Practical Test Centres in Wrexham

If Wrexham is where you call home, you’ll be pleased to know that passing your driving test is easier than ever—at least, it is with PassMeFast. Our tailored, crash course packages are available across the county, which means that you could go from complete beginner to fully qualified driver in mere weeks. Our instructors cover Wrexham’s only local test centre, and those further afield in Britain, so that you can earn your full licence closer to home!

Take a look at our comprehensive guide to the only practical driving test centre in Wrexham below. We’ll walk you through what to expect on your driving test, offer handy tips on how to increase your chances of success and much more!

Ground Floor, 1 Birchall House Wrexham Technology Park Wrexham Wrexham LL13 7YP

Where are the Practical Test Centres in Wrexham?