Birmingham (South Yardley)

Learners in Birmingham are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to driving test centres. If you live in or around the Yardley area, your go-to option will be South Yardley. Located on Clay Lane, next to Clay Lane Allotments and across from Gilbertstone Primary School, Shirley test centre gets its fair share of learners visiting each month. If you're one of the many learners heading here, keep on reading for directionspass ratestest routes and much more about Shirley.


Clay Lane South Yardley West Midlands B26 1EA

Tests Offered at Birmingham (South Yardley)

  • Car
  • ADI part 2
  • ADI part 3


Parking is available at this test centre


Male and female toilets are available

Disabled Access

Disabled access is available at this test centre

Phone Number

0121 7064566

Check the book your driving test service for availability.

How To Get There

Based in South Yardley, South East of Birmingham, South Yardley test centre rests close to the busy Coventry Road—making it easy for all learners in the vicinity to get there. Want to check out the test centre before your course or test? It couldn’t be any easier. Simply follow these directions and you’ll get there just fine. 

A Bit More About South Yardley

As you may already know, the majority of your driving test will be based around your chosen test centre. In this case, you’ll be expected to drive safely and confidently around the various road types and conditions in the South Yardley area. From the busy A45 to the quieter streets around Lyndon Playing Fields, candidates will be well and truly put to the test. If you’d like to know more general information about South Yardley, check out these resources:

South Yardley Test Route

The key to success with the driving test is knowing your test centre and its surrounding area. With that in mind, you can watch videos of South Yardley test routes on YouTube or download our sample South Yardley driving test routes to get an idea of which specific roads might crop up. Your instructor will also introduce you to the South Yardley roads and features that are most likely to show up on your test, so you won't be too surprised by what happens on the day. 

South Yardley Test Pass Rates

Wondering how other learners fare in the West Midlands? Wonder no more! Those of you in the West Midlands have a 45.1% chance of passing your driving test. As for those at South Yardley test centre, take a peek below...

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
31.5% 33.7% 34.1% 32.8% 31.7%

With pass rates more than 10% lower than the average for learners in the West Midlands, we can’t say we’re too impressed by South Yardley. Fortunately, you’re not graded on these stats in your test—it’s all about your ability. That being said, you might be relieved to find that pass rates are higher for those going in for their second attempt.

What If I Can’t Go To South Yardley?

If, for whatever reason, you can’t go to South Yardley test centre, you can head to Garretts Green or Shirley.

What To Expect On The Day

So, the big day is finally here! No need to worry. As long as you’ve paid attention in your lessons, you should be more than prepared. All you need to do on the day is get to South Yardley 10 minutes early with your provisional. Your test will then follow this format: 

  • An eyesight test, where you’ll need to read a number plate from a distance of 20 metres
  • Two “show me, tell me” questions covering vehicle safety and maintenance
  • Twenty minutes of general driving, where you’ll be guided by the examiner, and will also need to perform one of the following manoeuvres:
  • Twenty minutes of independent driving, during which you’ll either follow sat nav directions or sign posts to reach a set destination

Once you’ve pulled up and parked safely at South Yardley after your test, the examiner will let you know how you’ve done. Regardless of whether you pass or fail, you'll be given a feedback sheet detailing any minors or majors you might have accumulated during the test. If you are successful, you'll also get a test pass certificate and the chance to send off for your new licence. 

But What If I Fail?

Believe it or not, failing the driving test is a common occurrence for many learners—whether it’s nerves or a few shaky areas. The most important thing you can do is look at your feedback sheet and work on the areas you received faults in.

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