Intensive Driving Courses in Basildon

Whether getting to work, visiting family or friends, or exploring the wider area, there are so many reasons to learn to drive in Basildon. However, too many learner drivers get discouraged by the slow pace of weekly driving lessons, get locked into an inflexible 5-day crash course, or pay over the odds for false promises of a guaranteed pass. Thankfully, PassMeFast is a driving school that does things differently. We’re here to help Basildon’s learner drivers to get on the road quickly, without sacrificing quality or flexibility. To learn more about why we’re a leading provider of intensive driving courses, read on.

Booking intensive driving lessons in Basildon

A PassMeFast intensive driving course is a world away from traditional lessons. With our range of intensive and semi-intensive courses, you can turbo-charge your journey to driving, cutting months of learning down to just weeks (or even days!).

Unlike other crash course companies, however, you won’t have to book one week off work to learn to drive. With us, you have the freedom to take your lessons in blocks of anywhere between 2 and 5 hours and can fit your course around your existing commitments.

Interested in automatic driving lessons in Basildon?

We’ve got great news for you—every PassMeFast course is available in both manual and automatic cars! Simply choose the option that’s right for you when booking, and be aware that prices may vary. To compare the two types of transmission, check out our automatic vs manual article.

Check out our course prices to compare everything we have to offer—or, if you’re unsure which is the right option for you, why not give our course recommender a whirl?

All of our learners can expect the same level of service, no matter which course they opt for. This includes tuition from one of our fleet of local, DVSA-approved instructors, as well as a fast-track practical test that helps you beat the long waiting times.

All of our learners can expect the same level of service, no matter which course they opt for. This includes tuition from one of our fleet of local, DVSA-approved instructors, as well as a fast-track practical test that helps you beat the long waiting times.

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Why choose PassMeFast for your intensive driving course?

  • Automatic and manual courses to suit all drivers
  • Flexible driving lessons to fit any schedule
  • Learn with experienced instructors
  • Home and workplace pickups
  • Pass in as little as one week

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Practical Driving Test Centres in Basildon

Once your course is over, the practical test is the final hurdle you’ll need to overcome before getting your hands on your very own driving licence. Of course, the practical test is far from a cakewalk—hence why so many candidates experience test day nerves! Nonetheless, getting to your test centre should be the least of your worries. Indeed, with PassMeFast, you can take your practical at the local Basildon driving test centre, and enjoy the home and workplace pickups that come as standard with our courses. If Basildon doesn’t work out for you, other nearby test centres are Brentwood and Tilbury.

Theory Test Centres in Basildon

There’s yet more good news for candidates in Basildon, as the town is one of just four places in Essex with both a theory and a practical test centre to its name. This means that the obvious theory test venue for any locally-based learners will be the Basildon theory test centre—though other Essex options can also be found in Chelmsford and Southend-on-Sea.

Haven't taken your theory test yet?

Everyone knows that, to get your driving licence, you must pass both the theory and practical test. However, not everyone is aware that there’s a specific order to the tests, with the theory test coming first. That’s why it’s a great move to add a theory test onto your PassMeFast course. That way, we can arrange everything for you, and ensure your course runs as smoothly as possible.

Driving Around Basildon

In a busy town such as Basildon, learner drivers have plenty to look out for. The local test centre, for example, lies in close proximity to the Southend Arterial Road—so the chances of you practising on this dual carriageway are close to 100%. Nearby, you’ll also notice a complex junction between the A127 and A176 featuring two roundabouts in quick succession.

Map of Basildon within Essex

Don’t make the mistake of assuming you only need to worry about major roads, though. A keen sense of observation and hazard perception are also a must when driving in residential areas. It’s also in areas such as these that you’ll be expected to carry out your manoeuvre: either bay parking, parallel parking, or pulling up on the right.

Driving Instructors in Basildon

Most learners find driving instructors in Basildon by searching online or through a recommendation. Many instructors use social media or websites to advertise themselves and some are listed on the DVSA website. It can be difficult to find an available instructor — they’re still in very high demand after lockdowns, with some waiting lists up to 4 months long!

Need a driving instructor in Basildon? PassMeFast do the hard work of matching you with an instructor that suits your availability. We have 180 driving instructors in Basildon and Essex who’ll work around your schedule and help you get on the road in a flash.

Wondering how fast you can pass? Our flexible but intensive driving courses mean you learn efficiently and boost your chances of passing ASAP. Instead of making you wait for ages for a test after your lessons, we fast-track your test before assigning an expert driving instructor to teach you. This goal-focused structure ensures your driving skills are fresh in your mind for your test so you’re more likely to pass.

Over 50,000 people have taken the faster route to driving with PassMeFast — and you can be next! Enter your postcode here to find prices in your area.

Driving Schools in Basildon

Instead of learning to drive with an independent driving instructor, some people choose to learn with a driving school. Driving schools tend to offer a slower, more traditional approach to learning to drive than intensive course specialists like PassMeFast.

The major downside of the traditional 1- or 2-hour weekly lesson is that you don’t get to book a test until your instructor thinks you are ready — and with most test centres in Essex being fully booked months in advance, you could end up waiting a long time (and wasting money on lessons to stop your skills from getting rusty while you wait).

PassMeFast works around you and your schedule, and your lessons will be at a pace that works for you in a modern, goal-focused way. PassMeFast is the faster and easier route to driving — we’ll do all the admin, our courses include a fast-tracked practical test date, and your driving instructor will pick you up from home or work.

Basildon Fact File

Famous for... Bellwether in general elections
Population 107,123
County Essex
Local council Basildon
Major local roads A127 to Romford and Southend-on-Sea
A13 to London and Shoeburyness
A176 to Billericay
Railway station Basildon train station
More local information Google Maps
Weather in Basildon

Places near Basildon


Cropped Google Map with pin over Billericay

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  • Evidence of settlement in the Billericay area dates back to the Bronze and Iron Ages
  • The Pilgrim Fathers met in Billericay before setting sail for America in the Mayflower
  • A Zeppelin shot down over the town during the First World War narrowly missed the High Street
  • In the heart of the town is the Mill Meadows local nature reserve, a Site of Special Scientific Interest


Cropped Google Map with pin over Pitsea

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  • Pitsea’s main landmark is its thirteenth-century church of St Michael
  • The town was first connected to the railway network when the London, Tilbury and Southend Line opened in 1855
  • Major development in Pitsea began in the 1960s, after the designation of nearby Basildon as a New Town
  • The Lee Salmon Stadium is home to the Bowers & Pitsea Football Club


Cropped Google Map with pin over Wickford

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  • The oldest recorded mention of Wickford dates back to the tenth century
  • It is thought that the Rhode Island village of Wickford takes its name from its Essex counterpart
  • Wickford was the birthplace of naturism in the UK, with the English Gymnosophist Society founded here in 1924
  • Wickford also includes the area known as Shotgate, which gained its own parish council in 2007

Which Areas Does PassMeFast Cover?

While learner drivers in the Basildon area can already rest assured that PassMeFast covers them, those in the rest of Essex might not be so sure. Allow us to put your mind at ease: PassMeFast covers the whole of Essex (and a lot more of the country besides!). Here are just a few of the nearby locations where our courses are available.

Join the thousands of licence holders who’ve passed with us. Call the team on 0333 123 4949, or book online to get on the road.

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What is the driving test pass rate in Basildon?

The driving test pass rate in Basildon is 50.5%. It’s understandable that some people choose their test centre based on the pass rate, but it’s not as important as you’d think. There are lots of factors that can influence a pass rate, such as the number of tests taken in the area. Whether or not you pass simply depends on how you perform on the day.

Where is the local driving test centre for Basildon?

The local driving test centre in Basildon is the Basildon test centre. Just pop SS14 3JS into the Sat Nav and head to Paycocke Road bright and early. It’s usually best to pick the test centre closest to you when you book your test. You’ll do your driving lessons in this area and become familiar with the route you’ll use during the test.