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Female Driving Instructors

January 31, 2024

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Want to get your licence ASAP?

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The right instructor for you

Your PassMeFast course is built around you — we're here to help you pass in your style and fast.

It's vital that you feel comfortable with your instructor so you can relax and focus on learning to drive. If you'd feel better with a lady instructor, we're here to try and sort it for you!

Should I choose a male or female driving instructor?

It's entirely up to you. Your comfort is important during your driving lessons — the more relaxed you are, the better your driving will be, and the faster you'll pass!

There are plenty of qualified driving instructor to choose from across the UK. But if you want to learn with the best of the best — you'll find PassMeFast is the perfect solution whatever the gender.

Get started with a female instructor today

Ready to hit the road and start working towards that licence? Booking a course with PassMeFast couldn't be easier. Have a look at our range of courses — whether you're a complete beginner or ready to take your test, we've got a course to help anybody over the line. You can book online in just a few minutes and our office team will take care of all the faffy bits of admin along the way.

After you've booked, we'll send you a form for you to tell us how you want your course to be structured. You'll be able to let us know you'd prefer a female instructor on this form. While we can't make any guarantees that your instructor will be a lady (female instructors are extremely rare in some rural areas), we'll do everything we can to arrange it for you and discuss your needs along the way.

Want some more information on our courses, or the chance to talk to someone directly? Just give our friendly team a call on 0333 123 4949.

They can provide advice, book a course for you and scour your local area for the best female instructors. Why put off your driving dreams any longer? Book a course with PassMeFast today!

Female driving instructors: FAQs

Does the gender of your instructor really make a difference?

It depends on who you are and what you feel comfortable with! At the end of the day, people (be they male or female) are all different and we get on better with some more than others. Having said that, traits often associated with female instructors include patience, kindness and understanding. That's not to say you won't find male instructors with these qualities, but they are stereotypically linked to women. So, whether they're based in fact or not, if these assumptions make you feel more comfortable with a female instructor, we're happy to oblige!

How does PassMeFast allocate instructors?

PassMeFast has one of the largest fleets of driving instructors across the UK. In fact, we work with over 5,000 of them! As you'd expect, this includes male and female instructors with both manual and automatic cars. Once you've booked your course, we'll send you a form asking for additional details. Here, you can indicate your location, transmission and gender preferences. After we've received this, we'll get to work finding the best member of our fleet for the job!

Am I guaranteed to have a female instructor?

While we can't guarantee that you'll have a specific instructor for your course, we'll do everything within our power to arrange things exactly as you'd like them. Why no guarantee? Well, some rural areas don't have many female instructors, particularly if you're looking for a specific type of female instructor — one with an automatic car who's available on weekends, for example. With that said, we're still able to assign a female instructor in most cases, so it shouldn't be a problem! Besides, all our instructors are incredible at what they do, plus our office team will also be on hand to help you along your journey.

Which areas does PassMeFast have female instructors?

PassMeFast covers all of mainland Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales). In each of our coverage areas we aim to provide both male and female instructors. Check out our areas page to check we've reached your neck of the woods.

Can I change instructors if I'm not happy with the one I'm given?

It isn't recommended that you switch driving instructor part way through learning to drive — it can throw off your progress and will force a delay to your driving test. If you don't feel like you gel with your instructor straight away, give them a chance and get to know them before making any snap decisions. All our instructors are vetted by our experienced team, so you can rest assured that they are excellent teachers! Of course, if you have any major issues or really struggle to work with a particular instructor, we'll do everything in our power to connect you to a new one.

Can I choose the gender of my driving instructor?

You’re free to choose the gender of your driving instructor. Whatever you feel most comfortable with, we’ll try our best to accommodate you. 

How do I choose a driving instructor?

While we can’t always guarantee that you’ll get a particular instructor, we’ll always work to meet all of your requirements. Just let us know what you need when booking your course and we’ll talk you through all of your options.

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