Please be aware that Crawley Test Centre has now closed. Please click here to see other test centres around West Sussex.

Driving Theory Test Centres in Crawley

The Crawley theory test centre is ideally located for those living in and around the north-eastern section of West Sussex. It could even entice learners from further afield, as it is close to great transport links, has extremely short wait times for tests and boasts above-average pass rates.

Have a browse of our guide to find out even more useful facts about Crawley theory test centre. We cover everything from directions and parking options to local amenities and revision guides!


1st Floor, Belgrave House Station Road Crawley West Sussex RH10 1HU

Phone Number

0333 200 1122 Please note: no direct phone number is available for this theory test centre.

Waiting Times

Less than a week Waiting times as recorded at the time of writing. Exact waiting times may vary.


Street View

Arriving at Crawley Theory Test Centre

By public transport

This is a particularly easy test centre to reach by public transport. Just one glance at the map will show you that it sits just opposite Crawley train station. In terms of walking distance, that means it should only take you 2 minutes to get from the train to your test!

Not getting the train? No problem! From Crawley bus stop (there are plenty of other stops in the town, but only this one gets to call itself that) it also only takes 2 minutes to walk to the test centre. You really can’t beat this place when it comes to convenience!

For more information on public transport in Crawley, head to the Crawley Borough Council website

By car

There’s also a possibility you’ll want to take a taxi or grab a lift off a friend to get to your theory test appointment. If that’s the case, go to the car armed with the postcode (RH10 1HU) and let a sat nav take it from there.

You’re looking for Belgrave House, which is on Station Way. As we mentioned earlier, you can find it just opposite the train station.


Theory test centres rarely provide parking, and this one is no different. Don’t fret, though, as you have some very cheap options just a short walk away.

The most obvious one to go for is the Railway car park (RH10 6AA). It’s a 3-minute walk from the test centre and only charges £1 for 2 hours of parking, which is a complete bargain if you ask us!

If you can’t find an empty parking space there, head over to Cross Keys car park (RH10 1HB). You’ll find this a 5-minute walk from the test centre and it’ll set you back £2.50 for 2 hours of parking.

Pass Rates by Year

So, the pass rates at Crawley theory test centre aren’t as high as they were in 2014/15, but they’re still slightly above the national average! It’s perfectly normal for pass rates to fluctuate through the years, and these figures are really only of interest to the DVSA.

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
49.9% 48.3% 49.6% 49.1% 49.7%

You see, these particular stats have very little impact on learners. The theory test is going to be the same wherever you take it, so don’t worry about the percentage of people who passed or failed before you. This is your driving journey and the only thing that can swing the outcome one way or the other is you!

Guides and Tips

Before you sit the theory test, it’s important that you have a clear idea of what is expected of you on test day. The test is split into two parts: a multiple choice section and a hazard perception test. In order to come out with a pass, you’ll have to revise the material that’s covered in the multiple choice questions (think the Highway Code and traffic signs) and hone your hazard-spotting skills.

To help you come up with a foolproof study plan, try out some of the revision aids listed below.

Ready to Go?

Nearby Theory Test Centres

Cropped Google Map with pin over Croydon theory test centre

2nd Floor
Central House
27 Park Street Croydon
South London

18.4 miles away

By rail: East Croydon

2018/19 pass rate: 45.6%

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Cropped Google Map with pin over Brighton theory test centre

4th Floor
Victoria House
125 Queens Road

20.0 miles away

By rail: Brighton

2018/19 pass rate: 52.3%

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If you’re not from Crawley but are considering taking your test here, you might want to stay in a local hotel the night before. This is a great way to ensure you can have a good night’s sleep and won’t have to travel too far to reach your test. Checkout some of these nearby options:

Premier Inn Gatwick Crawley Town (Goff’s Park) ★★★☆☆

Just 14 minutes away from the test centre, towards Goff’s Park, you’ll find this brand of the reliable chain hotel. For a very reasonable price you can bag yourself a stay in a comfortable room with free WiFi and tea & coffee making facilities. There’s also a power shower—so you can show up to your test fresh and sparkly-clean!

Ramada by Wyndham Crawley Gatwick ★★★☆☆

If you really want to leave yourself with plenty of time on the morning of your test, consider a stay at this Ramada hotel. It’s cheap, cheerful and only a 5-minute walk from the test centre! Inside, you’ll be treated to a nice room with your very own flat screen TV, plus the option of room service and a continental breakfast in the morning. Choices, choices!

Arora Hotel Gatwick Crawley ★★★★☆

Make your way just past the train station and you’ll stumble upon this fine hotel that’s an 8-minute walk from the test centre. It’s an award-winning 4-star establishment that aims to please. And please you it will, with excellent rooms that come packed with top notch amenities like a mini fridge, heated bathroom mirror, free WiFi and a choice of pillows.

Places to Celebrate

Done with the theory test? Head back out onto the streets of Crawley and treat yourself to a drink and a bite to eat. For those that don’t know the area well, we’ve listed a few great spots to check out below.


As you can guess by the name, this charming pub is just a stone’s throw away from the test centre, next to the train station. The decor is in line with what you would expect from a traditional British pub and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Grab a stool, order and drink and let your worries melt away.

Déjà Vu

For those who really want to let loose and party once the theory test is over, there’s always Déjà Vu. This glamorous bar slash nightclub promises an evening of fun and frivolity. Cocktails, great music, a buzzing dance floor—it’s all here! A great place to take a load off and enjoy yourself.

The Hive Bar

Finally, if you’re looking for that sophisticated midpoint between a traditional pub and lively nightclub, The Hive Bar could be just the ticket. It’s right in the centre of Crawley high street and offers up an extensive drinks menu of cocktails, fine spirits, beer and wine. There’s no need to break the bank, either, as happy hour takes place every day from 5pm. Just remember to pace yourself!

What Happens Next?

And there you have it—everything you need to know about Crawley theory test centre. Good luck to everyone who decides to sit their test here. We’re sure its close proximity to the train station and short wait times for tests will come in very handy.

You may be wondering what comes after the theory test, as we’ve already explained that it is simply the first stage in the journey to earning a licence. Well, once you have a theory test pass certificate, you can use it to book yourself a practical test. This might seem a little early if you’re yet to get behind the wheel, but believe us when we tell you that wait times for these tests can be very long indeed.

The only way to avoid such delays is to book a fast-tracked test. Thankfully, PassMeFast can do all of that for you. Simply let us know your desired test centre, and we’ll take care of the rest. If you’re from Crawley, the nearest test centre is right on your doorstep!

Still struggling to pass the theory side of things? It can be tough for some people. Pass rates show that less than half of learners manage to pass on the first attempt. Keep persevering with the revision and book yourself another test. You’ll likely find that it’s a lot easier the second time around!

Interested in taking the intensive approach to driving? Check out PassMeFast’s wide range of courses online, or give the team a call on 0333 123 4949, to find out how we can help you get your driving licence as soon as possible.

Or, you know, if you wanted to start right now, you could always just click the big green button…

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