Melton Mowbray

Learner drivers certainly won’t struggle trying to locate Melton Mowbray test centre. Situated just off Nottingham Road A606, the centre is minutes from the town centre. If you’ve decided to take your practical test here, we’ve got just the thing to help settle any last minute test day nerves or anxiety: our test centre guide! We’ve compiled all the essential information you might need to know below. Whether it’s directionspass rates or test routes, we've got it all put together in one convenient guide!


Phoenix House Nottingham Road Melton Mowbray Leicestershire LE13 0UL

Tests Offered at Melton Mowbray

  • Car


There are parking spaces available at the test centre


Only staff toilets are available. Candidates should use the facilities in the nearby supermarket

Disabled Access


Check the book your driving test service for availability.

How To Get There

Melton Mowbray test centre couldn’t be any easier to find. Just off the A606 and A607, learners coming from either direction of the town centre will practically have a direct route to Phoenix House itself. If you’re getting ahead of yourself and visiting Melton Mowbray test centre before your driving lessons have begun, use these directions with your sat nav to make sure you end up at the right place.

A Bit More About Melton Mowbray

Learners keen to become qualified drivers at Melton Mowbray will have to prepare to face a range of challenging road features and traffic conditions. For starters, the centre’s close proximity to the local Sainsbury’s and car park will mean you might face heavy traffic during your test route. Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The examiner will have you testing your chops on busy A roads like the A607, roundabouts like the one on Leicester Road and trickier narrow roads further afield. If you prepare well enough, however, it should be a walk in the park.

Want to know more about the local area? Just take a look at the resources below.

Melton Mowbray Test Route

Whilst test routes are no longer published by the DVSA, there are still plenty of ways in which you can prepare for your route around Melton Mowbray test route. For starters, you can watch videos of Melton Mowbray test routes on YouTube to predict which roads are likely to crop up. Then, you can download our sample Melton Mowbray driving test routes. If you’re learning with a local driving instructor, they’ll have you building up your driving skills on the very same roads that will feature on your test. This means that, by the time your test date rolls on by, you’ll be more than prepared.

Melton Mowbray Test Pass Rates

If there’s something that all learner drivers have in common, it’s their interest in driving test pass rates. Almost all PassMeFast learners end up asking what their chances are of passing their practical. If you’re of a similar mind, then you should know that the national average currently stands at 45.9%. If that’s not enough for you, you can see how learners at Melton Mowbray test centre fared in the last five years below...

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
61.3% 58.1% 55.4% 56.0% 58.6%

Wow! You certainly can’t turn your nose up at Melton Mowbray’s pass rates! They’ve been well above the national average pass rate for five years running now. Of course, it’s important to bear in mind that it doesn’t matter how high or low your test centre’s pass rates are. If you put in the time and effort with a DVSA-approved instructor, you will end up passing eventually.

Wondering why pass rates can vary so much? Read up on why driving test pass rates are higher at some test centres.

What If I Can’t Go To Melton Mowbray?

If you’re interested in taking your practical test at a centre in the Leicestershire area, but Melton Mowbray is no longer a viable option, the closest alternative is Loughborough.

What To Expect On The Day

Congratulations! You’ve finally reached the end of your driving lessons and you’ve only got one more step to take before you can ditch the L plates! Not ready for your test yet? Read up on our top tips to help you relax before your driving test. Before you even think about stepping outside your front door on your big day, check you’ve got your provisional. Then, give yourself enough time to get to Melton Mowbray test centre 10 minutes before your practical is due to start.

The test will then consist of:

  • An eyesight test, where you’ll need to read a number plate from a distance of 20 metres
  • Two “show me, tell me” questions covering vehicle safety and maintenance
  • Twenty minutes of general driving, where you’ll be guided by the examiner, and will also need to perform one of the following manoeuvres:
  • Twenty minutes of independent driving, during which you’ll either follow sat nav directions or sign posts to reach a set destination

Once you get back to Melton Mowbray test centre, you’ll finally find out if your hard work has paid off. The examiner will hand you a feedback sheet which will list any of the driving test faults you might have made. If you’re successful, you’ll hand in your provisional and send off for your new full licence. You’ll also get a test pass certificate which will be ideal to pose with for your pass photo!

But What If I Fail?

Though your friends or family might have passed on their first attempt, that doesn’t mean you will. Learner drivers are all different. Some get zero minors on their first try and others need a few attempts to get things just right. The important thing to do is keep trying. If you accumulated quite a few serious faults, we’d recommend you take a refresher course before you get back in for another test.

If you want to book a new test, PassMeFast can fast-track it for you—getting you back on the road sooner. Just give us a ring on 0333 123 4949 or contact us online to get started.

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