Intensive Driving Courses in Kettering

Looking to start taking driving lessons in Kettering? You might have considered a traditional driving school, only to find that you’ll be left waiting months to pass your test. PassMeFast, meanwhile, speeds up your journey and puts you in control. We’ve got a broad range of intensive driving courses that can help any learner to pass in a matter of weeks—even if you’re nervous or have little experience. Read on for more info on how you can pass fast in Kettering with our crash courses.

Booking intensive driving lessons in Kettering

Unlike some other intensive driving course providers, PassMeFast has a number of different courses and prices on offer. So, whether you’ve never taken any lessons before or already have plenty of experience under your belt, we’ve got something for you! If you’re not quite sure which of our packages is your perfect match, check out our handy course recommender.

Once you’ve booked in, our expert office staff will take care of the behind-the-scenes aspects of your course. This includes everything from pairing you up with one of our DVSA-approved instructors to securing a fast-tracked practical test. Add it all up, and you get maximum speed with minimum fuss.

Interested in automatic intensive driving lessons in Kettering?

While learning in an automatic won’t get you a guaranteed pass, it can really improve your chances if you’re struggling with gear changes or clutch control. We’re proud to say that we offer automatic courses across our coverage area, so if you’re interested in learning in an auto, we can help. Select this as your transmission when you book in, and we’ll match you up to a local instructor.

Out on the road, your assigned instructor will help you to build up new skills, perfect existing ones, and iron out any bad habits you may have acquired. By the time it comes to your practical, you’ll be feeling confident, safe in the knowledge that you have exactly what it takes to ace your test and secure your very own driving licence.

It’s no wonder that PassMeFast has already helped thousands of people to make the journey from budding learner to skilled driver. So, if you’d like to join them, what are you waiting for? Give the team a call on 0333 123 4949, or book your driving course online in a matter of minutes.

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Why choose PassMeFast for your intensive driving course?

  • Courses to suit all drivers
  • Flexible driving lessons to fit any schedule
  • Learn with experienced instructors
  • Home and workplace pickups
  • Pass in as little as one week

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Practical Driving Test Centres in Kettering

With pass rates varying by test centre, some learners attempt to hunt out those with the most impressive scores. Here at PassMeFast, though, we think it’s always best to stick to those in your local area. After all, this is where you’ll be driving before and after your test, so it’s best to know the lie of the land! There’s good news for local learners: with a practical test centre right here in Kettering, you’ll be tested in an area you should be more than familiar with. Northamptonshire’s other practical test centres are found in Wellingborough and Northampton.

Theory Test Centres in Kettering

Kettering learners could scarcely have things easier when it comes to the practical test, but a little bit of travelling will be required for the theory. It won’t be much, though, as the nearest test centre is close by in Corby. The second option in Northamptonshire is in the county town of Northampton.

Haven't taken your theory test yet?

Many learners don’t realise it, but you’re much more likely to get your theory test passed first time if you put in the effort beforehand. Even a simple 5 day revision plan could do a world of good to your chances of success! So, take a look at some of our handy revision tools, such as our hazard perception test guide, and add a theory test onto your PassMeFast booking to save yourself the admin.

Driving Around Kettering

Not quite sure what awaits you out on the roads of Kettering? The truth is that you’ll be facing a huge array of different road features and junctions, from multi-lane roundabouts to narrow residential streets. It might sound daunting, but by gaining experience in so many different types of driving, you’ll soon have all the skills you need in order to feel confident no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Map showing Kettering within Northamptonshire

Local A roads, such as the A14 and A43, are almost certain to make an appearance during your test. Meanwhile, you’ll also become adept at dealing with plenty of different types of roundabout, and will learn exactly why observation at junctions is so vital. By the time you’ve explored the Kettering area thoroughly, you’ll take the mystery out of your test route, leaving you feeling as relaxed as possible on your test day.

Kettering Fact File

Famous for Wicksteed Park
Population 93,475
County Northamptonshire
Local council Kettering
Major local roads A14 to Catthorpe and Felixstowe
A43 to Bicester and Stamford
A509 to Milton Keynes
A6 to Carlisle and Luton
Railway station Kettering train station
More local information Google Maps
Weather in Kettering

Places near Kettering

Burton Latimer

Cropped Google Map with pin over Burton Latimer

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  • Burton Latimer appeared three times in the Domesday Book
  • In the late nineteenth century, it was home to a number of clothing factories
  • The local mill was acquired by Weetabix in the 1930s, and the cereal is still produced in the village today
  • Burton Latimer was also home to Northamptonshire’s first wind farm


Cropped Google Map with pin over Desborough

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  • Desborough has been associated with the co-operative movement since 1863, with its local societies now part of the Central England Co-op
  • The area was once dominated by the spinning and weaving industries, with shoemaking later becoming important
  • It is one of the members of the Charter of European Rural Communities, along with towns from 27 countries
  • The town once had its own railway station, but this closed in 1968 after over a century in use


Cropped Google Map with pin over Rothwell

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  • Rothwell first become a market town in 1204, when a charter was granted by King John
  • The granting of this status is still celebrated today with an annual Rowell Fair, with festivities lasting a whole week
  • Rothwell’s unusual Market House was designed by Thomas Tresham in 1577
  • The local area is home to a rich seam of iron ore, and mining once took place here


Cropped Google Map with pin over Thrapston

Find in Google Maps


  • Thrapston was granted a market charter in 1205, and a charter fair is still held here each year
  • Relatives of the first US President, George Washington, lived in the town
  • It is home to a football club, Thrapston Town, which plays at Chancery Lane
  • Famous residents have included Horace William Wheelwright, a naturalist in the mid-nineteenth century

Which Areas Does PassMeFast Cover?

You should now know everything you need to know about our courses in Kettering—but you might not yet realise that we actually cover a much broader area. In fact, you can book with us from any location in Northamptonshire, including all of the following:

Why wait to gain your driving freedom when you could pass in just weeks with PassMeFast? Start today by calling us on 0333 123 4949, or by clicking the button below to go straight to our online booking form.

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