Driving Theory Test Centres in Northallerton

The Northallerton theory test centre opened in September 2016. It is located in a business park just to the north of the popular market town. This is good news for those travelling to their test from surrounding areas, as it means you can avoid driving through the busy town centre. It’s also a quick and easy journey if you’re a Northallerton local. In this guide we’ll cover things like transport, pass rates, local amenities and more!


Carrick House (first Floor) Thurston Road Northallerton North Yorkshire DL6 2NA

Phone Number

0333 200 1122 Please note: no direct phone number is available for this theory test centre.

Waiting Times

1-2 months Waiting times as recorded at the time of writing. Exact waiting times may vary.


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Arriving at Northallerton Theory Test Centre

By public transport

Travelling here from out of town? You’ll find that the theory test centre is located 1.5 miles away from Northallerton train station. If you’re happy to walk, it should take you a fairly reasonable 30 minutes.

For those who aren’t up for a bit of a pre-test trek, you always have the option of hopping on a bus. Bear in mind, though, that the nearest bus stops to the test centre still require you to go quite a bit of the way on foot. High Street and Buck Inn are the closest bus stops and once you disembark it’ll be another 10-15 minutes of walking before you reach the test centre. If you’re travelling from north of the test centre, public transport options are very limited.

To get information on all transport links and timetables, head over to the transport section of the Northallerton website.

By car

If you can get someone to drop you off and pick you up, the best way to get to this test centre is by car. Find someone to give you a lift, type DL6 2NA into the sat nav and set off! The business park in which the centre is located in sits right on the A167, so once you’re on it the rest should be a doddle!


Unless you’re lucky enough to nab one of the limited number of spaces around the test centre, parking in this area can be very tricky. To make matters worse, the nearest car parks are still a fair walk away. Some of the closest options include Applegarth car park, where you’ll be charged £3.20 for the day (as long as you leave before the nighttime rates kick in at 18:00). This is a fairly reasonable charge, but it will be a 34-minute walk from the car to your test. You could also try Hambleton Forum car park, which is the same distance away and charges the same price.

Pass Rates by Year

Northallerton theory test centre may be fairly new, but its pass rate comes in above the national average. While this isn’t necessarily an indication of your chances of passing the test here, it’s good to see the new centres performing well. Don’t read too far into pass rates, though—the theory test is exactly the same wherever you take it. Pass rates are a reflection of the success of the individuals taking the test that year, not the centre itself.

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
N/A 51.9% 52.4% 51.9% 51.2%

Guides and Tips

If you’re determined to pass the theory test first time, you need to be prepared to put the work in. As with any test, studying is vital if you want a good result. Thankfully, there are a lot of different resources out there to aid your revision. Check out some of the study aids we recommend:

Ready to Go?

Nearby Theory Test Centres

Cropped Google Map with pin over Middlesbrough theory test centre

Unit 6
Cleveland Business Centre
1 Watson Street

17.7 miles away

By rail: Middlesbrough

2017/18 pass rate: 47.1%

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Cropped Google Map with pin over Harrogate theory test centre

1st Floor
Strayside House
27 West Park

25 miles away

By rail: Harrogate

2017/18 pass rate: 54.4%

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If you want to head into your test feeling fresh as a daisy, you need to ensure you get plenty of sleep the night before. For those that don’t hail from Northallerton itself, it might be wise to book a room in a hotel in the local area before the big day. We’ve had a look around and discovered these reasonably-priced options:

Allerton Court Hotel★★★☆☆

This is the closest accommodation to the test centre, at a nifty 10-minute walk away. The hotel prides itself on being relaxed and friendly, so you’re sure to be greeted by a welcoming atmosphere. Rooms are tastefully decorated and come with a very affordable price tag. You can even enjoy a nice cask ale or tasty dinner in the on-site restaurant.

Porch House B&B

If you fancy something a bit more up-market with a personal touch, why not skip the hotels and settle in a nice B&B? Porch House is set in a beautiful part of Northallerton, just a 15-minute walk from the test centre. This Elizabethan town house is actually the oldest private building in town—dating all the way back to 1584! Once there you’ll enjoy free WiFi, luxury toiletries and a great night’s sleep in a clean, comfortable room.

The Golden Lion Hotel ★★☆☆☆

Steeped in local history, this hotel is full of character and offers great rates and a convenient central location. If the free WiFi isn’t enough to keep you entertained, you could always pop downstairs to enjoy a drink at the bar or a slap up meal in the restaurant.

Places to Celebrate

Want to sample a few of the local delights before you leave? Northallerton has plenty of pubs and bars where you can celebrate your theory test success. No matter your tipple of choice, these establishments are worth a quick (or leisurely!) visit:

Willow Beck

Just 9 minutes down the road from the test centre, you’ll find this restaurant-style pub serving up some great British classics. Even if you don’t have time for a bite to eat, you can grab a pint of real ale or enjoy a nice cold glass of your favourite drink. It’s no doubt been a long day—you deserve it!

The Standard

A bit further into town, you also have the option of this warm, family-friendly pub. There’s a wide range of beverages, a delicious food menu and even an ex-RAF jet provost in the beer garden! With its traditional decor and laid-back vibe, it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind.

The Potting Shed Northallerton

For something a little different to your average pub, head over to the Potting Shed. This stylish bar and eatery offers you the chance to enjoy waiter service in your very own potting shed. If you arrive late and they’re all taken, no need to fret—there’s also a large bar area where you can pull up a stool or grab a table.

What Happens Next?

With its location just outside of the town centre, Northallerton theory test centre is handy for those who can catch a lift or don’t mind a bit of a walk. Once you arrive you’ll find that there are plenty of nearby amenities to keep you comfortable and occupied before and after the test itself. If big towns and cities aren’t really your thing, this is a great theory test centre option. You might even find that being away from the hustle and bustle of the centre helps you keep a clear head before the test!

Passed your theory test and ready for the next stage? Congratulations! It’s time you started preparing for the practical test. On your pass certificate you should find a theory test pass number, you’ll need to use this when booking your practical test. From the Northallerton area? Your nearest practical test centres include Northallerton, Middlesbrough and Knaresborough.

Maybe you’re yet to pass your theory test, and that’s OK! Simply book yourself another one and start revising on the sections that stumped you the first time around. It’s always easier once you know exactly what to expect! Just remember that the DVSA requires you to leave a gap of at least 3 working days between theory tests.

PassMeFast can help you get on the road, no matter where you are in your driving journey. Have a look at our full course selection online—you’ll find that we have packages designed for everyone, from complete beginners to confident drivers who just need to polish up on a few skills. If you need advice on which to go for, just give our team a call on 0333 123 4949.

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