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The Student Portal is your go-to place for everything PassMeFast

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The Student Portal is your one-stop place to check out what's going on with your course. We want to do the boring admin for you and leave you to focus on the important bit: the driving.

With the Student Portal, you'll be able to see what's coming up next in your course, schedule driving lessons and see your test date.

If you haven't already signed up to the Student Portal, you'll be able to do that by clicking the link we sent through to your email. Once you've signed up, just click here to jump back in

1. Book any PassMeFast course

2. Hit the sign-up link in your confirmation email

3. Take a minute or two to fill in some details

4. Put your feet up and relax — we’ll do the rest of your admin!


We’ve helped over 50,000 learners get on the road — here’s what they say:

PassMeFast is an excellent service which secured me multiple tests months quicker than I would have got doing it manually. Even with all the changing restrictions and lockdown they worked hard to find new test dates for me. The team is communicative and always gives updates. Highly recommended.

Poppy from Birmingham

My instructor was patient and professional at all times, built up my confidence and booked my lessons around my work and child commitments. They always kept in contact and gave fast replies to any queries. I had many lessons before with other instructors and took 2 tests many years ago and failed. I lost all confidence in myself and driving, but over a 15 hour course I conquered my fears and passed! Very pleased I chose PassMeFast.

Kelly from Coventry