How to Change Your Theory Test

Are you waiting around to take your theory test? Still have weeks (or months) to go? Want to speed things up?

Get in the fast lane and change your theory test!

Changing your theory test means avoiding any delays and getting your licence faster. Read on for info about just how easy it is to get an early theory test.

Changing your test

An illustration of a theory test mark sheet.

It's easy to change your theory test appointment. All you'll need to do is log onto the DVSA test booking system. You'll need the following things:

  • Your name (exactly as it appears on your driving licence)
  • Your date of birth
  • Your provisional licence number

Then, you're free to change your theory test to an earlier date! You're free to look for appointments at the same test centre as your existing test, or to look elsewhere to see if there's better availability.

Tips and tricks

An illustration of a bullseye.

Finding an earlier theory test appointment comes down to chance. Early theory tests become available when someone else cancels their appointment - so you'll need to get lucky.

However, there are some ways to maximise your chances. Here's how:

  1. If convenient, broaden your search to several test centres.
  2. Don't keep checking at the same time every day - mix it up!
  3. Less popular times include morning tests and midweek tests-try them out if they can work for you!

As an added tip, remember that the deadline to change your test is three working days before your current theory test appointment. Wait too long, and you'll lose your test fee.

How PassMeFast can help

If you'd like to take the hassle out of getting an early test, then PassMeFast can make things easy. That's because - as long as you live in one of the areas we cover - we can get you an early theory test as part of your course.

We also offer fast-track practical tests across the UK - so, if you're looking to change your practical test, it couldn't be easier.

Why change your theory test?

An illustration of someone passing their theory test.

Many people don't realise it, but you need to pass your theory test before you can book your practical test. This means that, the longer you spend waiting you take your theory, the longer it will be before you get your licence. Worse still, early practical test slots will disappear while you're still waiting.

Getting an early theory test, on the other hand, can help speed up the entire process. It will also help to quickly give you peace of mind - after all, with your theory test in the bag, there's one less thing to worry about!

Don't get left behind. Visit the DVSA by clicking the button below and change your theory test today!