Driving Theory Test Centres in Grimsby

It’s time to visit the port town of Grimsby (or Great Grimsby if you’re a proud Grimbarian) to explore our next Lincolnshire theory test centre. This one is handily located right by Abbey Park, just a short stroll from the central train station.

Join us, then, as we delve into pass rates, contact details and everything else you need to know about the Grimsby theory test centre for a successful test day!


18 Abbey Walk Grimsby Lincolnshire DN31 1NB

Phone Number

0333 200 1122 Please note: no direct phone number is available for this theory test centre.


Arriving at Grimsby Theory Test Centre

Nearest train station: Grimsby Town (4-minute walk)

Nearest bus stop: Abbey Walk (1-minute walk)

Nearest car park: Abbey Walk (3-minute walk)

Pass Rates by Year

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22
46.8% 46.4% 46.6% 44.9% 45.3%  54.5%  49.9%

Guides and Tips

Just like any exam, if you want to stand a chance of passing the theory test, you’re going to have to do some revision. On the big day you’ll be expected to answer multiple choice questions and pass a hazard perception test—so there’s quite a bit of preparation to be done!

Check out the list below for tips and tricks on how to study for the theory test.

Ready to Go?

Nearby Theory Test Centres

Don’t forget, Grimsby isn’t the only location in Lincolnshire where you can find a theory test centre. Feel free to check out the other options in the county:

 What Happens Next?

If you pass the theory test, well done—you’ve just cleared the first major hurdle to earning a driving licence! Up next? The practical test. Get yourself prepared for this by finding an instructor, booking lessons and hitting the road to practise your skills.

We also recommend that you get a practical test date in the diary. Booking this in nice and early means you have something to work towards. Not to mention, the wait time for these tests can be quite long! If you’re from Grimsby, your nearest practical test centre will be Grimsby Coldwater

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