Intensive Driving Courses in West Bromwich

PassMeFast is proud to cover the entire West Bromwich area, including every town in the borough of Sandwell: Oldbury, Rowley Regis, Smethwick, Tipton, Wednesbury, and beyond. Read on to learn about how we’re changing driving lessons in the West Midlands, and how you could get your full UK driving licence within just weeks with our crash courses.

Booking Driving Lessons in West Bromwich

Haven’t heard of our driving school before? Allow us to introduce ourselves.

PassMeFast is an intensive driving school that offers courses across the country. We’ve helped thousands of learners to pass their test—and we say no to the slow pace of traditional lessons.

However, unlike other intensive schools, we don’t believe that all learners should have to take the same 5 day course. Instead, we offer a wide range of driving courses, each of which is tailored to learners with different experience levels.

And we won’t force you to take one week of your annual leave just to learn to drive. Instead, we’ll offer you the freedom to choose a fully intensive course, or fit lessons around your schedule with a semi-intensive pace.

Interested in automatic driving lessons in West Bromwich?

Before you get on the road, you have an important choice to make: manual or automatic? This is a big decision: manual typically offers cheaper vehicles and servicing, along with a greater degree of driver control; automatic cars, meanwhile, allow you to avoid gear changes and clutch control. Thankfully, no matter which side of the debate you come down on, we’ve got you covered: we offer both manual and automatic courses in West Bromwich.

We’ll fast-track your practical test so that it takes place weeks or even months before the usual waiting times, and structure your course so that your lessons end right before your test date. This means everything will be fresh in your mind right before the big day, giving you the best chance of passing.

Our courses may be quick, but they’re never rushed. You’ll get comprehensive, one-on-one tuition from a PassMeFast instructor in your local area—meaning that, by the time it comes to taking your practical test, you’ll be standing in good stead to pass first time.

So, say no to schools that force you to take things too fast, too slow, or try to lure you in with false promises of a guaranteed pass. Choose a driving school which offers you flexibility and freedom. Choose PassMeFast. Call us on 0333 123 4949, or book your course by clicking the button below.

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Why Choose PassMeFast?

  • Courses to suit all drivers
  • Flexible driving lessons to fit any schedule
  • Learn with experienced instructors
  • Home and workplace pickups
  • Pass in as little as one week

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Practical Test Centres in West Bromwich

Though there are no practical test centres to be found within the town of West Bromwich itself, the local borough of Sandwell is home to the Wednesbury driving test centre. However, the best option for you may depend on which part of the borough you live in: if you’re in Smethwick, for example, then the closest test centre is Birmingham Kingstanding, while those in Rowley Regis may instead wish to travel to Dudley.

Theory Test Centres in West Bromwich

You’ve revised your multiple choice questions, watched plenty of hazard perception clips, and gone through our theory test rundown. Now, it’s time to go to your theory test centre. But where are you headed? Again, the options here vary depending on your exact location, with Dudley and Birmingham theory test centres likely to be your best choices. Be sure to get extra preparation by taking our theory test quiz before you go!

Haven't taken your theory test yet?

Haven’t got your theory test pass in the bank yet? Add a theory test when booking your course—you can’t take your practical test without it!

Driving Around West Bromwich

Those learning to drive in the Sandwell area will likely need to become familiar with the test routes around the Wednesbury driving test centre. The A463 (Black Country Slip Road) is likely to prove one of the trickier sections of road, especially given the many roundabouts featuring along the route. It’s not just A roads you’ll need to be concerned with, though: quieter residential areas can often be even more difficult to traverse, with a range of hazards to look out for around every bend.

Map showing West Bromwich within West Midlands

Though this may seem like a tough ask, don’t lose hope: with your PassMeFast lessons under your belt, you’ll have the experience needed to ace your test and look forward to a lifetime behind the wheel. For a little extra advice, check out some of our top tips and techniques for defensive driving.

West Bromwich Fact File

Famous for West Bromwich Albion
Population 75,405
County West Midlands
Local council Sandwell
Major local roads A4031 to Smethwick and Walsall
A41 to Birkenhead and London
Railway station Sandwell and Dudley train station
More local information Google Maps
Weather in West Bromwich

Places near West Bromwich

Rowley Regis

Cropped Google Map with pin over Rowley Regis

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  • Beginning as simply 'Rowley', 'Regis' was added in 1140 to show it belonged to the King
  • St Giles' Church has a war memorial sculpted by Joseph H Willets, commemorating the 99 local men who died during World War I
  • Here you can find the Rowley Hills, infamous for the quarrying of Rowley Rag stone
  • Home to George Smith, an executioner from 1840 to 1872, otherwise known as 'Throttler Smith'


Cropped Google Map with pin over Oldbury

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  • The town's name is of Old English origin, 'Ealdenbyrig', meaning 'old fortification or fortified town'
  • It was here that the first branch of Lloyds Bank opened, all the way back in 1864
  • Oldbury played a large role in the production of armaments in the World Wars—many tanks used in World War I were made at the Oldbury Carriage Works
  • The town's oldest building is The Big House, which contains memorabilia from the towns of Sandwell and received a Grade II* designation


Cropped Google Map with pin over Tipton

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  • Originally known as 'Tibintone', which is roughly translated as 'Tibba's estate'
  • James Watt, a Scottish engineer, built his first steam engine in the Tipton area in the 1770s. It was used to pump water from the mines
  • The town was a key player in the Industrial Revolution, it had the world's first successful steam pumping engine set up by Thomas Newcomen in 1712
  • A full-size replica of this engine is loated in the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley


Cropped Google Map with pin over Wednesbury

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  • The town's name is of Anglo-Saxon origin, 'Woden's borough', referring to the Norse god 'Odin' or 'Woden'
  • Home to the Wednesbury Museum and Art Gallery, known for its Ruskin Pottery collection and the Richards gallery
  • It was hit by one of the first wave of German Zeppelins aimed at Britain during World War I in January 1916
  • Has a memorial attached to the north wall of Memorial Gardens, commemorating the death of local men in World Wars I and II


Which Areas Does PassMeFast Cover?

West Bromwich and the broader Sandwell region form just one part of the wider area covered by PassMeFast. In fact, we offer our driving courses across the county, including…

Outside the West Midlands? Never fear! Our courses are available in areas across the UK, meaning that millions of people could be on the road to driving with PassMeFast. So, get in touch and get on the road. Call 0333 123 4949, or click the button below to book in minutes.

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