Driving Theory Test Centres in Hastings

The Hastings theory test centre is a good option for those learners who put the ‘east’ in East Sussex. That’s because it’s located in the eastern part of the county, on the northern outskirts of this charming seaside town.

Before you run off to get things started, make sure you have a look through our complete guide to the Hastings theory test centre. We’ve included lots of information that will serve you well on test day, like directions, contact details, local amenities and much more!


Phillips House, Ponswood Industrial Estate, Drury Lane St Leonards Hastings East Sussex TN38 9BA

Phone Number

0333 200 1122 Please note: no direct phone number is available for this theory test centre.


Arriving at Hastings Theory Test Centre

By public transport

The fact that this theory test centre is located on an industrial estate means that it’s not all that accessible via public transport. We understand, though, that as you don’t have your driving licence yet, your travel options are likely to be fairly limited!

The most convenient mode of transport to take to Hastings test centre is a bus. Hopping off at the Ponswood Road bus stop will leave you with a very simple 6-minute walk up Theaklen Drive to reach your destination. Alternatively, you could disembark at the Roosevelt Court bus stop, which is a 9-minute walk from the test centre.

Those travelling by train can get to the test centre, but it will require a fairly lengthy walk. The closest station is St Leonards Warrior Square, from which it will take you 27 minutes on foot to get to your destination.

For further details about the transport links connecting this area, have a look on the Hastings Borough Council Website.  

By car

If you don’t need to worry about public transport because you’re catching a lift to your theory test then lucky you! Information that will be useful in this instance is the postcode: TN38 9BA. Fire up the sat nav and get on your merry way!

If you’re driving in from out of town, it’s likely you’ll take the A21 and take the exit that leads to Sedlescombe Road South. From here you should keep your eyes peeled for signs directing you towards Ponswood Industrial Estate.


Those who are being driven to their theory test appointment would do well to simply get dropped off. This is because parking options in the area are incredibly scarce. As is usually the case, the theory centre itself does not provide any, and because you’re not in the heart of town, car parks are few and far between.

If it’s imperative that the person driving you leaves their car in Hastings for a while, the closest place to do this is the St Leonards Warrior Square car park (TN37 6HL), which is a 27-minute walk away. However, there are only 26 spaces available, so they’ll be lucky to nab one! If you manage it you’ll have to pay £4.70 for 2 hours of parking.

For a better chance of securing a parking space, you could head to the Travelodge car park (TN34 1ET) on Bohemia Road. It’s 45 minutes from the test centre, has 58 spaces and charges £3 for 2 hours of parking.

Pass Rates by Year

It's worth remembering that pass rates do not indicate that you are more likely to pass your test here than somewhere with a lower overall pass rate. The theory test is the same all over the country. Pass rates are useful for providing an overall impression of regional trends, but do not really impact individual learners.

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22
50.8% 48.4% 48.1% 49.2% 47.5% 55.0%  53.6% 

Guides and Tips

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the theory test does need to be treated like any other exam. This means you must study for it and revise all of the necessary information until you know it by heart. Taking mock tests is a great way to judge if you are test ready.

Take a look at the resources we’ve listed below to help you with this process.

Ready to Go?

Nearby Theory Test Centres


Showing up to your test appointment well-rested and alert is a great way to ensure a good performance. Getting plenty of sleep the night before is key here. If you’re not from the Hastings area, consider booking a room in a local hotel, so that on test day you don’t have to worry about travelling too far. Here are some options to suit a range of budgets:

OYO Eagle House Hotel ★★★☆☆

A 5-minute drive from the test centre you can find this lovely branch of the OYO chain. It offers clean, comfortable rooms and free WiFi all for a very reasonable price. Venture out of the front door and it should only take you a few minutes to stroll to the beachfront. A great option for those who want to explore this seaside town as well as pass their theory test.

Sea Spirit Guest House ★★★☆☆

Hastings is just full of guest houses, but we’ve selected this one because it sits roughly halfway between the test centre and the beach—offering you the best of both worlds! Sea Spirit is a family-run accommodation that promises a relaxing stay in a quiet part of town. Wake up to a home-cooked complimentary breakfast that will set you up for the day!

Zanzibar Hotel ★★★★☆

If you’re treating your trip to Hastings as an opportunity to treat yourself, you simply must book a room at the Zanzibar. It’s the fanciest accommodation in town! This boutique hotel is made up of a number of individually-decorated rooms, each based on a desirable world location. Will you be laying your head in Morocco, Bali or Manhattan? Who cares, because each one comes kitted out with luxury amenities and the finest quality bedding!

Places to Celebrate

When the test is over and you’ve received your results, why not contemplate how you did over a drink or tasty meal? Whether you’re celebrating or commiserating, refreshments are sure to put a smile on your face. Here are some local joints to check out:

The Welcome

As you can probably gather from the name, this is a friendly neighbourhood pub that attracts locals and visitors alike. Along with a range of different tipples, you have the opportunity to enjoy some delicious pub grub or play some board games. The perfect spot to decompress after a test!

Cactus Hound Bar

Head down towards the seafront and scope out this trendy bar that promises a good time for all. They specialise in tequila and mezcal, but their extensive menu also covers a whole spectrum of drinks to sample. Expect cool decor and a younger crowd.

Twisted Bunny

If you appreciate a place that takes its cocktails seriously, Twisted Bunny might be the establishment for you. Located right by the sea, you can enjoy fabulous views while sipping on an even more fabulous concoction. If you arrive at the right time you might even be treated to a DJ set! 

What Happens Next?

And that’s a wrap on Hastings theory test centre! You should now be armed with all of the information you need to decide whether this is the best option for you. Just keep in mind that the test is the same wherever you take it, so your decision should really be based on convenience and personal preference.

You may be wondering what comes after the theory test. This is simply the first stage, after all. Well, as soon as you have that certificate in hand, it’s time to turn your attention to the practical test. In other words, you’ll be putting that theory knowledge into action on the road!

Secure yourself a driving instructor, select a preferred practical test centre, and get a date for your test booked in nice and early. There’s actually a test centre located in the Ore area of Hastings, so this is likely to be your closest option.

Those who failed the theory test will obviously have to put the practical side of things on hold for a little longer. Get yourself another test date as soon as possible (the earliest this can be done is 3 working days after your last test, but wait times will vary according to the test centre) and continue studying the material so that you can come out with a pass the next time around.

At PassMeFast, we offer 9 different driving courses to suit learners with a variety of experience levels. Each one can be completed intensively or semi-intensively, depending on which you would prefer. Our office team will organise all of your tests for you and be on hand to answer any questions you have during your journey to earning a licence.

Interested? Call us up on 0333 123 4949 to find out more, or tap the button below to kickstart the process of becoming a fully qualified driver. There’s no time like the present!

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