Driving Theory Test Centres in Ipswich

Considered to be one of the oldest towns in the UK, Ipswich also happens to be the location of one of Suffolk’s theory test centres! As a result, both history buffs and those living in southern Suffolk may be interested in taking their test here.

If you’re looking for more information to help you confirm your choice or make test day a breeze, you’re in luck! Our handy guide is going to cover everything you need to know to have a successful test day. Let’s get into it!


Suite 1, Hubbard House 6 Civic Drive Ipswich Suffolk IP1 2QA

Phone Number

0333 200 1122 Please note: no direct phone number is available for this theory test centre.


Arriving at Ipswich Theory Test Centre

By public transport

Getting to Ipswich theory test centre is pretty easy, even without the luxury of a car. If you’re arriving by rail, walking from Ipswich train station to the test centre should only take you around 14 minutes.

Then again, you could cut out pretty much all walking time by getting the bus, because there just so happens to be a bus stop right outside the test centre entrance—talk about handy! Hop off at the Wolsey Theatre bus stop and the test centre is practically right in front of you!

Want to delve deeper into the public transport system serving Ipswich? Head over to the public transport section of the Ipswich Borough Council website.

By car

Arriving by car instead? Not a problem. The theory test centre is actually situated on a main road (Civic Drive) so it should be fairly straightforward to find. That being said, to ensure you take the most direct route, it might be an idea to type IP1 2QA into a sat nav and let that lead the way.

Hubbard House is a very large brown and yellow building that appears just before (or after, depending on your direction of travel) the roundabout that takes you onto the A1156.


As is the norm, the theory test centre does not provide parking spaces for visitors. There’s no need to give up on the driving plan, though, because there are affordable car parks available nearby.

The nearest option is The Spiral car park (IP1 2AS). It has over 350 spaces, charges £2.70 for 2 hours of parking and is a 3-minute walk away from the test centre. Or, for an ever so slightly cheaper option, you can head to St Matthews car park (IP1 3EU). This option is a 4-minute walk from the test centre and will set you back £2.40 for 2 hours.

Pass Rates by Year

On the surface these pass rates don’t look that promising. They’re a bit up and down, but are now just above the national average. What you need to remember, though, is that these figures don’t affect individual learners. How you perform is down to you—the theory test will be the same wherever you take it!

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22
49.2% 47.7% 48.2% 45.9% 47.5% 52.7% 52.5%

Guides and Tips

If pass rates don’t really matter, what does really matter is theory test revision. This isn’t a simple quiz that you can answer with basic driving knowledge. You need to study the Highway Coderoad signs and learn the art of hazard perception.

It might sound a little overwhelming, but once you devote some time to it, studying will get easier. Check out some of the resources listed below to help you in this process.

Ready to Go?

Nearby Theory Test Centres


If Ipswich isn’t your hometown but you fancy taking your test here, you might consider staying in a local hotel the night before your test. We’ve scoured the area and found a few nearby options:

The Carlton Hotel ★★☆☆☆

If you’re just looking for convenience, head straight down Civic Drive and across the roundabout onto Berners Street, where you’ll find The Carlton Hotel. It’s a pretty basic set up, but it comes at a reasonable price and you can get from here to the test centre in 3 minutes on foot! Each room comes with a private bathroom, TV and an iron and ironing board.

easyHotel Ipswich Town Centre ★★★☆☆

Want to keep things cheap but prefer a chain you can trust? Make your way down Westgate Street for around 10 minutes and turn left to reach this branch of easyHotel. Rooms are small but airy and modern and come with an ensuite bathroom. You can also get WiFi and TV at an additional cost.

Novotel Ipswich Town Centre ★★★★☆

For a more upmarket accommodation option, travel south towards the River Orwell to find the Novotel Ipswich Town Centre, which is an 11-minute walk away. This 4 star hotel offers beautiful, stylish rooms with plenty of amenities, including WiFi, cable TV and luxury toiletries. There’s also a restaurant and gym onsite that all guests are welcome to make use of!

Places to Celebrate

Once the theory test is done, you might feel like treating yourself to a nice drink or plate of food. Thankfully, Ipswich has plenty of options for you! Here are some places we recommend:

Cock and Pye

An offering from Greene King, the Cock and Pye is a great local establishment situated about a 10-minute walk from the theory test centre. Inside you’ll find friendly staff, a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of food and drink on offer to satisfy your cravings. Pay a visit—you won’t be disappointed!

Arcade Street Tavern

For something a little bit more specialised, why not try the Arcade Street Tavern, which is a craft beer and heritage beer cafe bar. It might sound like a bit of a mouthful, but we assure you it’s at least a tasty one! Located a 7-minute walk from the test centre, they serve an eclectic range of beers and gins. Not sure what to go for? Simply ask the knowledgeable bar staff, who will be happy to provide a recommendation. 

The Greyhound 

Head down the road and around the corner from the test centre and you’ll find this fantastic, friendly pub. Apparently, many claim it to be the best pub in Ipswich, but they do say so themselves so you may have to pay a visit and make up your own mind! There’s a great range of food and drink available so you’re sure to find something you fancy.

What Happens Next?

And that’s a wrap on the Ipswich theory test centre! A solid option for learner drivers living in and around southern Suffolk. If you do pay a visit, make sure you make the most of those top-notch local amenities!

Passing the theory test is just the first step in earning your driving licence. Once this has been checked off your list, you need to turn your attention to the practical side of things. Find an instructor, book your lessons and secure a test date. If you’re from Ipswich your nearest practical test centre is located right in town!

Still not passed the theory test? Don’t get disheartened. Throw yourself back into revision and book another test. The DVSA only requires that you leave a gap of 3 working days between tests, so you can get back on that horse quite soon. Plus, it’s always easier the second time around!

PassMeFast specialises in intensive driving courses and fast-tracked tests that can help learners of all experience levels earn a licence as soon as possible. Give the team a ring on 0333 123 4949 to find out how we can get you on the road. Our office team will even take care of all the boring admin so that you can focus on the driving!

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