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A busy schedule shouldn't stop you from achieving your driving dreams. Book a semi-intensive course today, and you could get your licence in just weeks.

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Our semi-intensive courses are faster than traditional lessons, but still easy to fit around your life. You'll steadily build up your skills, ensuring you're ready in time for your practical. Plus, when you book with PassMeFast, you'll get a fast-track driving test as standard. It's the simple, convenient way to pass.

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There are so many great reasons to choose a semi-intensive course with PassMeFast…

  • Spend less time travelling and more time honing your skills
  • Lessons fit around your commitments—no matter how busy
  • Get top-class tuition from a local, DVSA-approved instructor
  • Dedicated office staff there to help (and handle the admin!)
  • Benefit from convenient home and workplace pickups
  • Pass your driving test within weeks of booking!

Why wait? Book your semi-intensive course now to get on the road fast.

Top FAQs

What's the difference between an intensive and semi-intensive course?

Learning at a fully intensive pace will typically involve learning over multiple consecutive days, with long sessions on occasion. An example of this would be taking 5 hours per day over 10 days. While many of our students have had success with this approach, we understand that it isn't for everyone.

A semi-intensive course includes many aspects of an intensive course, but at a more relaxed pace. You may, for example, have longer driving lessons, but only once or twice a week. Alternatively, you may have multiple sessions per week, but for only a couple of hours at a time.

All of this means that semi-intensive courses are highly adaptable, and can suit almost any learner. The key is combining speed with flexibility, ensuring that you'll still be able to pass well ahead of the usual waiting times!

Why should I choose a semi-intensive course over normal lessons?

The 'traditional' method of learning to drive is flexible—but it's also extremely slow. In fact, it's far from uncommon to hear learners taking months (or even years!) to pass via weekly lessons. The reason is that learning this way is very inefficient: you're likely to spend much of your lesson time going over previous skills, without building up new ones. To top things off, dragging things out to this extent also means you could end up forking out thousands!

A semi-intensive course, meanwhile, keeps things moving at a steady pace. Though not as fast-paced as a fully intensive course, sessions are typically longer than traditional lessons, with shorter gaps in between. This means you won't forget the new skills you've learned, and will be able to focus on constantly improving your knowledge and abilities. In short, it's a flexible, fast and cost-effective way to learn.

How long will my semi-intensive course take?

Most students take their test with us within a few weeks of booking in. However, the length of each course varies based on a number of factors.

The first of these is the number of lessons included in your course, which can range from 5 to 48. You can compare everything we have to offer by checking out our prices.

Equally important aspects are your own availability and preferences. If you're only able to take lessons on weekends, for example, then your course is likely to take longer than if you were available throughout the week.

Aside from that, you'll need to work with your instructor's availability, while also taking into account the date of your practical test.

I'm a beginner. Is a semi-intensive course right for me?

Absolutely! Our range of beginner courses are comprehensive, ensuring you gain the full range of driving skills you'll need in order to become test-ready. It also means you can get in the fast lane towards passing without having to commit to a fully intensive pace. It's the best of both worlds!

Are semi-intensive courses right for nervous drivers?

A semi-intensive course is a perfect option for a nervous driver who still wants to pass fast. Learning at a slightly more relaxed pace than our fully intensive options, you'll have ample time to cover every aspect of driving and steadily build up your confidence on the road.

What's more, every PassMeFast course is taught by a fully qualified, DVSA-approved instructor. This means you can rest assured that you're in safe hands, and learning alongside a professional with a friendly and patient approach.

Where are PassMeFast's semi-intensive courses available?

PassMeFast courses are available in selected locations across the UK. Check out the areas we cover for full details.

How much does a semi-intensive course cost?

Our courses are the same price regardless of the pace you take them at—there's no difference in cost between our intensive and semi-intensive courses. For a full list, visit our prices page.

Other FAQs

Are there any requirements to take a semi-intensive course?

Our semi-intensive courses are available to all learner drivers in our coverage area. All you need is a valid provisional licence, and you're good to go! If you do have any specific requirements that need taking into account, though, please be sure to notify PassMeFast when you book in. We'll look into your circumstances and make sure that we can accommodate you.

Will I have to cancel my other commitments to take a semi-intensive course?

Our semi-intensive courses are designed to fit around even the busiest schedule. This means that you can pass fast without changing your existing plans!

What will I cover during my course?

The exact content of your course will vary depending on your specific circumstances. If you're a complete beginner, you'll start from the basics and build up areas such as clutch control and steering before moving onto more complex skills. Those taking one of our shorter courses, meanwhile, will spend their time polishing one or two weak points, such as reversing manoeuvres. If there's anything specific you'd like to work on, be sure to discuss this with your instructor.

How often will my lessons take place?

The structure of your course will adapt to both your schedule and that of your PassMeFast instructor. Should you wish, and where possible, you will be able to take lessons several days per week. Alternatively, you may space your lessons out further—for example, by taking one longer session each week.

How long will each lesson be?

At PassMeFast, we don't believe in one-hour lessons, which often result in more time spent travelling and not enough spent actually honing your driving skills. We specialise in sessions of between two and five hours. Together with your instructor, you'll be able to specify which option is right for you.

Can I choose the number of hours of lessons I take per day?

We pride ourselves on the flexible nature of our courses. With our semi-intensive options, you could take lessons in blocks as short as two hours. If you'd prefer a fully intensive pace, however, you're free to take up to five hours of lessons per day.

Can I take my lessons on evenings and weekends?

Yes! Our semi-intensive courses are designed to fit easily around your existing schedule. Simply inform your Booking Agent of your requirements, and they'll be sure to assign you an instructor who can accommodate your request.

Can I take my course in an automatic car?

Yes! Our intensive and semi-intensive courses are available in both manual and automatic cars. Please note that prices and scheduling may vary by transmission.

What if I need to add more lessons on?

It is usually possible to add more hours onto your course if required. To add extra hours during your course, get in contact with your Booking Agent.

What if I don't use up all of my course hours?

If you end up taking fewer lessons than you booked, it may be possible either to receive a refund equivalent to the instructor's fee for the unused hours, or put these hours towards further tuition, including a Pass Plus course.

Will my course include theory tuition?

At the moment, PassMeFast is unable to offer tuition for theory tests. We have, however, put together some useful theory test tips to help you prepare effectively. We also have app recommendations for Android and iOS smartphones, which we believe are great revision aids. For more advice, visit the theory test section of our blog.

Will I need to book my own theory test?

PassMeFast is happy to arrange your theory test for you—all you need to do is add it onto your course for just £40. We'll even fast-track it, ensuring it takes place ahead of the usual waiting times at a test centre that works for you. However, you're also free to book your own theory test, should you wish.

When will my practical test take place?

When you book a course with PassMeFast, you'll benefit from our fast-tracking service, which finds practical tests weeks or even months earlier than is usually possible. The exact date of your test will vary depending on the course you select, as well as both your availability and that of your instructor. However, you can typically expect to take your test within weeks of booking in.

What happens if I fail?

If you don't pass, don't worry! We have a number of options available to help make sure you get your licence next time around. We offer a 10% discount on any of our standard courses if you rebook with PassMeFast. If you wish, we can also guarantee that you can take your new course with the same instructor or at the same test centre.