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Drivers With Messy Cars Could Face a Fine (Or Even Jail)

February 13, 2024

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Whether it’s a glovebox jam-packed with receipts, a passenger seat reserved for old McDonald’s boxes or a map pocket full of snack wrappers — we all know somebody who’s a proud owner of a messy car. But, next time you wade through the rubbish and squeeze into their car, warn them that their bad habit could land them with a £5,000 fine or possibly even jail time...

Experts have warned that cars full of clutter could violate Section 237 of the Highway Code, which states you must always drive with ‘due care and attention’. If you’re not keeping your car clean, a piece of rubbish could find its way under a pedal and, well, you can imagine what could happen from there.

So, what if you’re pulled over and the police think your untidy ride’s a hazard? You could end up with a roadside fine of £100 and 3 points on your licence. But if the scraps in your car cause a crash or serious incident, you could be smacked with a fine up to £5,000 and a maximum of 9 penalty points on your licence.

And, if you’re found to be at fault for a fatal accident, you could face a driving ban, an unlimited fine and up to 5 years of jail time. It’s probably best to give your car a once-over with a bin bag and hoover now and then.

So if you really must keep something in your car, it’s best to keep that junk in the trunk!

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