Pass Plus

You’ve done it: you’ve passed your test, and you’re ready to hit the open road.

Well… sort of. When learning to drive, you’ll likely have stuck to driving around a few, familiar routes near your local test centre. Once you’re behind the wheel of your own car, you’ll have to step out of that comfort zone.

Enter Pass Plus. For over two decades, the Pass Plus advanced driving course has been available to drivers, helping them build on the skills they gained from their initial driving tuition and become experienced at dealing with a wide range of challenging situations on the road.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Pass Plus, helping you decide whether the course is right for you.


What is Pass Plus?

Pass Plus is an advanced driving course that can be taken after you’ve already passed your driving test in order to help prepare drivers for real life road conditions. Essentially, it fills in the gaps in your knowledge and provides you with extra skills beyond what was required to pass your test. The Pass Plus course can be taken at any time, but it is mainly aimed at newly qualified drivers.

Compared to learning to drive, Pass Plus is a short course, and can be completed in as little as six hours. You’ll need to take the course with a DVSA-approved driving instructor who is qualified to teach Pass Plus courses. There’s no formal test—instead, your instructor will record your progress throughout the course. If your instructor is satisfied that you have successfully completed the course, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion.

What will I learn?

There are six modules to complete in a Pass Plus course. These include:

  • Town driving
  • All-weather driving
  • Rural driving
  • Driving at night
  • Driving on dual carriageways
  • Driving on motorways

Together, these modules constitute an advanced driving course, and provide a much greater breadth of knowledge than most standard driving courses include. They equip new drivers with the skills they need to deal with a variety of road conditions, helping them become safer and better drivers in a variety of different situations.

Some skills you’ll learn are more general—better observation skills, maintaining the correct speed, and keeping space around your car. Others are specific to particular road conditions—for example, preventing skidding in wintry weather, joining and leaving motorways, and dealing with dazzle at night.

All modules are generally taken as practical sessions, and you’ll need to reach the required standard in all six modules to pass your course.

Do I have to take a test?

No! There’s no formal test at the end of your Pass Plus course. Instead, your instructor will continuously assess you during your course to gauge whether you’ve met the required standards across all six modules of the course. At the end of the course, you’ll receive a training report form, signed by both you and your instructor, which acts as proof that you’ve successfully completed the course.

Will I receive a certificate for completing the course?

Yes—but this isn’t automatic. Once you’ve received your signed training report form from your instructor, you’ll need to send this off to the DVSA. Then, you’ll be sent a Pass Plus certificate by post. You’ll need to obtain this certificate if you want to take advantage of any potential Pass Plus car insurance discounts.

The address to send your form to is:

  • PassPlus
  • Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
  • The Axis Building
  • 112 Upper Parliament Street
  • Nottingham
  • NG1 6LP

Will taking a Pass Plus course reduce my insurance costs?

One of the main reasons why many drivers choose to take Pass Plus is to help cut down the often staggering insurance costs that new drivers face. Indeed, the Association of British Insurers lists taking a Pass Plus advanced driving course as one of the top five ways to reduce the cost of your car insurance.

However, it’s worth noting that Pass Plus does not always result in an automatic discount on your insurance. Part of the reason behind this is that you’d need to keep track of drivers with and without Pass Plus training for years to prove whether Pass Plus made a real difference to people’s safety on the road. Without this research, insurers are wary of providing up-front discounts to drivers with Pass Plus.

Nonetheless, several major insurers do offer discounts for drivers who’ve successfully completed a Pass Plus course. All of the following insurance companies offer drivers with Pass Plus a discount on their comprehensive third party fire and theft and third party policies:

Is it worth taking a Pass Plus course?

Yes! Whilst not every insurer provides a discount for drivers with Pass Plus, some companies welcome the certification. After all, taking a Pass Plus course shows that you’re aware of the need to continually improve yourself as a driver, and shows you’re more likely to be a careful and conscientious road user in the long run.

Additionally, even if you may not gain any discounts from taking a Pass Plus straight away, the course helps you become a safer, better driver—and these qualities will certainly help bring down your insurance premiums over time.

It’s also worth noting that insurance isn’t everything. Taking a Pass Plus advanced driving course will help you deal with a wide variety of situations on the road, making the transition from newly qualified driver to confident road user much easier.

Does PassMeFast offer Pass Plus courses?

Yes! As well as our range of semi-intensive and intensive driving courses, PassMeFast offers Pass Plus courses for just £175. We have Pass Plus-registered instructors across all of our coverage area, meaning that you can take your course close to home. Simply get in contact with us via our website, or by calling us on 0333 123 4949, and we’ll arrange your course for you—meaning you can focus on becoming a better driver!

Can I take a Pass Plus course in an automatic car?

Yes! All drivers can help build their skills and improve their confidence by taking a Pass Plus course—no matter whether you drive a manual or an automatic. It costs £175 to take a Pass Plus course in an automatic car with PassMeFast!

Our prices

Pass Plus Course
Pass Plus Course
£175 £185

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