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Our Pass Photo of the Week — Rowan Row!

January 31, 2024

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A graphic in two halves. The left half reads 'Pass photo of the week featuring Rowan Row' and the right hand side is a photograph of Rowan Row with his driving test pass certificate

Fashion, fitness and frankly fantastic flexibility (splits, anyone?!) are what influencer Rowan Row is best known for. But in Spring 2022, he stepped outside his comfort zone and achieved the ultimate freedom — in the form of one shiny pink driving licence.

Hazardous hurdles

Theory knowledge is the backbone to any good driver — and first thing was first: Rowan had to prove he could turn his street style into street smarts. It was by no means an easy feat, but after a couple of false starts, Rowan managed to strengthen his core understanding and achieve that all important pass mark.

Warming up

With his theory test in the bag, Rowan was after some high-intensity practical training — and there was no coach better suited than top instructor, Gui. The two worked out their personalised programme, and then it was time to get behind the wheel.

Gui taught Rowan the intricacies of clutch control, the importance of observation and how to nail the perfect parallel park. And Rowan… well, he taught Gui that car mirrors are more than just a handy tool for hazard awareness. One final check of that oh-so-chic hair, and he was ready for each day’s drive.

Lights, camera, ACTION

It wasn’t long before test day arrived. Rowan was excited to strut his stuff for the examiner and say a bittersweet farewell to Gui.

Sadly, it wasn’t to be. Less than half of all pupils get their licence on their very first go — and even if you’re used to making things look effortless, you’re not immune from the odd mistake. It was a tough blow for Rowan, who had gone into his practical confident he could pass in style.

Pushing through the pain

The thing is, as Rowan put it, ‘we learn through failure’. (Stick that on a sunset backdrop and watch the Insta likes roll in.) He worked out what had gone wrong, embraced the challenge and put in some more reps with trusty Gui.

Second time’s the charm — and when Rowan went for his next test, he proved he was fit to drive solo. Watch his whole journey from booking to passing, right here...

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