Intensive Driving Courses in Barnet

Barnet is situated within touching distance of the M25. Travelling on this road is known to be daunting, even for the most experienced of drivers. Thankfully, however, this hasn’t deterred the people of Barnet from wanting to get their licences. This is where we come in: PassMeFast is here to help as many people get on the road as possible. Read on to find out how you could get your licence in a matter of weeks with one of our intensive courses.

Booking Intensive Driving Lessons in Barnet

You might have heard certain things about intensive crash courses in the past—that you have to take all the driving lessons in a 5 day period, for instance. Or that you have to pay lots of extra money for a ‘guaranteed pass’ that is, in reality, nothing of the sort. At PassMeFast, however, we do things a little bit differently (and better).

For instance, rather than force learners to take all their lessons at set times and at a set place, we allow them the flexibility to arrange the course around their busy schedules. So, if you need to concentrate your lessons on evenings and weekends, for example, our instructors will be happy to oblige. Equally, whether you need to be picked up from work or from home, it won’t be a problem for one of our ADIs.

Interested in automatic intensive driving lessons in Barnet?

Cars with manual transmissions have always been more popular than cars with automatic transmissions on British roads. However, automatic cars are gaining traction in the UK marketplace and becoming more and more popular by the day.

The prospect of learning to drive without having to grapple with difficult clutch control is an appealing one for many learners. Plus, automatic gearboxes are becoming more and more efficient. These are just two of the reasons behind the rising popularity of automatic cars in the UK.

However, you do need to be aware that if you take your test in an automatic car, you will be limited to driving automatics from then on—unless you choose to retake your test. Don’t let this put you off though—learning in an automatic is still the best option for many learners. Thankfully, all of our courses are available in both manual and automatic cars. Head over to our automatic booking page now if this feels like the right route to take.

The best thing about booking with us though is that you’ll be able to take your test weeks ahead of the standard DVSA waiting times! That’s right—all you have to do is give us a call, and we’ll book a fast-track test for you, plus sort out all the difficult admin involved. We can even book your theory test for you at the same time. Basically, we go the extra mile ahead of other driving schools!

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Why choose PassMeFast for your intensive driving course?

  • Automatic and manual courses to suit all drivers
  • Flexible driving lessons to fit any schedule
  • Learn with experienced instructors
  • Home and workplace pickups
  • Pass in as little as one week

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Practical Driving Test Centres in Barnet

While most learners in the area take their tests at Barnet test centre, there are also two other places nearby where you can get your pink licence. Hendon test centre is the first of these, and is located around 20 minutes away from Barnet. The second is Mill Hill, situated just 5 minutes from Hendon. You might want to consider booking your test at one of these centres if you live towards the south end of Barnet. It’s important that you learn the roads around each of these test centres before booking your test, so it’s best to discuss your options with your instructor.

Theory Test Centres in Barnet

Don’t forget that you’ll need to get your theory test passed before you can book onto your practical test. Southgate is the nearest place to Barnet at which you can do this. You can reach this theory test centre by taking the bus to Arnos Grove tube station and then hopping on the Piccadilly line to Southgate.

Haven't taken your theory test yet?

When booking your course with PassMeFast, don’t forget to add on a theory test if you haven’t taken one already. We can arrange it to be at a time that suits your other commitments.

Driving Around Barnet

You’re sure to gain plenty of experience driving on the local roads with your instructor, and if you’re local to the area then it’s likely you’ll have some knowledge of the busiest routes in Barnet anyway. It’s likely that you’ll encounter a little bit of everything on the test routes in and around Barnet, from quiet residential roads to busy dual carriageways including the Barnet Bypass.

Map of Barnet within Greater London

Another road feature you may encounter, and one that many learners find tricky, is the box junction. For advice on how to negotiate these tricky obstacles, take a look at our article on box junction rules.

Barnet Fact File

Famous for... Barnet Fair
Population 387,000
County Greater London
Local council London Borough of Barnet
Major local roads A1 to Central London and Edinburgh
A406 (North Circular) to Beckton and Gunnersbury
A41 to Central London and Birkenhead
Served by Northern line
Railway stations Hendon train station
Mill Hill Broadway train station
New Barnet train station
More local information Google Maps
Weather in Barnet

Places in Barnet

Chipping Barnet

Cropped Google Map with pin over Chipping Barnet

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  • The Battle of Barnet took place here in 1471
  • Charles Dickens was inspired by the Barnet Union Workhouse when he wrote Oliver Twist
  • The tower of Chipping Barnet’s major church, St. John the Baptist, is said to be the highest point between itself and the Ural Mountains, which are 2,000 miles away to the east
  • The UK Parliament constituency of Chipping Barnet has been held by the Conservatives since its creation


Cropped Google Map with pin over Edgware

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  • Edgware was conquered in the 18th century by the Duke of Chandos, who built a palace to the northwest of the area
  • Edgware is now characterised by a thriving Jewish community
  • The name Edgware comes from ‘Ecgi’s weir’, which is a Saxon phrase that refers to someone called Ecgi who used to fish in a pool here
  • Famous locals include Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow


Cropped Google Map with pin over Finchley

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  • Finchley is home to three stations on the Northern line—Finchley Central, East Finchley, and West Finchley
  • The Finchley constituency was home to the Iron Lady herself, Margaret Thatcher
  • Finchley is where you’ll find the Phoenix Cinema, one of the longest-running independent picturehouses in the UK
  • Famous locals include the late Wham! star George Michael and Spice Girl Emma Bunton


Cropped Google Map with pin over Hendon

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  • The world’s first chartered business flight took off from Hendon, back in June 1919
  • This was from the Hendon Aerodrome, which was an important centre for aviation
  • On a similar flying-related theme, Hendon is now home to the famous Royal Air Force Museum
  • The area is known for The Hendon Mob, a group of poker players

Which Areas Does PassMeFast Cover?

PassMeFast doesn’t just cover Barnet, but the whole of Greater London. Check out what we’ve got to offer in some of the other London areas by clicking on the links below:

Or, if you’re feeling confident and ready to book, give us a call on 0333 123 4949. Alternatively, just click the button below to get things moving.

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