Driving Theory Test Centres in Frome

Frome is a charming little civil parish in eastern Somerset. It’s here that you can find one of the county’s 3 theory test centres. Now, the town of Frome may famously be built on uneven ground, but there’s no reason you can’t have a nice, smooth finish if you take your theory test here—especially when you have PassMeFast’s help!

Read our guide discover lots of useful information about the Frome theory test centre. We cover wait times, directions, study guides, local amenities and more!


2 Baywell House Tucker Close Frome Somerset BA11 5LS

Phone Number

0333 200 1122 Please note: no direct phone number is available for this theory test centre.


Arriving at Bristol Theory Test Centre

By public transport

Once you’ve booked a theory test in Frome, you need to think about how you’re going to get there. If public transport is your chosen method, you have the option of both train and bus.

Rail lovers will be pleased to hear that the test centre is a very convenient distance from Frome train station—just a 5-minute walk, in fact! If that doesn’t float your boat, hop on a bus and take it to the Station Approach or Wallbridge bus stop (depending on your direction of travel). From each of these it should only take you 2-3 minutes to stroll to the test centre.

For further details on the transport links serving the town of Frome head over to the Frome Town Council website.

By car

Managed to snag a lift to your theory test? Nice going! Tell that friend, family member or taxi driver that the postcode of your destination is BA11 5LS. Hopefully one of you has a sat nav that can do the rest! The theory test centre is located within a residential street, so it might be hard to spot at first as it is in the same style as the surrounding houses. Look out for a white sign on the ground pointing you in the direction of the Pearson Vue Centre.


You may have already guessed this from the fact that the test centre is located in a residential area, but there is, unfortunately, no onsite parking available here. If your chauffeur does need to park up while you take the test, though, there are options in the local area.

The closest option is the Frome Station car park (BA11 1RE). It’s a 7-minute walk from the test centre and charges £2.10 for 2 hours of parking. The only downside is that it has just 29 spaces, so it could potentially be full by the time you arrive. The next best option is a lengthier 21-minute walk away. That would be the Merchants Barton car park (BA11 1PT). Here you will be charged £1.50 for 2 hours of parking.

Pass Rates by Year

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22
N/A 51.6% 50.6% 47.3% 46.7% 56.9% 57.6%

Guides and Tips

The fact that the theory test is called a ‘test’ should indicate that this is something to be taken fairly seriously. It’s not all run-of-the-mill, simple driving questions. In order to have a good shot at passing, you need to revise the necessary material: traffic signs, potential hazards and the highway code. Once you think you’ve got a good grasp of everything, take some mock tests to check that you’re able to achieve a pass score.

Not sure where to start with your theory test revision? Check out the list of resources below for help…

Ready to Go?

Nearby Theory Test Centres


Not from Frome but taking your test here? Why not stay in a local hotel the night before your test? It’s a great way to reduce test day stress and save yourself some precious time in the morning. Check out a few options in the local area that will suit a range of budgets:

Premier Inn Frome ★★★☆☆

At just an 8-minute drive from the test centre, this Premier Inn is a great choice for a convenient short stay. It also provides free parking for guests—great for those of you who are being driven to the theory test by a friend or family member! Each room comes with a double or king size Hypnos bed, a power shower and free WiFi. 

The George Hotel ★★★☆☆

If you’re looking to avoid driving altogether, another good option is to shack up for the night at The George Hotel. It’s a 14-minute walk from the theory test centre. This place is a pub, restaurant and hotel all rolled into one, so you won’t even have to leave the vicinity (apart from to take your test, of course)! It offers decent rooms and a great, family-run feel.

Archangel ★★★☆☆

Yet another restaurant with rooms that’s a 14-minute walk from the test centre is Archangel. This one’s for you if you like a unique establishment steeped in history. The inn dates back all the way to the Domesday book, though it’s had plenty of refurbs since then! Now it boasts a free-floating glass restaurant and a charming collection of eclectically-decorated rooms. Book one for a night you won’t forget!

Places to Celebrate

Once that theory test centre door shuts behind you, you might want to run off home. If not, though, you could always take a nice stroll around Frome and grab some food and drink. Below we’ve listed a few establishments worth a visit. 

The Three Swans

Walk 13 minutes from the test centre and you might stumble upon this lovely little establishment that sells itself as, “The pub that makes you feel right at home.” What more do you need after a test day? If it’s a cold drink, homemade snacks and boardgames, they have all of those too!

Cordero Lounge

The Cordero Lounge is a great spot you can find in the Westway shopping centre, which is around a 24-minute walk from the test centre. Once you’re done perusing the stores, head inside here, grab a table and take in their extensive, varied menu. With so much on offer, from coffees to cocktails and burgers to vegan treats, there’s sure to be something that tickles your fancy!

Palmer Street Bottle

If you’re someone who takes pleasure in sampling some expertly chosen beers, wines and spirits, you simply must head to Palmer Street Bottle. It’s small, cosy and cool. With an impressive range of drinks from all over the globe and well-informed staff on hand to help you select your beverage, it’s the perfect place to treat your tastebuds to something new! You can find it a 20-minute walk from the test centre, on Palmer Street.

What Happens Next?

That just about concludes our in-depth look at the Frome theory test centre. If this is your test location of choice, be sure to book in nice and early so that you have plenty of time to revise and maybe even plan a few post-test activities!

Didn’t manage to pass the theory test this time? Ahh, don’t beat yourself up—plenty of people fail on the first go. The most important thing is to work out where you went wrong and improve on that for the next test. Book a new appointment, study hard and give it another shot. It’ll be much easier the second time around!

Done with the theory and ready to take more steps towards earning that licence? Woohoo! Now it’s time to rack up some hours behind the wheel and book yourself a test. If you’re a Frome local, your nearest test centres are likely to be Westbury or Trowbridge.

Of course, if you decide to learn to drive with PassMeFast, we can set everything in motion for you. Our team will select a suitable instructor for you, book your tests and provide any extra help you may need along the way.

Check out our range of courses online or call 0333 123 4949 to find out about availability in your area. We can’t wait to hear from you! Then again, if you have a course in mind and want to get on the road as soon as possible, just click the ‘Book Now’ button below and we can get started!

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