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Passing your driving test: Could it be written in the stars?

January 25, 2024

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When it comes to taking (and passing) your driving test, it’s the little details that count. Remembering to check your blind spot, nailing the manoeuvre, and following the sat nav to a tee will all play their part in a successful pass.

But could astrology have an impact too? Whilst only a quarter of people in the UK (26%) believe that their star sign impacts their behaviour, chances are that astrology – and especially your rising sign – may be influencing your driving ability. We did a little research to find out exactly how.

UK drivers, confidence and driving ability

We surveyed 2,345 UK drivers to find out the biggest issues Brits continue to face on the roads. It turns out just one in two of us have confidence in our driving ability. That means the other 50% are lacking in confidence.

In fact, almost three in four people (73%) struggle with a car manoeuvre. This includes parallel parking (26%), reverse bay parking (16%) and reversing around a corner (9%).

And these struggles may be down to our personality types, star signs and rising signs much more than we realise.

Astrology 101

Ever heard of your rising sign? Not many of us have, with 90% of people in the UK unaware of what this is and how it may impact their daily lives.

Most of us know about our star signs (also called sun signs). Your star sign dictates your zodiac personality and is influenced by your day and month of birth. According to astrologists, your star sign shows what you want, while your moon sign reveals what you need.

But there’s plenty more going on too, specifically around your rising sign (also called your Ascendant). This describes which zodiac sign was ascending the eastern horizon at the precise moment you were born. You can work it out for yourself by using an online calculator which will ask for your time and date of birth along with the town or city you were born in.

It’s thought to determine how other people see you – often what they see when they guess your sign – and what you expect from the world around you. It reveals things about the first impressions you make, as well as how you respond to certain situations.

Including those you experience when driving and learning to drive.

Your cosmic driving profile

To find out how both your star sign and rising sign may be influencing your driving ability, we worked alongside astrologer, Gemma Harwood, to create the following Cosmic Driving Profiles. Now you can understand the strengths and weaknesses of your personality type and know where you need to focus when learning to drive.

Aries star sign: Because of their eagerness, Aries are always ready to hit the accelerator and will be brave enough to give absolutely everything a go. They’re also independently driven, so they won’t need much encouragement when learning to drive. But this Fire sign may be a little bit impatient behind the wheel at times, meaning they may not always be great at waiting in traffic queues. The energetic nature of Aries means they would much rather be on the go.

When learning, remaining centred by taking deep breaths and holding their attentiveness to detail will help an Aries excel.

Aries driving profile

Aries rising sign: People who are lucky enough to have been born with an Aries Rising are often gifted with quick reactions. Unlike their Aries Star sign counterparts, they’re not necessarily as impatient. This means they will usually be quick on their feet when faced with sudden or unexpected situations whilst driving yet they are likely to still show care and patience at traffic lights and other spots that require continued composure (depending on their Star sign of course).

Aries driving profile

Taurus star sign: Taureans have so much determination, they’ll simply keep going even in the face of adversity or fear. As one of the most patient signs, it’s likely they’re great at traffic lights and timing their roundabout entrances. Expect them to appear self-assured, even when challenged.

Taureans love their comfort zones and familiarity, so they may find it hard to adapt to new rules or environments. After settling into their way of doing things, they may need a gentle nudge to adapt. When learning a Taurus will learn do things at their own pace but practising fast response times to hazards will equal success.

Taurus rising sign: If you were born with a Taurus Rising it is likely you have a cool exterior and a strong demeanour. You are ready to take on new challenges with perseverance and it is unlikely you will lose your cool during this process. Taurus Rising are often patient, much like their Sun in Taurus counterparts and they often won’t mind practising the same tricks and manoeuvres repeatedly as they have a tendency to appreciate familiarity.

Gemini driving profile

Gemini star sign: Geminis instinctively compose themselves in important situations, so they can always relax to some degree. With their adaptable nature too, they usually perform great under stressful conditions. They are mentally razor-sharp, so even spaghetti junctions will be a breeze. But Geminis love to talk about many different subjects, so they may have a tendency to want to ‘catch up’, even when a lot of concentration is required. Sometimes it’s better to remain focussed.

When learning a Gemini can see many things at once but focussing on sequences of little routines such as mirrors and blind spots will enhance their skills.

Gemini rising sign: Those fun and loveable folks that were born with a Gemini Rising are usually open to fresh learning experiences and, although those with Sun in Gemini may instinctively compose themselves for the occasion, these with Gemini Rising may become a little more distracted at times. These people often need some variety in their lives and the things they do, so they will excel when they are able to change things up and try new things on a regular basis.

Cancer driving profile

Cancer star sign: With their careful approach, Cancerians are skilful at staying out of danger and spotting potential hazards early. Their caring nature means they excel at pedestrian and animal crossings while their tenacity and great intuition means they will perfect every manoeuvre eventually.

Cancerians can be slow to find their comfort zone while adapting to a new skill. Like Taureans, they simply have their own pace to follow. They may also find long distance driving especially tiring. When learning, practising practical theory and the hazard perception test will keep a Cancerian up to speed.

Cancer rising sign: People who have a Cancer Rising sign will be likely to have a softer, more relaxed way of learning to drive than most other Rising signs, yet they can still be very open and intuitive learners. However, they are not necessarily quite as cautious as the Cancer Sun drivers. For this reason, they will likely be great at adapting to suburban streets and parks. As long as they have a down to earth, confident instructor, all should go well for these natives.

Leo driving profile

Leo star sign: With confidence, a Leo will learn to drive with a big, warm smile on their face. With their creativity and conscientiousness, they can achieve anything. A Leo will master their parallel parking early-on, as it’s the most difficult manoeuvre and this will give them a sunny sense of satisfaction.

If anything, a Leo driver may be more like the Aries driver than any other, in that they can have a tendency to become a little impatient. For this reason, they may find traffic queues particularly draining. When learning, memorising all the speed limits while giving some extra focus to changing pace and gears smoothly will help a Leo advance.

Leo rising sign: If you were born with a Leo Rising it is likely you have some serious pizazz about life, and this will more than likely also extend to the time you choose to learn to drive. You usually enjoy challenges, and this includes jumping straight into new processes, so it is more than likely you will be open to having a go at anything and everything, especially risky manoeuvres such as overtaking and pulling over on a road of busy traffic.

Virgo driving profile

Virgo star sign: Virgos have a responsible approach to everything, and this includes learning to drive. They can be so meticulous, that reversing in a straight line and around a corner are likely their natural strengths and their consideration for others on the road means their driving behaviour is spotless. A Virgo may have a tendency to become a little stressed though if they suddenly realise, they haven’t come completely prepared and this may mean they are in danger of panicking or being thrown a little off-guard.

When learning, Virgos have all the little details covered, so taking them on the motorway or to unusual places to brush up on their skills can help.

Virgo rising sign: These can often be serious yet analytical busy bodies with their Ascendant in Virgo and are often extremely logical when approaching new experiences, most especially those that require their full attention such as learning to drive. Although they may suffer from bouts of nerves and tension sometimes simply because of how much they worry and care, they are perfectionists and will follow all the rules very well. They usually like to get things right first time and let’s face it, they often do!

Libra driving profile

Libra star sign: With their balanced approach to new tasks, it is likely a Libra has eaten well and perhaps even prepared with a little meditation before their first lesson.  They are competent, accommodating and socially very alert, so they will be more than happy with busy locations like city centres.

A Libra may at times become a little indecisive when faced with many options and possible routes to take whilst driving. Very often they may prefer to take a friend with them to keep them company. When learning Librans will take on a balanced, yet analytical approach to most problems, so focussing on the theory of driving will help them enormously.

Libra rising sign: Folk who are fortuitous enough to have been born with a Libra Ascendant are generally graceful and lenient. They are likely able to tolerate difficult situations as they dislike aggression or awkward situations, so they are great to have in any team, as a student or a mentor. However, they may also be the ones to have the most trouble speaking up when they are under duress, too. Libra Ascendants will excel in towns and cities, where everyone’s patience is put to the test.

Scorpio driving profile

Scorpio star sign: Scorpios like to think ahead carefully, so it’s likely they are mentally and emotionally prepared to drive. Their resilience and disciplined approach mean they are both tough and intuitive in extreme conditions, so night-time driving, high altitudes and fast speeds will be their forte. But a Scorpio may become annoyed quite easily whilst driving, especially if someone else on the road has cut before them early or is driving too close behind. It’s best not to become too involved with toxic drivers.

When learning it will be a great idea to build up a Scorpio’s patience for busy areas, because this may be outside of their comfort zone.

Scorpio rising sign: People who have a Scorpio Rising will be likely to have a reserved yet watchful way of learning to drive and are probably quite careful, yet they can still be very responsive and driven learners. However, they are not necessarily quite as daring as the Scorpio Sun drivers. For this reason, they will likely be great doing anything that requires a lot of control and thoughtful attention, such as difficult manoeuvres and three point turns in a busy car park.

Sagittarius driving profile

Sagittarius star sign: Sagittarians are always open to new experiences and with their optimistic nature, they can pep talk themselves through any situation. Their strengths are driving out of town or along country roads because they are adventurous and are often great with wildlife. Sagittarians can be quite spontaneous and impulsive though, while having a tendency towards ‘foot-in-mouth’ syndrome, so a strong reaction to an inconsiderate driver might land them in hot water.

With their desire for fun and adventure, it will help to find as many entertaining ways to learn to drive as possible.

Sagittarius rising sign: People can often be lovers of spiritual subjects with their Ascendant in Sagittarius and are generally firm believers in their abilities when approaching new experiences, most especially those that require a leap of faith such as getting behind the wheel for their first time. Although they may suffer from itchy feet due to being cramped into a small space for a full hour, they will give it their best shot with continued optimism. They usually like to conquer the easy things first, such as planning and safe positioning!

Capricorn driving profile

Capricorn star sign: Capricorns will take on new tasks with plenty of deliberation, so they will be ready to respond quickly when needed. Because they are so vigilant and serious, they are the best people to have around at times of emergencies, therefore their best performance is the emergency stop. Capricorn’s serious nature can have them a little on edge at times though, especially when driving somewhere dangerous. Being responsible is a super quality, but it helps to take it easy too.

When learning, keep practising the things a Capricorn may find most unnerving, such as starting on a steep incline or motorway driving.

Capricorn rising sign: Capricorn Rising can often be cautious yet are also resourceful and ingenious folk. They are often extremely pragmatic when learning new things, so they like to complete tasks in an orderly fashion, working their way up from the smallest of problems and gradually taking on the more serious challenges. They may get a little scared at times simply because they worry about making mistakes or having accidents, but their capability means they will get the job done great.

Aquarius driving profile

Aquarius star sign: An Aquarius can be so focussed and methodical during difficult tasks, they may simply be able to adopt the notion that the car is an extension of themselves. Their self-reliance and sturdy, droid-like quality means they can easily take on (and enjoy) some long-distance driving. Once an Aquarius has read the manual and decided themselves on what’s the best way to approach a problem, it can prove to be almost impossible to show them another way though.

When learning, Aquarius should take regular rests while driving, because otherwise they may not notice their limits and wind up tired or overwhelmed.

Aquarius rising sign: Those with their Ascendant in Aquarius can often be lovers of any experience that brings them an opportunity to learn something new and bring them up to speed with the rest of today’s society. They also simply have a way of retaining new information because they are good at noticing details and responding appropriately. They will therefore make good driving school students and will especially learn all the road signs quickly. However, they may sometimes seem to be in a world of their own.

Pisces driving profile

Pisces star sign: Pisces are eager to try something new and excited for a fresh adventure, so you will find them happily responsive behind the wheel. They have huge sense of fun and great imaginations, so will shine in anything unusual such as monster trucks or hippie vans. Pisceans are frequent dreamers and can be quite emotive though, so they may have a tendency to switch off and go to a different place in their minds when having a bad day.

When learning, remaining grounded and focussed is key, so frequently revising their road signs and the highway code will help a Pisces succeed.

Pisces rising sign: People who have a Pisces Ascendant will be likely to have a relaxed and fluid way of learning to drive yet they can also be quite bold and courageous. They are the most likely to be compassionate and easy going, while at the same time they can be very responsible and brilliant learner drivers. They are not necessarily as prone to dreaming as their Pisces Sun counterparts. For these reasons, they will be amazing at meeting and crossing other traffic and at navigating junctions.

Tips from the Experts

Whilst your Cosmic Driving Profile will have an influence, learning to drive is all about building on the fundamentals of driving with an expert instructor too. To assist, here are some essential tips from PassMeFast Operations Manager Jordan Copestake on how to get the most out of your driving lessons.

  1. Do the theory test before starting lessons - It's easier to understand 'what' you're doing when you know 'why' you're doing it. The theory provides a vital foundation of knowledge that you can build practical skills on top of. Learn the rules of the road before getting behind the wheel so you can focus your attention on learning the practical side of things.
  2. Be well rested - Learning to drive while tired isn't just dangerous, it's also a waste of good money. Your concentration levels plummet when tired, so it'll be harder to learn new skills and be aware of the hazards around you. To get the most out of your driving lessons, be well rested each time you get in the car.
  3. Eat before your lesson and bring a drink along - To get 100% out of your lessons, you need to be as comfy as possible. You won't be able to retain as much information when hungry, so eat a good meal or snack before you start. It's also wise to take a bottle of water with you. Don't forget, you'll need to pull over before you have a drink, but this will help you practice coming to a stop safely!
  4. Wear sensible shoes - Wearing comfortable shoes not only keep your feet free of blisters but makes driving easier too! Even though you're sat down while driving, you'll spend a lot of time using your feet, so make sure they're comfy and give you good contact with the pedals.
  5. Try to relax - These tips will all help you be at ease during lessons, but we're all unique and you'll have your own ways of chilling. Driving can be stressful, particularly to start with. Just remember that your instructor is there for a reason, they're trained to keep you safe and are legally in control of the car. Follow their guidance, stay calm, and you'll have your licence in no time!
  6. Don't be put off by a bad lesson - Everyone has one, a lesson where it all goes a bit wrong. You may come away from this with a bruised and battered ego but the main thing to remember is not to take it to heart. Think about what went wrong and how you apply your learnings to your next lesson to become a better, safer driver.

Getting on the Road with Confidence

With the right foundations from a fully qualified driving instructor and a full knowledge of your Cosmic Driving Profile you’ll be well on your way to becoming a safe, competent and confident driver.

With PassMeFast you’ll benefit from our intensive driving courses to take your test quicker and get you on the road faster. And with our network of expert DVSA-approved instructors, you’ll learn from the best. Learn more about our fast-track beginner and refresher driving courses.

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