Intensive Automatic Driving Courses

If you're looking to learn to drive in an automatic car, PassMeFast is the way to go. We have automatic driving instructors in areas across the UK ready to help you get your licence. What's more, with fast-track tests and intensive driving courses, you could get on the road within weeks of booking! We're faster than the DVSA and other local and national driving schools.

See how fast you pass when you book with us.

Automatic: pros and cons

Automatic Driving Courses

Though 84% of UK cars use manual transmission, the increasing popularity of automatic cars shows that there are plenty of things going for them. Some of the main pros of choosing to go auto are:

  • No gears
  • No clutch pedal
  • Smoother urban driving

With an auto, you won't have to worry about clutch control or wearing your clutch out. You'll also avoid the sudden stopping and starting that drives manual drivers insane in an inner-city traffic jam, as well as those dreaded hill starts. However, automatics aren't perfect. Before booking, make sure you're aware of the cons…

  • Less control over the vehicle
  • More expensive than manual cars
  • Automatic licences don't let you drive manual cars

Not only are automatic cars more expensive to buy, but they tend to use more fuel and can be more expensive to service. Getting an automatic licence also means you can't drive a manual car after you've passed your test—while manual drivers can switch to auto. And with pass rates in automatic cars lower than for manual cars, it isn't necessarily easier or quicker to learn in an auto.

And if you're worried your theory test will be different in an automatic, don't be! Your theory test will be the same regardless of your transmission. The only differences will be when you start your driving lessons.

Want more detail? Check out our full comparison article of automatic vs. manual cars.

Which should I choose?

There are positives and negatives to manual and automatic cars—and, in the end, it all comes down to which suits you best.

The great thing with PassMeFast is that the choice is yours. We offer automatic and manual courses in all the areas we cover, with many of our learner drivers benefitting from our automatic driving lessons in Manchester and other major cities.

Manual or automatic, we can help you get on the road in just weeks. To get started, give the team a call on 0333 123 4949, or click the button below to get on the road.


Will I learn to drive more quickly in an automatic car?

Learning in an automatic isn't necessarily an easier option. If you're struggling with common issues such as observation, switching from manual to automatic will make little difference. If, however, you're experiencing difficulty with gear changes or clutch control, you're likely to benefit significantly from learning in an automatic. To discuss your needs with a member of our team, call us on 0333 123 4949.

Am I more likely to pass a driving course in an automatic car?

Despite the common perception of automatics as 'easier' to drive, pass rates in automatic cars are typically lower than those in manual cars. Nonetheless, thousands of learners still manage to get their licence in automatics every year—so, if you've got your heart set on an auto, don't be dissuaded by the stats!

Why do prices differ for manual and automatic courses?

Automatic cars are more fuel-intensive, as well as being more expensive to purchase and service. Additionally, most instructors drive manual cars, with a much smaller number of automatics on the road. This means that prices for automatic lessons are typically higher than those of manual lessons.

I want to drive an automatic car after passing. Do I need to take my test in an automatic?

Nope—if you pass in a manual car, you'll be free to drive vehicles of either transmission after you pass.

If I pass in an automatic car, will I be able to drive a manual car after passing?

No—if you pass your test in an automatic car, you will only legally be allowed to drive automatic cars. You'll need to pass again in a manual car if you wish to change transmission.

Does PassMeFast have automatic driving instructors in my area?

We offer automatic courses in all of the areas we cover, including major cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.

What's the difference between a manual and an automatic car?

In a manual car, you'll need to change gears yourself, but in an automatic car the gearbox makes the decision. If you learn in an auto, you won't have to learn how to change gears or deal with a clutch pedal.

If I book an automatic course, can I switch to manual later on?

This may be possible in certain circumstances. Please contact the office if you wish to change transmission.

How many lessons does it take to drive an automatic?

The DVSA recommends taking around 45 hours of professional tuition before your test. Everyone learns differently, and some may need more or less than this. Learning to drive in an automatic is easier because you have fewer skills to learn, so if you’re confident or experienced, you might not need as many lessons as you would in a manual.

How can I pass my automatic driving test fast?

Our team of experts will fast-track your driving test, cutting the DVSA wait times by weeks or even months. Whether you’re a beginner or almost there, we have a course to suit what you need. If you want to know more, give our friendly team a call on 0333 123 4949. Ready to pass? Book online now.

How much is an automatic driving lesson in the UK?

Automatic driving lessons are slightly more expensive than manual. The difference in price isn’t as large as it used to be, though. Learning to drive in an automatic may actually work out cheaper in the long run — some people don’t need as many lessons in an automatic. To see prices in your area, visit our prices page and pop in your postcode.

How fast can I learn automatic driving?

You could be the proud new owner of a full driving licence in as little as 3 months. The DVSA has a long waiting list after the COVID backlog, but we’ll slash your waiting time. Our expert team will fast-track your automatic driving test. After that, we’ll assign you to a DVSA-registered driving instructor who’ll teach you everything you need to know about automatic driving.

Are automatic driving lessons easier?

Most people find automatic driving lessons easier than manual. When you drive a manual car, you need to change gears and use the clutch pedal. As the name suggests, the hard work is done for you in an automatic. With less to learn, you’ll pick up your new skills quicker. If you want an easier experience when learning to drive, then automatic driving lessons might be the best choice for you.

Do I need to do a different theory test for an automatic licence?

No! Your theory test will be the same whether you want to learn to drive in a manual or an automatic. The only thing that will be different is the process of learning to drive itself. In an automatic car, you'll have less to learn, but you won't be able to drive a manual unless you take another test to upgrade your licence.


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