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Driving Lesson Videos

What is PassMeFast's Virtual Driving Instructor?

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The 'virtual instructor' videos were very helpful and clear on how one can drive safely and the procedures one can follow so you're not caught out

Finn from Devon

Some of the lessons you'll learn from Virtual Driving Instructor

Video 1: Overcoming nerves

Overcoming Nerves

Overcome those test day nerves with our 10 top tips

Nerves are a major barrier to any kind of test success, including driving tests!

We all handle nerves differently, but it’s inevitably a common concern for anyone with a practical driving test on the horizon.

That’s why we’ve rounded up 10 top tips to help you keep calm and avoid failing your test purely based on nerves.


Video 2: Eye-scanning

Eye Scanning

How to avoid falling victim to one of the #1 reasons people fail their test

Poor observation is one of the top reasons for people failing their practical driving test.

Luckily, observation is all about eye scanning which can be developed through practice.

Check out this video for tips on improving your observations, along with a chance to practice some commentary driving for yourself — all without needing to even get behind the wheel.

Video 3: Moving off and stopping

Moving off and stopping

Everything you need to know about moving off and stopping safely

Moving off and stopping safely require special consideration every time.

In this clip, we’ll share some of the simplest tips to follow so you’re never caught out.

You can use these processes every time you move off and stop, and they’ll be muscle memory before you know it.

Video 4: Control and positioning

Control and Positioning

Learn to master basic controls until they're second nature

It can take a while to get comfortable with controls when driving, especially if you’re learning in a manual car.

But it’s a must if you’re going to pass your driving test.

As usual, practice is key and we have some top tips on mastering the control and positioning of your vehicle.

Video 5: Correct use of speed

Correct use of speed

Gain all the skills to drive confidently at the right speed

Choosing what speed to travel at is about more than spotting the road signs.

To pass your practical driving test, you’re going to need to show your instructor that you can drive at a speed that’s appropriate for different road conditions, such as poor visibility.

We’re here to share the skills that are going to help you drive confidently at the right speed on your test.

A driver using anticipation and planning

Anticipation and Planning

How to anticipate and respond safely to others

Nerves are a major barrier to any kind of test success, including driving tests!

You won’t be expected to have perfect car control on your driving test, but you’ll need to demonstrate how to drive safely in complex traffic situations.

While all hazards are different, you don’t necessarily need to have a different response for each one.

We’ve got the top tips to help you anticipate and plan effectively so that you can nail your driving test first time.

Road signs

Road signs and Signals

How to spot signs & signals, understand them, and respond appropriately

Signs can vary from road markings to traffic lights — you’ll need to understand and obey them to pass your driving test.

In this clip, you’ll learn all the common reasons people fail their driving test when it comes to spotting signs and signals so you can avoid making the same mistakes.

A crossroads junction

Junctions, Crossroads & Roundabouts

Learn how to plan ahead at junctions and how to interact with other traffic

Looking for signs and using local knowledge can help you plan ahead more effectively.

Each junction is different every time you encounter it, so it’s important to be ready to react to other road users who may or may not be driving responsibly.

A driving test manoeuvre


Don’t let poor observation during manoeuvres cause you to fail your test

You’ll need to complete one of four manoeuvres on your practical driving test, which means you’ll need to perfect all of them.

In this clip, you’ll learn how to perform perfect observations while demonstrating manoeuvres.



A mock driving test

Mock Tests

How to make your mock tests as authentic and beneficial as possible

Driving tests aren’t like driving lessons, so rehearsing can help you feel more relaxed when it comes to your actual test.

You can also make the most of valuable feedback from your instructor ahead of your driving test and set yourself up with the best possible chance of passing.