Theory Test Centres in Stirling

The central Scottish county of Stirling is home to rugged mountains, historic castles and bewitching forests. It’s also a place where people can earn their driving licences with PassMeFast! So here we are, then, to help you get started.

The theory test is the first major milestone on the journey to become a qualified driver. Stirling is home to one theory test centre, which is located in the city of Stirling. Below you can find a complete guide to this test centre. It includes lots of useful information that will be a real benefit to you on test day! 

Book a Theory Test in Stirling

Looking to book your theory test around Stirling? Sit your test faster and let us book you in by getting a fast-tracked theory test with any PassMeFast courseOr, if you'd prefer, you can find a test at a local DVSA theory centre. 

Suite 2, Ground Floor Lomond Court, Castle Business Park Stirling Stirling FK9 4TZ

Where are the Theory Test Centres in Stirling?