Theory Test Centres in Moray

Getting the urge to hit the road and earn a licence in Moray? You’ve come to the right place! PassMeFast’s combination of intensive courses and fast-tracked tests is a sure-fire way to transform yourself from learner to qualified driver as soon as is safely possible. 

Let’s start at the beginning of the driving journey, which involves passing the theory test. There’s only one test centre for this in Moray, and you can find a detailed guide to it below. Enjoy!

Book a Theory Test in Moray

Looking to book your theory test around Moray? Sit your test faster and let us book you in by getting a fast-tracked theory test with any PassMeFast courseOr, if you'd prefer, you can find a test at a local DVSA theory centre. 

147 High Street Elgin Moray IV30 1DS

Where are the Theory Test Centres in Moray?