet. If you’d like to add PassProtect to an existing booking, please call us on 0333 123 4949.

When will my test be?

Your first test will be booked in line with your availability and requirements. If this test doesn’t go to plan and you need a retest, then we’ll book you in for ASAP after the 2 week cooling-off period enforced by the DVSA. Typically, your next test will be 3–4 weeks after the cooling-off period.

PassMeFast can’t guarantee your test on/by a specific date, but we’ll always do our best to secure your perfect date.

Am I guaranteed to pass?

No driving school, agency or instructor can guarantee a pass. These offers are usually confusing, expensive and time-consuming for you, the learner. PassProtect changes this by giving you a clear service at an affordable cost.

Please note: PassProtect isn’t an insurance product.