Courses & Prices



If you’re test-ready but need a few hours to boost your confidence, then our shortest course is perfect for you. You’ll spend your time ironing out any small mistakes, fine tuning your driving, and getting used to the car before your test. Watch video  
Typically takes: 1-2 days

Ideal Candidate:

  • Very experienced (approximately 35+ hours of driving done so far)
  • Confident with driving independently


Recently taken a test that didn’t go to plan, or in need of some general guidance? This is the course that will help you figure out what went wrong, improve your confidence and ultimately get you passed. Watch video  
Typically takes: 2-4 days

Ideal Candidate:

  • Very experienced (approximately 30+ hours of driving done so far)
  • Able to identify 1 or 2 areas that they would like to work on


Can’t get your head around pesky parallel parking or is it the roundabouts that are sending you into a frenzy? If you can think of a few areas that you’re struggling with, this course will help you conquer them. Watch video  
Typically takes: 3-6 days

Ideal Candidate:

  • Fairly experienced (approximately 25+ hours of driving done so far)
  • Having difficulty with a few key things


If you’ve driven a car for around 20 hours so far, you should have a basic control of the car. This means you’ll be able to drive fairly confidently along the road, but you need practice on the advanced manoeuvres. Watch video  
Typically takes: 1-3 weeks

Ideal Candidate:

  • Feels like they’re ‘halfway there’ (approximately 20+ hours of driving done so far)
  • Needs assistance on more advanced and complex driving skills


A longer course: perfect for you if you haven't driven much, but you learn and grasp things quickly. You’ll spend these hours focusing on the things you have yet to cover, and cementing your current experience. Watch video  
Typically takes: 1-4 weeks

Ideal Candidate:

  • Approximately 12-15 hours of driving experience so far
  • Comfortable with the road


If you've already got a good grasp on the fundamentals of driving, but you've still got a way to go before you ditch the 'L' plates, then this is the course for you. You'll spend your course hours gaining the skills you need to breeze through your test. Watch video  
Typically takes: 1-5 weeks

Ideal Candidate:

  • Approximately 10+ hours of driving so far
  • Some driving ability


Learner drivers who have driven a car a few times, but have limited practice and knowledge are recommended for this course. You’ll build upon your current experience to get you whizzing through your practical. Watch video  
Typically takes: 1-6 weeks

Ideal Candidate:

  • Some driving knowledge (approximately 5-7 hours of driving done so far)
  • Able to drive a car along a straight road


If you're a confident beginner, then this course (which can be done intensively in under two weeks or spread over a longer period) is the course for you. You'll learn everything you need to know to become test-ready. Watch video  
Typically takes: 2-8 weeks

Ideal Candidate:

  • Confident beginner
  • A little experience (approximately 2-5 hours of driving done so far)


The ultimate course for beginners. You will start from the very basics and develop your driving skills, progressing to an advanced level. You can complete this course in as little as 3 weeks, or as long as 3 months — you choose! Watch video  
Typically takes: 3-12 weeks

Ideal Candidate:

  • Beginner driver
  • Very little to no experience (approximately 0-5 hours of driving done so far)

Your course will include:

  • A DVSA-approved, friendly and experienced local instructor.
  • A manual (or automatic) car that is modern, clean and fit for learning to drive.
  • If you require, we'll also book you a fast-track practical test, which will take place in the final hour of your course.

Why should I take an intensive course?

Intensive courses are a fast and efficient way of learning all the skills you'll need to take the wheel. We've already helped hundreds of people to get their licence – see what they have to say by reading our reviews page! Learn more by visiting our crash course guide.

Where will the course be?

We cover a wide range of practical test centres, so no matter where you live, we've got you covered. Your course will take place in your area and the test will be booked in a DVSA centre close by.

What is the waiting time and availability?

Once you book in, we spend up to 10 working days looking for your driving test. We’ll book it according to your preferences, and how long your course is. When the date is finalised, your course will be arranged to go alongside it.

How is the course structured?

You can choose the amount you drive per day. This ranges from fully intensive (5 hours per day) to semi-intensive (2 hours per day). We’ll try to fit to your schedule as much as possible - so if you work, we have options!

What about the theory test?

We can arrange your theory for you - it’s just £35. It’ll be booked at least two weeks before when you want your driving course to start. You can find theory and practical test tips, plus driving advice, over at the PassMeFast blog.

I don’t know which course is right for me.

If you need some more advice about courses, contact us and we'll help you decide on the right course. You can also read up on our driving courses rundown for details. Meanwhile, if you'd like to get the expert opinion of one of our instructors before making a decision, you can also take a 1 hour course assessment. During this assessment, an instructor will critically assess your current driving ability to recommend the best course for you. Click here to book a course assessment with us.