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Why you should learn to drive in 2024

February 13, 2024

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The beginning of 2024 is a great time for you to take a step back and give yourself some goals to tick off during the year.

Rather than a New Year’s Resolution that you’ll stick to for a few weeks, choose to do something that will improve your life — and put yourself on track to achieve your other goals this year.

Why should you learn to drive in 2024? There are plenty of reasons…


1. Improve your career

Having a licence will open doors for your work life, giving you the opportunity to boost your salary. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding your dream job, but finding out the travel to work would involve two buses, a train, and a hike up Ben Nevis.

Being able to get in the car and go will massively reduce your commute time. You’ll be able to sit in the warmth of your car, play your favourite songs, and you won’t catch the flu from the sneezy bloke on the bus.

Not only that, but could be a crucial part of your work. If you’re eyeing up a job as a delivery driver, it would be helpful if you could drive.

 You need to learn to drive a car before you learn to drive a truck. Once you’ve done that, you could be enjoying a sweet salary of £34,236. That’s the average a truck driver takes home each year!

2. Gain independence

No more relying on other people! You’re your own boss, and this year, you should do the things you want to do.

After learning to drive, you won’t need to ask your mum, dad, grandma, granddad, Aunty Pat, or your sister’s ex-boyfriend’s uncle’s cousin for a lift. Just get behind the wheel and go.

Having the independence to do what you want, when you want, means you can tackle anything in 2024. You could:

✓ Visit more theme parks

✓ Have picnics in the countryside

✓ Hit the West End

✓ Go surfing on the beach

✓ Cheer on your team at away games


3. Live a greener lifestyle

Driving doesn’t have to mean damaging the environment. The driving industry is evolving — petrol cars and their CO2 emissions are on their way out. Electric driving is the future.

In 2030, the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned, meaning it’s a good idea to get ahead of the curve and treat yourself to an electric car.

Electric cars emit no CO2 emissions, meaning you can live guilt-free with your smaller carbon footprint.

Not only that, but electric cars are cheaper to run. Charging your car is far less frequent and expensive than topping up at the petrol station, and the lack of emissions you’ll be putting out means you don’t have to pay road tax. Winner!

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