Driving Theory Test Centres in Aldershot

The Aldershot theory test centre is easy to find for both locals and visitors, thanks to its fairly central location. The town itself sits right on the northeast edge of the county of Hampshire, making it a potential option for those hailing from Surrey and Berkshire, too.

In this guide we’ll dive into some of the other aspects of this test centre that may make it the best choice for you. You’ll discover everything from contact details to the most recent pass rates. Let’s get started!


1 London House Pickford Street Aldershot Hampshire GU11 1TY

Phone Number

0333 200 1122 Please note: no direct phone number is available for this theory test centre.

Waiting Times

1-2 weeks Waiting times as recorded at the time of writing. Exact waiting times may vary.


Arriving at Aldershot Theory Test Centre

By public transport

As you’ve not passed your driving test yet, we know there’s a good chance you’ll be heading to the test centre by public transport. The good news is that in Aldershot this couldn’t be easier!

Take the train station, for instance—it’s only a 3-minute walk from where you’ll be taking the test! If even that’s not quick enough, you can also get a bus that drops you off just around the corner from the test centre. And this isn’t like when your parents promise you the final destination of a long car journey is “just around the corner”, because we’re talking about a literal 1-minute walk. Simply disembark at the Arthur Street bus stop and you’ll see what we mean!

For more information on the transport links serving this area, head over to the Rushmoor Borough Council website.

By car

If you’re getting a lift to the test centre, rather than braving public transport, you should note that the test centre’s postcode is GU11 1TY. To make life easier for both you and the driver, tap this into a sat nav and follow the instructions.

The major road surrounding this section of Aldershot is the A323, so once you’re on this, getting to the test centre should be fairly straightforward. The test centre is directly opposite a Royal Mail delivery office. As soon as you see all of those red vans parked outside, you’ll know you’re in the right place!


What’s not so straightforward about being driven to the test centre is securing a parking spot upon arrival. As is often the case, Aldershot theory test centre does not provide parking. It’s also located on quite a small street, so you’ll be very lucky to snag a spot nearby.

The nearest parking options (both a 5-minute walk away) are the Coop car park (GU11 1LD) and the Station car park (GU11 1HN). The former only has 71 spaces that are reserved for customers, however, and the latter charges a pretty extortionate £8.50 for 2 hours of parking!

Instead, we recommend heading to the Parsons Barracks car park (GU11 1TW). It’s only a 7-minute walk away, boasts 167 spaces and charges a very affordable £1 for 2 hours of parking.

Pass Rates by Year

Despite a brief improvement in 2017/18, the pass rates at Aldershot have recently taken a dip and the overall picture isn’t great. The thing is, though, that these figures are only really relevant to the DVSA. Individual learners needn’t dwell on such statistics. At the end of the day, the result of your theory test will be determined by how much work you put in to prepare for the test.

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22
48.0% 47.9% 49.6% 46.6% 46.5% 58.1% 56.5%

Guides and Tips

Contrary to popular opinion, the driving theory test is not a walk in the park. In order to set yourself up for the best chance of passing first time, you need to understand how the test works and revise the study material.

The theory test is split into two sections: the multiple choice questions and the hazard perception test. Check out some of the resources listed below to help you prepare for each one.

Ready to Go?

Nearby Theory Test Centres

Cropped Google Map with pin over Guildford theory test centre

The Old Magistrates Court
71 North Street

8.2 miles away

By rail: Guildford

2018/19 pass rate: 54.5%

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Cropped Google Map with pin over Reading theory test centre

Havell House
62-66 Queens Road

16.7 miles away

By rail: Reading

2018/19 pass rate: 50.5%

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A good night’s sleep is pretty vital before any kind of test. It means you’ll wake up clear-headed and ready to take on the day. Those travelling to this test centre from out of town, then, might want to stay in a local hotel the night before. Below we’ve listed a few potential options.

Travelodge Aldershot ★★☆☆☆

It may be basic, budget and boring, but a Travelodge is all you need if you’re just planning to stay for one night. This one is located a brisk 7-minute walk from the test centre, so will save you having to rely on public transport or taxis the next day. Your simple but cosy room also includes a desk, so if you’re feeling productive you could squeeze in some last-minute revision for your test.

The Hog’s Back Hotel & Spa ★★★☆☆

If you’re willing to travel a little further afield (by which we mean a 13-minute drive away) you can even take in some beautiful countryside during your stay. This delightful hotel is located just outside of town, but is worth the trip if you enjoy fine food and classic but stylish decor. A quick massage may be just what you need to relax post-test!

The Princess Royal ★★★★☆

Situated in the nearby town of Farnham, this gorgeous hotel and pub is still only a 10-minute drive from Aldershot theory test centre. With large airy rooms, deluxe bedding and free superfast WiFi, you’d be pushed to find a more inviting abode!

Places to Celebrate

Once you’ve exited the theory test centre, you don’t necessarily have to rush off home! Those happy to stick around for a while will find that there are some nice bars and pubs to enjoy in the nearby area. Here are some we’ve found:

The Funky End

This one caught our eye thanks to its intriguing name and very hand location. You’ll find it a 3-minute walk away. It’s a nice, friendly pub that offers a super casual atmosphere and some decent drink offers. It also lies en route to the station, so those taking the train back home can at least pop their head in before leaving town.

The Garden Gate

The Garden Gate is a traditional pub popular with the locals. They sell real ales, decent food and even have a terrace garden that’s worth a look if the weather permits. Getting there needn’t be a struggle, either—it should only take you about 11 minutes to walk there from the test centre. It only opens at 5pm on weekdays, though, so those taking early tests will have to skip this one.

De’Lounge Restaurant and Cocktail Bar

Those looking for a little more than a pub might want to check out De’Lounge. This sophisticated yet fun and laid-back bar boasts a substantial drinks menu, delicious food and a fun, party atmosphere. Relax, unwind and maybe even let loose!

What Happens Next?

This guide should show you that Aldershot certainly deserves some consideration if you’re planning to take your test in Hampshire. Sure, the pass rates aren’t much to write home about, but wait times for tests are very reasonable and it’s in a great location if you hail from the northeast.

If the theory test is already behind you and you’re looking to progress on your driving journey, start planning for the practical test. That means finding an instructor, taking lessons and booking an appointment at your local practical test centre. It might seem a little early if you’ve barely gotten to grips with clutch control, but trust us, wait times for test appointments can be significant!

There are ways to speed up this process, of course. PassMeFast offers fast-tracked tests that can beat DVSA wait times by weeks. You just need to let us know your preferred test centre(s) upon booking. If you’re from Aldershot, your nearest test centres are located in Farnborough and Basingstoke.

Still not passed the theory test? It’s certainly not the end of the world. At least when you give it another go you’ll know exactly what to expect. And that’s exactly what you need to do—give it another go. Book a new test as soon as possible and start revising the areas where you missed out on marks. Like we said, it’s sure to be easier the second time around.

Here at PassMeFast, we believe any learner driver can benefit from our intensive and semi-intensive courses. We have packages to suit complete beginners and refresher courses to give experienced drivers that vital pre-test boost. Head over to our website to discover the perfect driving course for you.

We understand that learning to drive is a big commitment, if you’d like to discuss your options or simply get some advice from someone with experience of the entire process, give our friendly team a ring on 0333 123 4949.

Alternatively, if you know what you need and just want to get going, click the green button below. The road to driving doesn’t have to be long!

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