Driving Theory Test Centres in Swindon

The Wiltshire town of Swindon boasts many sites of interest: the UK’s first computer museum, the headquarters of the National Trust, and the second largest library in Britain! Today, however, we’re covering the local theory test centre.

Join PassMeFast as we explore the ins and outs of what you can expect on test day if you book your theory test here. We offer advice on travel, wait times, local amenities and more!


South Suite, Ambrose House 30-33 Milton Road Swindon Wiltshire SN1 5JA

Phone Number

0333 200 1122 Please note: no direct phone number is available for this theory test centre.


Arriving at Swindon Theory Test Centre

By public transport 

You’re not able to drive a car yet, so we’re going to assume that most learners will be using public transport to get to the test centre. One of the best options for doing this is the train. From Swindon train station it takes just over 10 minutes to walk to the test centre. Not bad at all!

Want to get even closer? Catch a bus instead. From the Health Hydro bus stop you need only walk for 2 minutes before you reach the test centre door!

To learn more about the transport options in these parts, head to the Swindon Borough Council website.  

By car

Of course, someone else might be willing to drive you to your test. If this is the case, let them know that the postcode you’re heading for is SN1 5JA. The building you’re looking for is Ambrose House, which is a red brick property on a largely residential street. This is a fairly busy area, so make sure you leave yourself enough time to account for potential delays due to traffic.


The theory test centre does not provide parking for visitors, which is perfectly understandable given the amount of learners trotting in and out each day! If the person chauffeuring you wants to park their car up, then they’ll have to look elsewhere. Thankfully, PassMeFast has done the looking for you!

The nearest option is the Brunel West car park (SN1 5AN). This is located 3 minutes away on Farnsby Street, which runs parallel to Milton Street (where the test centre is). 2 hours of parking will cost you £2.40. If, for whatever reason, you need an alternative option, try Brunel North car park (SN1 5AH) instead. It’s also 3 minutes away from the test centre but charges a slightly higher £2.80 for 2 hours of parking.

Pass Rates by Year

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22
48.1% 47.4% 48.0% 46.1% 45.5%  55.6%  52.8%

Guides and Tips

Let’s talk revision! Yep, that’s right—passing the theory test involves putting in some study time. Thankfully, there are lots of helpful resources out there that can make this process a breeze (well, nearly). Familiarise yourself with the information you need to know and once you think you have it down, take a few mock tests.

Here are some guides and resources that can help: 

Ready to Go?

Nearby Theory Test Centres


If you don’t fancy dealing with traffic or a mad rush the morning of your test, consider staying in a local hotel the night before! The three listed below are all within reasonable walking distance of the Swindon theory test centre.

Travelodge Swindon Central ★★☆☆☆

If the boxes you’re looking to check are basic, cheap and convenient, then end your search at the Travelodge Swindon Central. It’s only a 12-minute walk from the test centre and has all you need for a short stay. The rooms come with comfortable, Sleepeezee beds, a shower and Freeview TV.

Holiday Inn Express Swindon City Centre ★★★☆☆

To really cut down on travel time, you could also try the local Holiday Inn Express. This one is only a 6-minute walk from where you’ll be sitting the theory test. You’ll get everything you need for a good night’s sleep, plus the added perks of free Wifi and a complimentary breakfast. Not bad for the affordable price!

Village Hotel Swindon ★★★★☆

Hey, fancy pants! We didn’t forget about you either. For an added bit of luxury during your stay, why not treat yourself to a night at the Village Hotel Swindon? OK, so you’re probably going to want to get a car (it’s a 9-minute drive from the test centre) but we reckon you can afford it as someone with 4-star taste. This countryside hotel offers much more than an elegant room. Guests also have access to the on-site gym, restaurants and spa! 

Places to Celebrate

Whether you’re celebrating a pass or commiserating due to a fail, sticking around Swindon for a drink or bite to eat could be a good shout. Here are a few places you could check out:

The Beehive

This charming little pub is situated an 11-minute walk from the test centre, on Prospect Hill. Serving up real ales, craft beer and a selection of wines, it’s a great place to pop by for a drink before you head home. They also serve up some delicious meals using locally-sourced ingredients!

The Runner

If you’re an outdoorsy type of person, you might appreciate this lovely pub that’s located around a 17-minute walk away from the test centre. Along with a great menu of food and drink, it offers a beautiful garden and terrace area where you can relax, kick back and unwind from the day. For a bit more action, you can always pop inside to watch some sport or shoot some pool.

Mackenzie’s Cafe Bar

Head about 20 minutes from the test centre into the Old Town area of Swindon, and you’ll find Mackenzie’s cafe bar. It’s a lively place with a great ambience, where you can take your pick from a wide range of wine, beer, coffee and cocktails. The food isn’t bad, either! Keep your eyes peeled for a good deal as they tend to run various offers throughout the week. 

What Happens Next?

Well, by now you should certainly have a solid grasp of the ins and outs of the Swindon theory test centre. If you’re just starting your driving journey, we recommend getting your test booked quite early so that you can quickly progress to the next stages of earning a licence. Just remember to leave yourself enough time to revise!

Didn’t manage to pass the theory test on your first go? Don’t let it get you down. More than half of learners actually fail on their first attempt. Get back on that horse as soon as possible and focus on improving your understanding of the areas where you missed out on marks.

Theory test pass certificate firmly in your grasp? Wahey! Let’s start thinking about the practical test. This is when you need to find an instructor, book a test and organise your lessons. If you’re a Swindon local, you’ll be pleased to learn that there is also a practical test centre in your town, so you won’t have to venture far!

If finding an instructor and organising lessons and tests sounds a little overwhelming, PassMeFast can take on the work for you. We’ll organise everything from choosing a suitable instructor to booking you a fast-tracked test! Give us a ring on 0333 123 4949 to learn more, or have a browse through our course options online.

The road to driving doesn’t have to be long! In fact, if you’re eager to get started right away, all you need to do is hit the button below! 

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