Driving Theory Test Centres in Boston

Not only is the town of Boston home to England’s largest parish church, but it’s also the location of one of Lincolnshire’s 6 theory test centres! If you’re a learner driver in this area, therefore, you have a convenient way to kickstart your driving journey right on your doorstep!

If you do want to take your theory test here, make sure you read our guide to the Boston theory test centre first. It’s packed full of useful information, including revision tips, directions and pass rates. Enjoy!


Ground Floor 17a Wide Bargate Boston Lincolnshire PE21 6SR

Phone Number

0333 200 1122 Please note: no direct phone number is available for this theory test centre.


Arriving at Boston Theory Test Centre

Nearest train station: Boston (11-minute walk)

Nearest bus stop: Parkside Surgery (2-minute walk)

Nearest car park: Bargate Green (3-minute walk)

Pass Rates by Year

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22
44.9% 44.6% 44.9% 42.4% 43.0% 47.6% 46.0%

Guides and Tips

Passing the theory test does involve a bit of work. It’s not the kind of exam you can just blag your way through with basic driving knowledge. Make sure you leave some time to revise the relevant material like road rules and traffic signs. Once you think you know your stuff, take a few mock tests to ensure you’re up to test standard.

To ensure your revision plan is fit for the task, make use of some of the resources we’ve listed below.

Ready to Go?

Nearby Theory Test Centres

The Boston theory test centre isn’t your only option in this area. Other choices nearby include Grantham and Skegness. Head to our other Lincolnshire test centre guides to find out more.

What Happens Next?

After the theory test comes the practical test. Use the number on your theory test pass certificate to book yourself a practical test appointment. If you live in Boston, there’s a practical driving test centre right in town. 

Once you have a date to aim towards, it’s time to put the hours in behind the wheel! The best way to approach this is to take lessons with a DVSA-approved instructor. They’ll be able to teach you in accordance with the kind of skills the examiners will want to see before handing you a licence.

To take the stress out of learning to drive, hand the reins over to PassMeFast. We’ll take care of everything—from your instructor to your test appointments—so that all you have to worry about is showing up for your lessons. Get in touch today on 0333 123 4949 to find out more or have a browse of our courses online. 

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