Tilbury test centre can be found on the corner of Russell Road and the bustling A126—just next to the mini-roundabout that will no doubt feature on your practical test. In close proximity to the even busier St Andrew’s Road and Asda Roundabout, Tilbury’s certainly got its fair share of challenges to offer up to candidates. If you’re taking your chances here, help yourself out by getting to know your chosen centre better. Read on for directionspass ratestest routes and much more!


Montana House Russell Road Tilbury Essex RM18 7AE

Tests Offered at Tilbury

  • Car
  • ADI part 2
  • ADI part 3


No car parking spaces available


Male and female toilets are available

Disabled Access

Special arrangements will be made at this test centre if you have a disability

Phone Number

0137 5858417

Check the book your driving test service for availability.

How To Get There

Tilbury test centre can be found just on the doorstep of the city centre on Dock Road. And with its close proximity to the A1089 and the tricky Asda Roundabout, learners will be able to reach Tilbury test centre with relative ease. If you’ve not really had the time to visit your chosen test centre yet, just use these simple directions with a trusty sat nav. Please be aware that

A Bit More About Tilbury

As with every other test centre in the UK, the location of Tilbury test centre was carefully pondered upon by the DVSA—ensuring that examiners would have enough road types and conditions to pit candidates against. Indeed, Tilbury presents a tricky enough final hurdle for learners coming to the end of their journey on learning to drive. From the high-speed A1089 to the challenging Asda Roundabout to the residential streets around the local parks, examiners will put you through your paces. Looking for more information about the area of Tilbury? Check out our resources below.

Tilbury Test Route

Not matter how hard you try, you won’t actually be able to find an up-to-date test route for Tilbury test centre. To stop candidates from memorising their test routes, the DVSA decided to stop publishing routes altogether. Disappointed? Don’t worry about it too much. Whilst you can’t get your exact test route, you can dispel most of the mystery surrounding your route by watching videos of Tilbury test routes on YouTube or by downloading our sample Tilbury test routes. And if you’re taking lessons with a local ADI, they’ll even have you practicing your skills on these very same roads.

Tilbury Test Pass Rates

If you’re anything at all like our other learner drivers, you’re probably dying to know what your chances are of passing your practical test. For starters, learners in the UK have a 45.9% chance of passing. Those located in the East of England have a 46.3% chance of passing. As for those biting the bullet at Tilbury test centre, check out stats from the last five years below…

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
41.1% 44.2% 43.1% 42.8% 43.5%

Whilst Tilbury’s pass rates haven’t exactly been the most inspiring in the last five years, they still don’t come close to the worst test centres in the UK. Plus, they don’t actually mean anything really. Pass rates might be interesting to look at, but they’re not going to get you through your practical—your hard work is.

What If I Can’t Go To Tilbury?

Convinced waiting times are too long at Tilbury test centre or are you in need of a backup option? Essex has its fair share of practical test centres. Your closest options are Basildon and Brentwood.

What To Expect On The Day

As with any other test you take in life, it’s important that you don’t work yourself up too much about the day of your test. Just think of it as another driving lesson—only one where you can’t depend on your instructor to steer you out of any problem that crops up! On the day of your practical, get to Tilbury 10 minutes early with your provisional. The practical will then follow this basic format:

  • An eyesight test, where you’ll need to read a number plate from a distance of 20 metres
  • Two “show me, tell me” questions covering vehicle safety and maintenance
  • Twenty minutes of general driving, where you’ll be guided by the examiner, and will also need to perform one of the following manoeuvres:
  • Twenty minutes of independent driving, during which you’ll either follow sat nav directions or sign posts to reach a set destination

After approximately 40 minutes, you’ll end up back at Tilbury test centre. Once you’ve parked the vehicle, the examiner will tell you your result. They’ll walk you through any driving test faults you accumulated and offer additional verbal feedback, e.g., recommending you take a Pass Plus course. If you are successful, you’ll also be handed a test pass certificate.

But What If I Fail?

No matter how much you prepare and practice, failure is always a possibility. Failing, however, doesn’t have to mark the end of your driving journey. Plenty of learner drivers need a few attempts to get it just right—just ask your driving instructor! What’s important is that you get back up and behind the wheel if you do fail. If you accumulated a few serious faults, you might want to consider a refresher course before you go back in for another try.

If you’re itching to take another test, get PassMeFast to fast-track a test for you and push you ahead of the waiting times. Simply call us on 0333 123 4949 or contact us online to get started.

Improve Your Chances With PassMeFast

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or if you’ve already had heaps of driving experience, PassMeFast has a course to suit all learners in the Tilbury area. Our instructors are incredibly flexible and will work with you to decide on a pace that suits you: intensive or semi-intensive. With their tuition and your hard work, you’ll become a safe and confident driver in what seems like no time at all.

To get started today, check out our course prices page to see what’s on offer. If you’d prefer to get tailored recommendation, answer a few questions with our course recommender and you’ll be set. Give us a call on 0333 123 4949 once you’re ready, or book in online.