Please be aware that Oldham Test Centre has now closed. Please click here to see other test centres around Greater Manchester.

Driving Theory Test Centres in Oldham

Situated in a business park just outside of town, Oldham theory test centre is in a useful location for people all over Greater Manchester. To find out important info like pass rates, local amenities, contact details and directions, read on!


5a-6a Whitney Court Southlink Business Park Oldham Greater Manchester OL4 1DE

Phone Number

0333 2001122 Please note: no direct phone number is available for this theory test centre.

Waiting Times

4-6 weeks Waiting times as recorded at the time of writing. Exact waiting times may vary.


Street View

Arriving at Oldham Theory Test Centre

By public transport

Oldham is served by both trams and buses, so you should have no problem using public transport to get to the test centre. If coming by tram, the nearest stop is Oldham Mumps—from there, it’s just a 10-minute walk to the centre. By bus, you’ll be looking to hop on a 425 and disembark at either the Hamilton St or Greengate St stop. Each is a 2 to 3-minute walk from the theory test centre. Head over to the Oldham Council website for information on transport routes and times.

By car

Oldham theory test centre is also accessible by car—just type OL4 1DE into your sat nav! Now, the DVSA’s given address for this place is slightly vague. The Southlink Business Park itself is rather large and, as you’d expect, includes numerous businesses. Turn off Glodwick Road into Hamilton Street and go past the GPO offices. From there, head to Whitney Court (it is well signposted). The entrance is towards the rear. You’ll see a sign displaying all businesses in the vicinity—you’re looking for Pearson Professional Centres.


Unfortunately, you cannot park in Whitney Court as these spaces are reserved for the people who work in the various businesses. You do, however, have a couple of nearby options which won’t break the bank. There’s a car park on Ingham Street (OL1 1EL) that charges a very reasonable £1.70 for 2 hours. Located a short 7-minute walk from the test centre, it’s probably your closest option. Alternatively, you could also check for spaces in the car park on Waterloo Street (OL1 1EW). It will also set you back just £1.70, but it is a 12-minute walk to the centre.

Pass Rates by Year

As you can see, Oldham’s pass rate falls under the national average fairly consistently. Don’t let this put you off, though. Each test centre across the country provides exactly the same test. Statistics are all down to the individual performances by learners. Maybe with your help, Oldham’s figures could enjoy a boost!

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
46.2% 44.5% 43.3% 41.6% 42.0%

Guides and Tips

Determined to perform to the best of your ability in the theory test? You need to make sure you put in lots of practice beforehand. Why not invest in some study aids to make sure you’re as prepared as can be? See some great options below.

Ready to Go?

Nearby Theory Test Centres

Cropped Google Map with pin over Manchester theory test centre

Blue Building
Ground Floor Units 3&4
Universal Square
Devonshire Street North
M12 6JH

6.7 miles away

By rail: Manchester Piccadilly / Ardwick

2017/18 pass rate: 48.6%

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Cropped Google Map with pin over Stockport theory test centre

Wellington Road North

9.3 miles away

By rail: Stockport

2017/18 pass rate: 48.9%

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If you’ve chosen to take your theory test in Oldham but don’t live particularly close by, why not book yourself into a local hotel the night before? You’ll be thankful for the extra minutes of shut eye once the test rolls around! In the wider Oldham area you have options to suit every budget. Here are a few hotels in the surrounding area that we recommend:

247 Hotel★★★☆☆

This hotel may call itself budget, but it still provides flat screen TVs, free WiFi and an on-site cafe. Given the bargain prices, the amenities are not too shabby at all! Given its handy location right on the A62, it’s a particularly good option if you’re making your way to the test centre by car.

Premier Inn Oldham Broadway★★★☆☆

Prefer a budget price tag that comes with an established name? Look no further than the Premier Inn Oldham Broadway. With everything you’d expect from this well-known chain, it’s the perfect choice for a convenient short-stay. Be sure to make the most of the power shower, blackout curtains and luxury bedding while you’re there!

The White Hart Inn at Lydgate★★★★☆

If you really want to push the boat out and experience the joys of a traditional country hotel, you must consider the White Hart Inn. Situated at the top of a hill on Stockport Road, this cosy yet elegant venue offers stunning views of the local countryside and a top-notch restaurant to treat your tastebuds. With boutique rooms, roaring fires and a well stocked bar, you’ll be reluctant to leave the White Hart Inn!

Places to Celebrate

Now for the important stuff: where you can go to celebrate passing your theory test. We’re no strangers to the local watering holes, so check out some of our top picks in the Oldham area:

Smoke Yard

All that thinking probably has you feeling a little peckish. Kill two birds with one stone and head over to Smoke Yard. Not only do they have a large and varied selection of drinks, but you’ll also find a substantial menu of American classics like burgers, hot dogs and nachos. Yum! 

Royal Oak

This classic British pub is a good shout if you’re a fan of cosy, casual surroundings. With plenty of real ales and ciders to choose from, it’s a great place to while away an afternoon in comfort. Challenge a local to a friendly game of pool, or take in some live music—this pub doesn’t scrimp on the drinks or the entertainment.

Bees Knees

If you fancy somewhere with a bit of a younger crowd and some great drinks deals, Bees Knees could be the perfect spot. With themed nights, cheap cocktails and a party atmosphere, this place is all about fun. Celebrate your success with a cheeky tipple and a bit of a boogie!

What Happens Next?

With its location just on the outskirts of Oldham, this theory test centre is really handy for anyone living in between the major towns and cities of Greater Manchester. Now that your theory test is in the bag, you may be wondering: what’s next?

Well, it’s time to put your knowledge into practice and take on the practical driving test. To get started, you’ll need your theory test pass number. Head over to the DVSA website and use it to book a slot for a driving test. If you’re from Oldham, your closest practical test centre is Chadderton. If that doesn’t suit you, try Rochdale or Cheetham Hill.

Don’t worry if you miss out on a pass the first time you take your theory test. It’s really easy to get yourself another test—you’ll just have to leave a gap of 3 working days. In the meantime, go back to your study aids and work on any problem areas. With many people it’s a case of second time lucky!

Pass or fail, we can help you with every part of your driving journey—from the theory to the practical. PassMeFast has a variety of courses to choose from, so every kind of learner can find a package that suits them. If you need more information take a look at our website or contact a member of our sales team on 0333 123 4949. Remember, the road to driving doesn’t have to be long! In fact, if you’re ready to go ahead now, click the button below!

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