Intensive Driving Courses in Salisbury

Do you want to get your driving licence? Want a quicker path than traditional lessons? Don’t want to be stuck with a 5 day course away from home? We could be the driving school you’ve been looking for. Our Salisbury driving courses are taught by grade A and B instructors, and come with fast-track tests as standard. Better yet, our students typically get their licence ahead of the normal waiting times! Read on for everything you need to know about our Salisbury intensive driving courses.


Booking Intensive Driving Courses in Salisbury

We’ve ditched the slow pace of weekly lessons, and brought in a more efficient way to learn to drive. We offer intensive driving courses ranging from 5 to 48 hours, meaning that every learner can find something to suit them. Though our courses are quicker than average, they’re never rushed, and nervous learners are more than welcome!

Each of our crash courses is taught by a DVSA-approved instructor. All of our lessons are one-on-one, ensuring that you’ve got the full attention of your instructor throughout your course. They’ll be there to introduce all the skills you’ll need to display in order to impress your examiner and ace your practical test. Their friendliness, professionalism and patience will also help you to feel confident behind the wheel, and adopt safe driving habits that stick with you.

Interested in automatic intensive driving lessons in Salisbury?

Manual cars may be the most common way to get around here in the UK, but they’re not the only option. If you don’t fancy dealing with constant gear changes, or are having trouble getting to grips with clutch control, then an automatic course could be ideal for you. Select “auto” as your transmission when you book with PassMeFast, and we’ll match you to a Salisbury instructor with an automatic vehicle.

One of the ways PassMeFast stands out from the crowd is through its outstanding office team. Though they won’t be there face-to-face, they’ll be your guardian angel throughout your course, on hand to answer any questions you may have. They’ll also arrange your driving test for you, ensuring that it takes place weeks or even months sooner than average. This means your licence could be just weeks away!

To browse everything we have to offer, head on over to our prices page, where you can view all of our courses side-by-side. We also have a useful course recommender: answer a few questions and get a quote! Once you know which of our packages suits you best, all that’s left to do is to give us a call on 0333 123 4949. Alternatively, book in online by visiting our online form.

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Why choose PassMeFast for your intensive driving course?

  • Courses to suit all drivers
  • Flexible driving lessons to fit any schedule
  • Learn with experienced instructors
  • Home and workplace pickups
  • Pass in as little as one week

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Practical Driving Test Centres in Salisbury

If you’re in southern Wiltshire, then the Salisbury practical test centre will almost certainly be the most convenient location for you. In fact, to find an alternative, you’d need to travel as far as Southampton’s Maybush or Forest Hills test centres, or to Winchester or Westbury. We’d advise you to stay local, though: while pass rates vary by test centre, it makes good sense to take your driving lessons and tests on roads close to home.

Theory Test Centres in Salisbury

Theory test centres are a little thin on the ground in Wiltshire, with only two to be found in the county. There’s positive news for those in this area, though, as one of those two just so happens to be the Salisbury theory test centre. The other is located all the way over in Swindon, so it’s lucky that you can stay local! Should you need a backup option, consider heading to Andover or Southampton.

Haven't taken your theory test yet?

With both hazard perception and multiple choice questions to prepare for, it takes hours of revision to pass the theory test. What’s more, you can’t be sure of a guaranteed pass here. That’s why booking your theory test too close to your preferred practical test date can be a mistake. A smarter choice is to add a theory test onto your PassMeFast booking. We’ll then arrange it for you at a local test centre, and give you plenty of time to pass ahead of your driving test.

Driving in and around Salisbury

The purpose of your lessons is to help prepare you not just for the practical test, but for virtually any scenario you could encounter during real-life driving. That’s why you’ll take to roads right here in the Salisbury area and learn how to take on anything. By doing so, you’ll demonstrate your readiness to the examiner, and lay the groundwork for good habits that last.

Map showing Salisbury within Wiltshire

Want more detail on the kinds of roads you’ll be learning on? Well, with the test centre lying close to the ring road surrounding Salisbury, you can bet that you’ll be spending plenty of time practising here, providing you with a good knowledge of dual carriageways and major roundabouts. This will be complemented with lessons in Salisbury’s residential areas, and even nearby countryside, helping you to become a more well-rounded driver.

Driving Instructors in Salisbury

Most learners find driving instructors in Salisbury by searching online or through a recommendation. Many instructors use social media or websites to advertise themselves and some are listed on the DVSA website. It can be difficult to find an available instructor — they’re still in very high demand after lockdowns, with some waiting lists up to 4 months long! 

Need a driving instructor in Salisbury? PassMeFast do the hard work of matching you with an instructor that suits your availability. We have NUMBER driving instructors in and around Wiltshire who’ll work around your schedule and help you get on the road in a flash. 

Wondering how fast you can pass? Our flexible but intensive driving courses mean you learn efficiently and boost your chances of passing ASAP. Instead of making you wait for ages for a test after your lessons, we fast-track your test before assigning an expert driving instructor to teach you. This goal-focused structure ensures your driving skills are fresh in your mind for your test so you’re more likely to pass. 

Over 50,000 people have taken the faster route to driving with PassMeFast — and you can be next! Enter your postcode here to find prices in your area.

Driving Schools in Salisbury

Instead of learning to drive with an independent driving instructor, some people choose to learn with a driving school. Driving schools tend to offer a slower, more traditional approach to learning to drive than intensive course specialists like PassMeFast.  

The major downside of the traditional 1- or 2-hour weekly lesson is that you don’t get to book a test until your instructor thinks you are ready — and with most test centres in Wiltshire being fully booked months in advance, you could end up waiting a long time (and wasting money on lessons to stop your skills from getting rusty while you wait). 

PassMeFast works around you and your schedule, and your lessons will be at a pace that works for you in a modern, goal-focused way. PassMeFast is the faster and easier route to driving — we’ll do all the admin, our courses include a fast-tracked practical test date, and your driving instructor will pick you up from home or work.

Salisbury Fact File

Famous for Salisbury Cathedral
Population 40,302
County Wiltshire
Local council Wiltshire Council
Major local roads A30 to Land's End and London
A338 to Besselsleigh and Bournemouth
A345 to Marlborough
A354 to Portland
A36 to Bath and Southampton
A360 to Devizes
Railway station Salisbury train station
More local information Google Maps
Weather in Salisbury

Places near Salisbury


Cropped Google Map with pin over Amesbury

Find in Google Maps


  • Despite being a modest-sized town, Amesbury is internationally famous as the home of Stonehenge
  • It is the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in Britain, having been settled in 8820 BCE
  • Amesbury was left to the youngest son of King Alfred the Great in his will
  • This was also the place where Eleanor of Provence, queen consort of England, died in 1291


Cropped Google Map with pin over Bulford

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  • The area where Bulford lies today is believed to have been inhabited for thousands of years, as evidenced by local barrows
  • Bulford itself was mentioned in the Domesday Book, when it was home to 39 households
  • It is home to an unusual chalk hill figure depicting a kiwi bird
  • Close to the town lies Bulford Camp, a military base home to the 3rd (UK) Division of the British Army, the only division at continual operational readiness


Cropped Google Map with pin over Downton

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  • Downton has been inhabited since the Stone Age, with evidence found of Neolithic settlement
  • The remains of a Roman villa were found here in the 1950s, and are now on display in Salisbury Museum
  • A sketch of the Avon made at Downton by John Constable is now held at the British Museum
  • An annual village fête, known as the Cuckoo Fair is held in Downton


Cropped Google Map with pin over Wilton

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  • Wilton was once the county town of Wiltshire, and is the source of its name
  • It lies at the confluence of the Wylye and Nadder rivers, which flow into the Salisbury Avon
  • For centuries, it has been a centre of carpet manufacturing
  • Tourism in the town is centered around landmarks such as Wilton House

Which Areas Does PassMeFast Cover?

Millions of people are eligible to take a course with PassMeFast, as we cover counties across the UK. Our courses are available across every part of Wiltshire—just follow the links in the list below to jump straight to local information for other parts of the county.

With fast-track tests, expert instructors and first-class customer service at every step, it’s little wonder that more and more learners are coming to PassMeFast. To join them, simply give us a call on 0333 123 4949. You can also book online in just a few steps. Just click the button below to get started!

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What is the driving test pass rate in Salisbury?

The driving test pass rate in Salisbury is 55.8%. It’s understandable that some people choose their test centre based on the pass rate, but it’s not as important as you’d think. There are lots of factors that can influence a pass rate, such as the number of tests taken in the area. Whether or not you pass simply depends on how you perform on the day.

Where is the local driving test centre for Salisbury?

The local driving test centre in Salisbury is the Salisbury test centre. Just pop SP1 1LY into the Sat Nav and head to Rougemont Close bright and early. It’s usually best to pick the test centre closest to you when you book your test. You’ll do your driving lessons in this area and become familiar with the route you’ll use during the test.