Intensive Driving Courses in Wirral

If you’re ready to get your licence on the Wirral, we’re ready to help. No matter where you live on the Wirral—from Birkenhead to Bebington, Heswall to Hoylake, and Wallasey to West Kirby—our driving lessons could help you learn to drive in just weeks. Read on for details about our crash courses in the Wirral.

Booking Driving Lessons in Wirral

PassMeFast does driving differently. Instead of offering slow, once-a-week lessons, we offer tailored courses, helping you learn to drive in the Wirral in as little as a few days. And we don’t just offer a single type of 5 day course—with nine different PassMeFast courses to choose from, you’re sure to find something that’s ideal for your needs and level of experience.


Interested in automatic driving lessons in Wirral?

PassMeFast offers learners a choice of manual or automatic lessons when learning to drive in the Wirral. But what are the pros and cons? Well, the positives are:

  • No clutch pedal
  • No gears
  • Smoother driving in stop-start traffic

But, you’ll also need to be aware that an automatic car is:

  • Not necessarily easier to learn in—and certainly isn’t a guaranteed pass
  • More expensive to buy and service than a manual car

Getting an auto licence also means you’ll only be able to drive automatics after passing. The choice is yours—so be sure to weigh up these pros and cons carefully before making a decision!

Included in each course is a fast-track practical test. This service means that we’ll find you a driving test cancellation and book you a test at a time, date and location to suit you—and months ahead of normal waiting times.

Whilst speed is important to us (we are PassMeFast, after all), we also pride ourselves on our comprehensive service. We only work with fully qualified, grade A and B, DVSA-approved instructors, who provide one-on-one lessons. So, when you book a course with us, you can rest assured that you’re getting the red carpet treatment, as well as living life in the fast lane.

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Why Choose PassMeFast?

  • Courses to suit all drivers
  • Flexible driving lessons to fit any schedule
  • Learn with experienced instructors
  • Home and workplace pickups
  • Pass in as little as one week

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Practical Test Centres in Wirral

With high demand for practical tests across the nation, it’s lucky that there are not one, but two practical test centres on the Wirral. This gives you the choice of two test centres; depending on your exact location, you may either prefer to take your test at the Upton test centre or the Wallasey test centre.

Theory Test Centres in Wirral

Passing your theory test is key, as you won’t be able to book a practical test without having already attained a valid theory test pass certificate. Sadly, you won’t be able to take your theory test on the Wirral itself, as there are no test centres here. However, you won’t need to travel too far, as theory test centres are located relatively close by, in both Liverpool and Chester.

Haven't taken your theory test yet?

If you still need to book your theory test, be sure to add it onto your course when booking. Brush up on your skills by visiting our hazard perception test guide.

Driving Around Wirral

All courses with PassMeFast will teach you the full range of driving skills, including everything from clutch control to manoeuvres. You’ll fast become adept at dealing with varying road types and junctions, and will be comfortable with spotting and responding to hazards.

Map showing Wirral within Merseyside

Your course will largely be focused on the area surrounding the test centre where your practical test is booked. For most learners in the Wirral, this will likely be the Upton or Wallasey test centre. However, no matter where you learn, you’re assured of a comprehensive, personalised experience, that leaves you a confident and safe driver with a great chance of passing your practical test first time around.

Wirral Fact File

Famous for... World's first public park
Population 321,200
County Merseyside
Local council Wirral
Major local roads A41 to London
A540 to Chester
A59 to York
Railway station Bebington train station
Birkenhead Hamilton Square train station
New Brighton train station
West Kirby train station

Places in Wirral


Cropped Google Map with pin over Bebington


  • The name is derived from Anglo-Saxon meaning the 'Village of Bebba'
  • The town is thought to be the site of the 'Birth of England' at the Battle of Brunanburh in 937
  • According to a 2015 study from the Centre for Economic and Business Research, Bebington's postcode area, CH63, is the most desirable in which to live and work in England
  • The local Oval Sports Centre was featured in film Chariots of Fire as a double for the 1924 Colombes Olympic Stadium in Paris


Cropped Google Map with pin over Birkenhead


  • The town's name is assumed to mean 'headland overgrown with birch', from the Old English 'bircen' meaning birch tree
  • The Queensway road tunnel opened in 1934 and resulted in rapid access to Liverpool
  • It's acknowledged that Birkenhead Park was the first publicly funded park in Britain
  • Notable landmarks in or around the town include Bidston Windmill, Flaybrick Watertower and Birkenhead Priory & St. Mary's Tower


Cropped Google Map with pin over Heswall


  • The town's oldest structure is the tower of St. Peter's Parish Church, which is approximately 500 years old
  • Home to several areas of open space, the largest of which is the Dales. It holds the status of both Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Local Nature Reserve (LNR)
  • Heswall Village Fete was the scene for Coldplay's 'Life in Technicolor II' music video
  • Local team, Heswall F.C., competes in the West Cheshire Association Football League


Cropped Google Map with pin over Wallasey


  • The town's name originates from the Germanic word 'Walha' which means stranger or foreigner
  • Wallasey finally became a County Borough in 1913; its town hall subsequently opened in 1916
  • It was struck by an F1/T3 tornado on 23 November 1981, part of the record-breaking nationwide tornado outbreak on that day
  • Seacombe, the southeastern section of Wallasey, is best known for its Mersey Ferry terminal


What's the best driving school in the Wirral?

The Wirral has a lot of driving schools and instructors, and some of the most popular ones include iGO Driving School, Lanes School of Motoring and Mojo Driving Academy.

Whilst PassMeFast isn't technically a driving school, learner drivers won't really have a very different experience. PassMeFast comes with a dedicated support team, an industry-leading app to use alongside your learning, and a whole host of great driving instructors in the Wirral.

Which Areas Does PassMeFast Cover?

As well as the Wirral area, PassMeFast’s intensive and semi-intensive courses are available across the whole of Merseyside, as well as in nearby Cheshire. This includes the following nearby areas:

Whether you’re in the Wirral or not, start your journey to driving here. Book online or call us on 0333 123 4949 to get started.

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