PassMeFast x Apprentice & Youth Discount — Driving Lessons & Fast-Track Tests

What students say about PassMeFast

My instructor, Shaz, was brilliant. She was efficient, the car was clean and she was able to teach me all my manoeuvres with simple explanations and could always answer any questions I had regarding my driving. Thank you so much for finally getting me on the road!


Really fast finding me a test date and Nahima got me to pass first time. When I needed to rebook and change my date they were able to find me a suitable date 2 weeks later — I thought I would be waiting months!


How do I get apprentice/youth/student discount driving lessons?

Just sign up or log in to Youth Discount on this page and you’ll get an exclusive 5% discount code. Choose your course, enter the code at checkout and we’ll add your student discount to your driving course!

How do I verify that I'm an apprentice, youth or student?

You can use your student email address (the one that ends in to sign up for Youth Discount. You can also upload a form of ID (e.g. passport) or apprentice offer letter for verification. Once you’re signed up, you can get access to your student discount code.

Can I get discount driving lessons from my home address instead of where I’m studying/working?

Yep! Want to take your course during the holidays, or maybe you’d just prefer to learn to drive on more familiar roads? You can get student discount lessons with PassMeFast from anywhere in mainland Great Britain.

Pop your postcode in here to find our course prices. You’ll get 5% off whichever course you choose!

I don’t have access to my student/work email address — can I still get a discount?

Don’t worry if you don’t have access to your account — both Youth Discount have other ways of verifying that you’re a student or apprentice. You can even use a form of ID (e.g. passport) to confirm your age. Once you’re verified, you’ll get a discount code for your driving lessons.