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A busy schedule shouldn't stop you from achieving your driving dreams. Book a semi-intensive course today — get your licence ASAP without putting your life on hold.

Our semi-intensive courses are the best of both worlds — faster than traditional lessons, but still easy to fit around your life. You'll steadily build up your skills, ensuring you're ready in time for your driving test. Plus, when you book with PassMeFast, you'll get a fast-track driving test as standard. It's the simple, convenient way to pass.

What is a semi-intensive driving course?

If you ask your parents how they learned to drive, they'll probably tell you that they had a one-hour lesson once a week. That's great if you want to take your time, but it's just not going to work if you're in a rush.

On the other hand, you might have a mate who learned to drive in three days by cramming everything in at once. While this way of learning might help you get your licence faster, some people don't have time to do everything so quickly.

What's the alternative? A semi-intensive driving course. You'll be able to take the best of both worlds and learn at a pace that suits you. You could choose to do long lessons once or twice a week, or short lessons every day.

PassMeFast offers relaxed, intensive and semi-intensive driving courses, so you can choose the course that works best for you.

Can I do a semi-intensive automatic driving course?

You can do a semi-intensive course in an automatic or a manual car. The transmission of the car doesn't usually affect how intensive your course is. Having said that, most people feel that learning to drive in an automatic is easier, so you might want to do an automatic course more intensively.

Why you should take a semi-intensive driving course

There are loads of reasons why you should take a semi-intensive course with PassMeFast, but here are just a few...

  • Spend less time travelling and more time learning to drive
  • Lessons fit around your commitments — no matter how busy
  • Get top-class tuition from a local, DVSA-approved instructor
  • Dedicated office staff there to help (and handle the admin!)
  • Benefit from convenient home and workplace pickups
  • Pass your driving test within weeks of booking!

Why wait? Book your semi-intensive course now to get on the road fast.

Top FAQs

What are semi-intensive driving courses?

A semi-intensive driving course is a happy medium between an intensive and a relaxed course. They're great for when you're in a rush, but can't cram everything into a few days. Rather than taking traditional hour-long lessons every week, you could take longer lessons once or twice a week, or short lessons multiple times a week.

At PassMeFast, you can choose the right kind of course for you. Whether you want to do everything as intensively as possible, or you want to be more relaxed, it's all down to you — you're in control.

What's the difference between an intensive and semi-intensive course?

Learning at a fully intensive pace involves lessons on consecutive days. An example of this would be taking 4 hours per day over 10 days. While many of our students have had success with this approach, we understand that it isn't for everyone.

A semi-intensive course includes many aspects of an intensive course, but at a more relaxed pace. You could have longer driving lessons, but only once or twice a week. Alternatively, you may have multiple sessions per week, but for only a couple of hours at a time.

All of this means that semi-intensive courses are flexible and can suit any learner. The key is finding a balance that's right for you — then you'll still be able to pass well ahead of the usual waiting times!

Why should I choose a semi-intensive course over normal lessons?

The 'traditional' method of learning to drive is flexible — but it's also extremely slow. Most of us know at least one person who takes months (or even years!) to pass when doing weekly lessons. Why can it take so long? Simply put — learning this way is inefficient: you're likely to spend much of your lesson time going over previous skills, without building up new ones.

To top things off, dragging things out to this extent also means you could end up forking out thousands more than you need to!

A semi-intensive course, on the other hand, keeps things moving at a steady pace. Though not as fast-paced as a fully intensive course, sessions are typically longer than traditional lessons, with shorter gaps in between. This means you won't forget the new skills you've learned and will be able to focus on constantly improving your knowledge and abilities.

In short, it's a flexible, fast and cost-effective way to learn — what's not to love?

How long will my semi-intensive course take?

Most PassMeFast students take their test within a few weeks of booking their course. However, the timescale of each course varies on a few factors.

The first of these is the number of lessons included in your course. You don’t need us to explain why a 10 hour course would finish sooner than a 48 hour course! Equally important aspects are your own availability and preferences. If you're only able to take lessons on weekends, for example, then your course is likely to take longer than if you were available throughout the week.

You can compare everything we have to offer by checking out our prices.

I'm a beginner. Is a semi-intensive course right for me?

Absolutely! Our range of beginner courses are comprehensive, ensuring you gain the full range of driving skills you'll need to become test-ready.

It also means you can get in the fast lane towards passing without having to commit to a fully intensive pace. It really is the best of both worlds!

Are semi-intensive courses good for nervous drivers?

A semi-intensive course is a perfect option for a nervous driver who still wants to pass fast. Learning at a slightly more relaxed pace than our fully intensive options, you'll have ample time to cover every aspect of driving and steadily build up your confidence on the road.

Every PassMeFast course is taught by a fully qualified, DVSA-approved instructor. This means you're always in safe hands, learning from a professional with a friendly and patient approach.

Where are PassMeFast's semi-intensive courses available?

PassMeFast courses are available in selected locations across the UK. Check out the areas we cover for full details.

How much does a semi-intensive course cost?

Course prices vary depending on the cost of driving lessons in your area — please visit our prices page to find course prices in your area..

Can't find the answer you're looking for?

Check out our full FAQs — we cover everything from booking to passing! If you still can't find the answer, or you'd like to speak to somebody, give the team a call on 0333 123 4949.


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