Intensive Driving Courses in Worksop

If you’re looking to take an intensive driving course in Worksop, but don’t like the idea of being forced into taking all your driving lessons over a 5 day period, then PassMeFast are here to help. We offer a range of different courses for learners of all abilities—and our courses fit around you. Read on for full details the crash courses our driving school offers in Worksop and northern Nottinghamshire.

Booking an Intensive Driving Course in Worksop

PassMeFast was born out of an idea that driving schools could be different. We aim to offer learners the ability to pass their test fast without compromising on teaching quality—and all whilst fitting lessons around your schedule.

At PassMeFast, we understand that waiting months to take a driving test is frustrating. That’s why we search for driving test cancellations—so, when someone else decides that their earlier test date doesn’t work for them, we can make sure it’s yours instead.

Interested in automatic intensive driving lessons in Worksop?

Though manual cars dominate Britain’s roads, PassMeFast understands that they don’t suit all learners. If you’re looking for an alternative, then you may wish to consider taking automatic lessons in Worksop. Learning in a car with automatic transmission could be a godsend if you’re really struggling with clutch control and gear changes. Be aware, though, that both types of transmission offer pros and cons—check them out in our comparison of manual and automatic cars.

Once we’ve sorted you out with a fast-track practical test, we’ll get to work assigning you one of our fleet of DVSA-approved instructors with the know-how and patience to help all learners become safe, confident drivers.

Plus, at every step of the way, the team will not out all of the admin work that goes into your driving course, and will also be on hand should you have any queries or concerns over the course of your lessons.

Once everything’s booked in, you’ll take lessons at your pace. Whether you choose to learn intensively or semi-intensively, the choice is yours—and you’ll still be able to get on the road weeks or even months ahead of standard waiting times.

With PassMeFast, you do the driving—we do the rest. To get things started, call us on 0333 123 4949, or book your course online by clicking the button below.

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Why choose PassMeFast for your intensive driving course?

  • Courses to suit all drivers
  • Flexible driving lessons to fit any schedule
  • Learn with experienced instructors
  • Home and workplace pickups
  • Pass in as little as one week

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Practical Driving Test Centres in Worksop

Once you’ve completed your lessons and covered everything from pulling up on the right through to defensive driving, it’s time for the big one: the practical test. For learners in north Nottinghamshire, choosing a test centre should be a doddle, with the Worksop driving test centre conveniently placed for local candidates.

Elsewhere in Nottinghamshire, the Ashfield test centre isn’t too far away, while other convenient test centres include Sheffield Handsworth and Rotherham in South Yorkshire.

Theory Test Centres in Worksop

Let’s start with the bad news: unfortunately, there’s no theory test centre in Worksop itself, so you’ll need to travel a little to take this test. However, the good news is that candidates have a number of nearby options; Mansfield is the closest, but other options such as Chesterfield in Derbyshire and Doncaster or Sheffield in South Yorkshire may be suitable too. Wherever you head to, be sure to check out the helpful theory test advice on our blog, including a guide to passing the hazard perception test!

Haven't taken your theory test yet?

If you don’t have a valid theory pass certificate, then make sure to add a theory test onto your course when booking. Brush up by taking our quiz to see if you could pass your theory test today, or visit our resources page for guides and quizzes.

Driving in and around Worksop

If you’re learning to drive in Worksop, then you’re likely to be heading to the local Worksop test centre to take your practical. Despite the name, this test centre is actually in the nearby village of Shireoaks—and it’s a stone’s throw from both the busy A57, which features tricky multi-lane roundabouts, and rural roads radiating out from the village itself into nearby countryside.

Map showing Worksop within Nottinghamshire

With some challenging road features to deal with, you may feel a little disheartened about your chances—after all, as the statistics surrounding the average number of attempts it takes to pass the driving test show, there’s no such thing as a guaranteed pass!

In truth, though, you have a fantastic chance of passing so long as you’re well prepared. Throughout your driving lessons, your PassMeFast instructor will support you as you gain the skills you need to become a confident and safe driver for life—and all in the course of a few weeks. With PassMeFast, the road to driving doesn’t have to be long—and it starts right here. Call us on 0333 123 4949, or book your course online.

Driving Instructors in Worksop

Most learners find driving instructors in Worksop by searching online or through a recommendation. Many instructors use social media or websites to advertise themselves and some are listed on the DVSA website. It can be difficult to find an available instructor — they’re still in very high demand after lockdowns, with some waiting lists up to 4 months long! 

Need a driving instructor in Worksop? PassMeFast do the hard work of matching you with an instructor that suits your availability. We have 100 driving instructors in and around Nottinghamshire who’ll work around your schedule and help you get on the road in a flash. 

Wondering how fast you can pass? Our flexible but intensive driving courses mean you learn efficiently and boost your chances of passing ASAP. Instead of making you wait for ages for a test after your lessons, we fast-track your test before assigning an expert driving instructor to teach you. This goal-focused structure ensures your driving skills are fresh in your mind for your test so you’re more likely to pass. 

Over 50,000 people have taken the faster route to driving with PassMeFast — and you can be next! Enter your postcode here to find prices in your area.

Driving Schools in Worksop

Instead of learning to drive with an independent driving instructor, some people choose to learn with a driving school. Driving schools tend to offer a slower, more traditional approach to learning to drive than intensive course specialists like PassMeFast.  

The major downside of the traditional 1- or 2-hour weekly lesson is that you don’t get to book a test until your instructor thinks you are ready — and with most test centres in Nottinghamshire being fully booked months in advance, you could end up waiting a long time (and wasting money on lessons to stop your skills from getting rusty while you wait). 

PassMeFast works around you and your schedule, and your lessons will be at a pace that works for you in a modern, goal-focused way. PassMeFast is the faster and easier route to driving — we’ll do all the admin, our courses include a fast-tracked practical test date, and your driving instructor will pick you up from home or work.

Worksop Fact File

Famous for... Gateway to the Dukeries
Population 44,790
County Nottinghamshire
Local council Bassetlaw
Major local roads A57 to Lincoln to Liverpool
A60 to Doncaster and Loughborough
Railway station Worksop train station
More local information Google Maps
Weather in Worksop

Places near Worksop


Cropped Google Map with pin over Bircotes

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  • The town wasn't founded until the 1920s, when coal was discovered there
  • It has one of the last deep-mine pits in the UK
  • The local school is Selby Park Academy
  • Harworth Colliery provided most of the homes for local residents


Cropped Google Map with pin over Retford

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  • One of the oldest boroughs in England
  • The Chesterfield Canal passes through the centre of town
  • The town boasts two historic schools: The King Edward VI Grammar School and Retford County High School for Girls
  • Author John Glasby was born here

Which Areas Does PassMeFast Cover?

As well as the Worksop area in northern Nottinghamshire, PassMeFast covers the rest of the county—including all of the following areas:

Not only does PassMeFast cover all of Nottinghamshire, but our coverage area now includes millions of people. So, as long as you’re in one of the areas we cover, we’re excited to welcome you behind the wheel very soon! Get things started now by calling 0333 123 4949, or by clicking the button below to book your course online now.

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What is the driving test pass rate for Worksop?

The driving test pass rate in Worksop is 58.8%. It’s understandable that some people choose their test centre based on the pass rate, but it’s not as important as you’d think. There are lots of factors that can influence a pass rate, such as the number of tests taken in the area. Whether or not you pass simply depends on how you perform on the day.

Where is the local driving test centre for Worksop?

The local driving test centre in Worksop is the the Worksop test centre. Just pop S81 8BW into the Sat Nav and head to Coach Roads bright and early. It’s usually best to pick the test centre closest to you when you book your test. You’ll do your driving lessons in this area and become familiar with the route you’ll use during the test.