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Ultimate Theory Test Revision Resources

April 8, 2024

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Before you can take your driving test (or even book one), you first have to tackle the theory test. As with any other test in life, preparation is the key to passing your theory test with flying colours—and taking one step closer to becoming a fully qualified driver. To help speed up your journey and make your revision easier, we've compiled a list of top theory test revision resources.

Our guide breaks these top theory test revision resources down into categories ranging from road signs to revision apps to mock tests. So, whether you've already started studying or don't even know what the theory test entails, these resources will help you ace your way to the top!

Theory Test Revision and Practice

Wondering how many hours of revision are needed to pass the theory test? To ensure you get the best results, we'd advise you set aside at least a week (or more, if possible!) for you to revise and fully retain the information you need to pass your theory test.

If you weren't already aware, the theory test is broken down into two sections: 50 multiple-choice questions and the hazard perception test. You need to score at least 43 marks out of 50 to pass the multiple-choice section and 44 marks out of 75 for the hazard perception section. You have to pass both sections in order to get your hands on your theory test pass certificate and book your practical test.

See exactly how this works in the DVSA's quick explanation video below or by checking out our essential guide to passing the theory test.

The multiple-choice section is based on 3 books outlined by the DVSA:

  • The Highway Code
  • Know Your Traffic Signs
  • Driving—The Essential Skills

The first two books are available for free, so you won't have to spend a penny! We'll provide the links to them in the relevant sections below. If you want the official DVSA theory test book—or its closest alternative—you'll have to buy it:

If you're a traditional learner and prefer to study from a physical copy, you might find these types of books to be a worth investment. However, if you'd prefer not to fork out that much, or are a more interactive learner, you might want to check out our top 5 theory test apps below.

Highway Code

Highway code

Your revision for the theory test will begin with the Highway Code. The Code is a compilation of all the rules and information for drivers in the UK. It was created in order to help keep all road users safe—this includes drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians and animals. The Code is split up into multiple categories, including general driving rules relating to signals and control of vehicles, plus driver-specific rules that relate to fitness to drive and vehicle towing. Some of the questions in the multiple-choice section of the theory test will be taken from this book, so make sure you familiarise yourself with it!

You can read the Highway Code at GOV.UK. It splits up the Code by category and has a search function which comes in handy when you need to cross-check something. If you'd prefer to read through the entire Highway Code without having to fit between categories, however, you can download the PDF version. By doing so, you can also revise the Code on the go (a fun read for the daily commute!). If you'd rather have a paperback version in front of you, however, you can buy a copy of the Official Highway Code book online instead.

Before you move onto road signs, give your newfound knowledge a quick test with the Highway Code Quiz from Driving Test Success. With questions covering all 26 categories, you can quickly figure out whether you can move on in your revision or if you'll need to go back and give the Code another read! You can also test your skills on the Highway Code Knowledge test from Drivers Mock Test.

Road Signs

Circular road signs

If you hope to pass your theory test, you'll need to work on your knowledge of the UK's road signs. Considering you'll encounter all types of road signs when you start your driving lessons, it's not all that surprising to find that they feature heavily on your test. Regardless of how confident you already feel about road signs, you need to first read the official guide recommended by GOV.UK:  Know Your Traffic Signs. Whilst it might not be the most thrilling read, it's important in helping you pass your theory test and, ultimately, become a safe driver.

Once you feel pretty confident, you can move onto some fun revision resources and quizzes (like our very own Sorted game!), and put your knowledge to the test!

UK Theory Test

If you're looking to strengthen your knowledge of road signs, UK Theory Test has categorised all UK road signs into separate pages to make the learning process easier. Take some time to look through the pages, and, once you're sure you've got them memorised, try the tests available on the site.


As one of the leading driving schools in the UK, we like to think we know a thing or two about the theory test—we've certainly got an abundance of top resources on our blog! Here are a few fun road sign quizzes and games to help you revise:

How Well Do You Know Your Traffic Signs?
Our quiz consists of 15 questions that have been taken from the official DVSA question bank—covering a small selection of the most common road signs you'll encounter.

PassMeFast's latest driving game, Sorted, helps learners familiarise themselves with the most common road signs out there. The challenge is to separate the real road signs from the ones we made up—you're working against the clock, so you better be ready!

Could You Pass Your Theory Test Today?
With only 15 questions—taken from the DVSA's question bank—this is a nice and quick quiz to get you started on your theory test revision journey.


Other assorted quizzes: 

Safe Driving For Life: this quiz has 20 questions and gives you the option to flag or review them as you go along.

Highway Code Tests: with 156 questions on road signs and traffic signs from the DVSA revision bank, you're sure to be put through your paces with this test. Don't worry if you're not 100% there yet—there's an explanatory text below each question to help you.

Theory Pass: this site has two tests that consist of 50 questions each. If you answer a question incorrectly, you'll be given a full explanation to help make sure you don't make the same mistake twice.

Test-Questions: offers 5 road sign tests, each of which includes 10 questions. Once you submit your results, you only get told which answers are correct—you don't get any explanations.

UK Driver's Mock Test: they offer learners one mock test dedicated to road rules, signs and signals. If you don't pass the test, or you want to test your skills again, you can get a new set of questions.

Theory Test Revision Apps

Mobile phone

While there are countless theory test revision books available, many learners opt for a more convenient option: theory test apps. Not only are they more interactive than studying from a dusty old book, they're also easier to revise with on the go. This type of learning process pays off, as you can chip away at your revision whenever you have even the tiniest bit of free time.

Here, we've compiled five theory test revision apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android. Four out of five of our picks have free options—however, you should bear in mind that these versions will be limited in comparison to the full product. Paying up to £4.99 for one of these apps will give you hundreds of questions from the DVSA question bank to revise from and dozens of hazard perception clips for the second section of the theory test.

AppCompatibilityPriceOfficial DVSA Theory Test KitiOS and Android£4.99Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 KitiOS and AndroidFree or £4.99 (for full content)Theory Test ProiOS and Android (also available on desktop)Free or £4.99 (for full content)Theory Test 2019iOS and AndroidFree or £1.99 (for full content)Driving Theory Test 2019 (UK)iOS and AndroidFree or £1.99/£2.99 (in-app purchases)

We'd definitely recommend trying out one of these apps. Not only do they give you the chance to test your knowledge against questions taken from the DVSA's question bank, they're also very handy for tracking your revision progress. Some apps even enable you to pick out a selection of the questions you frequently get wrong and add them to a 'challenge bank'. This gives you the chance to highlight your weaker areas and work on them in a focused manner.

Apps aren't the only way to learn interactively, though. Feast your eyes on the resources below!

Multiple Choice and Mock Tests

Multiple choice test

 One of the best ways to revise for the theory test is to keep going through as many questions and mock tests as you can. After all, knowledge sticks—before you know it, you'll be whizzing through questions on autopilot. While there are over 900 questions that you could be asked on your test, many of them overlap somewhat. So, even if you don't recognise the exact questions on your test, the odds are that you'll have encountered something similar during your revision.

Once you're ready, start practising with these resources...

1. The Highway Code Test Study Series

If you're not yet ready to take full mock tests, you can try out Highway Code Test's study series. The site has created a series of tests dedicated to specific categories from the Highway Code. This enables you to get to grips with each topic before you move onto the next one. The number of questions in each test ranges from as little as 36 to as many as 156!

Once you've passed these tests and feel more confident, you can then take on the site's 3 mock tests which move up in level of difficulty: with hintsoptional hints, and most difficult.


As with many sites offering revision materials for the theory test, TheoryTest has some free resources to take advantage of, but if you want to unlock its premium content, you'll have to opt for a paid subscription. In this case, it's £7.99 for both theory and hazard perception resources.

Regarding its free content, TheoryTest has 3 general mock tests that are made up of 50 questions. These tests are timed—like the real theory test—and give you the option to flag or review answers before you submit. Additionally, there are 3 category-specific theory tests (you must pay to unlock more) and an additional 3 case studies.

3. Theory Test Pro

Unlike the other theory test resources on our list, Theory Test Pro requires you to register an account to get started. It's a freemium product—on both desktop and in app form—that comes with a pretty decent selection of free multiple-choice revision resources and hazard perception clips. Once you've registered, you can study by topic group—from accidents to vulnerable road users to alertness—and track how many questions you've attempted. You can also try out the odd mock test.

The free version only gives you access to some of the question bank, so you'll have to subscribe to unlock everything else.

Not sure you want to faff about registering? Read our Theory Test Pro review for more information.

4. Test-Questions

Test-Questions comes with a whopping 55 theory mock tests to try out. Before you start freaking out, these tests only contain 10 questions each. This can work in your favour—it enables you to make your way through them at a slow and steady pace. These tests are not timed and they don't allow you to flag or review answers. There are 550 questions in total, so there's plenty to occupy your time with. We'd recommend keeping note of which question number you're on as you revise—otherwise you'll end up repeating them.

5. Right Driver

Right Driver offers learners the chance to test their knowledge against a set of random questions which cover every section of the Highway Code—from signage to safety margins to signalling. Depending on how intensively you'd like to study—or how much time you have on your hands—you can choose to answer 25, 50, 75 or 100 questions at a time. Better still, you're guaranteed a new set of questions each time you try a new test. Additionally, when you answer a question incorrectly, you'll get a detailed explanation to help you understand why you were wrong.

If that wasn't enough, Right Driver also has a set of category-specific tests.

6. Top Tests

Top Tests offers learners both free and premium content—which can be accessed via a one-time purchase of £28. This is a major difference to other sites, which charge on a monthly basis. As with other resources mentioned, however, you'll probably find its free content to be more than enough—especially in conjunction with everything else we've listed!

For starters, the site offers 4 mock tests that each come with 50 questions—replicating the official theory test structure. If you're not entirely confident with an answer, you can click on 'hint' to get some extra help. As you progress with your revision and inch closer to your theory test date, however, we'd advise you avoid doing this. After all, you won't get hints on the actual test! If you do answer incorrectly, you'll be provided with an explanation letting you know why you were wrong.

Please note, unlike the actual test that lasts 57 minutes, these mock tests don't have a timer. If you're looking for real-life conditions, we'd recommend you set your own timer. Once you're ready, you can then move onto the site's final test.

7. Test4Theory

Test4Theory has a sizeable amount of mock tests available to help you put your knowledge to the test. There are 15 tests in total, each with 50 questions. As with the real theory test,  you have to get 43 out of 50 to pass each test—and you'll have to wait until the end of the test to find out which questions you got wrong. If you get fail one of the mock tests, we'd recommend trying it again before you move onto the next one.

The site also has five case studies for you to try your skills on. These scenario-based questions are identical to the ones you'll be asked in your theory test.

8. Driving Licence Tests

Driving Licence Tests has 9 practice theory tests to offer learner drivers. These tests are separated into categories found in the Highway Code, and consist of 50 questions. When you select an answer, you'll be told whether it's correct or not before you move onto the next question. If you get it wrong, you can either attempt it again or find out which answer is the correct one. If you want to mimic real test conditions, we'd advise you keep on going, even if you get a question wrong.

Once you've completed these practice tests, you can finish off with the site's mock test. Unlike the practice tests, the mock doesn't tell you if you've gotten a question wrong. Bear in mind that these tests, unlike the real theory test, aren't timed. If you want it to be more realistic, set a timer.

★ Bonus: even more mock tests!

Safe Driving For Life

This site offers learners 2 official DVSA mock tests. We'd recommend you only try these tests once you're at the end of your revision journey—the questions remain the same when you retake the tests, so you don't want to waste them.

Theory Test Online

Here, you can take one free practice test. If you want to unlock revision questions, case studies and additional resources, you can either check out the free trial or pay £5 for 6 months' access.

Theory Pass

This site has 5 free mock tests to try out. If you want to try additional theory tests and hazard perception clips, you'll have to pay for one of their subscription packages, starting at £2.99 for 1 month.

It's safe to say that there are more than enough revision resources and mock tests to prepare you for the multiple-choice section of the test. You could, hypothetically, get by on just the free resources alone—without forking out for a subscription on any of the sites. If you want to get things right the first time around, however, we'd recommend purchasing one of the apps—it will pay off.

And now, we'll move onto resources for the second section of the theory test: hazard perception.

Hazard Perception

Hazard perception section of the theory test

This section involves you watching 14 one-minute clips that contain at least one developing hazard—one clip, however, will contain two hazards, so be aware. When you see a hazard developing, you need to click your mouse. Each hazard is worth 5 points overall—the sooner you spot them, the more points you get. Please be aware that clicking too often may result in the software thinking that you're cheating.

If you're looking to ace the hazard perception section, we'd recommend reading our essential guide to passing the hazard perception test and our hazard perception dos and don'ts.

Now, let's take a look at the sites offering free hazard perception tests.  Already bought one of the theory test apps that come with hazard perception clips? We'd still advise you use these resources—you need to get used to using a mouse when you spot a hazard and not your touchscreen!

Practising for the hazard perception section

 Use the following sites to brush up on your hazard perception skills:

YouTube Revision

Close up of YouTube main menu

 If you're looking to pick up a new skill or hobby, YouTube is one of the best resources out there. You can find almost any type of tutorial on YouTube, and the theory test is no different. If you prefer a more interactive method of learning, there are plenty of YouTube channels that offer full tutorials and mock tests to aid you through the entire revision process.

Here are a few top channels that you might want to check out...

1. LPOD Academy Theory Test Training Course

This comprehensive theory test course consists of 42 videos. It offers theory test questions and answers that are broken down into categories like alertness, attitude, hazard awareness and so on. It also covers case studies—something that will also crop up on your test.

2. Driving Lessons with Ben Stockdale

If you like the feel of one-to-one lessons, you'll enjoy this channel. During the 32 videos, you'll be walked through the many aspects of the theory test—from road signs to speeding distances to hazard perception. It's even got videos covering manoeuvres and aspects of the practical test for once you've passed!

3. UK DVLA Theory Tests 2018-19

If you've still not had your fill of mock tests, you can sink your teeth into 16 free mock theory tests in this playlist. Each video consists of 50 questions, like the real test, but only lasts 30 minutes or so (pause the video if you need more time). It will keep the question on the screen for short period before highlighting the correct answer.

4. UK Driving Theory Test

Finally, here's another playlist filled with 12 mock theory tests for you to try out. As with the playlist above, you'll be shown 50 questions in a much shorter space of time than the actual test—you can always pause the video if you need extra time. After 10-20 seconds, the correct answer will be highlighted.

Theory Test Revision Resources

Hands typing on a laptop

Now that we've provided theory test revision resources for every component of the test, we're going to finish up our guide with a few general theory test resources of our own.

  • 5 Last-Minute Theory Test Tips: if your test date is looming and you're feeling a bit overwhelmed, these last-minute tips might help you feel a bit more prepared.
  • How  To Avoid Test Day Nerves: whether you're worried about your theory test or your practical, we've got some pro tips on how to keep your nerves to a minimum!
  • Theory Test Myths Debunked: if you can't tell what's fact or fiction with the theory test, we've debunked some of the most popular myths to help you avoid making any silly mistakes.
  • Help! I've Lost My Provisional: can't quite figure out where your provisional is? You might have enough time to apply for a new one before you take your theory test!
  • Taking The Theory Test When You Have Dyslexia: if you have dyslexia, make sure you're aware of the help that's available to you for your theory test.

We think it's safe to say that you've now got more than enough theory test revision resources to help you ace your test. Remember, you'll need at least a week to fully retain the information you need to fly through your theory test.  Take your time and make your way through our theory test revision resources a section at a time—preparation is key after all!

If in doubt, start with the Highway Code, which provides vital road information and rules. We advise buying resources like the official DVSA handbook or the AA theory test book. They both contain official DVSA questions with answers. Revise them thoroughly—they could show up on your test.

Once you've passed your theory test, you have 2 years until your theory test pass certificate expires. This means you have to finish your lessons and pass your practical test in 2 years—or you'll have to retake your theory test. PassMeFast has a range of courses to suit all learner drivers. You can check them out on our course prices page or find your perfect course package with our course recommender.

To get booked in today, give us a call on 0333 123 4949 book a course or online with us today. The road to driving doesn't have to be long with PassMeFast!

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