Practical Test Centres in South Ayrshire

Looking to earn your pink licence in South Ayrshire? PassMeFast can help! We’ve got instructors across Britain ready to help learners go from beginner to pro in mere weeks. They cover both practical driving test centres in South Ayrshire, so you can develop your skills close to home. And with our tailored driving courses, you can create a learning schedule that works for you!

Before you head over to your chosen test centre, we’d recommend getting up to speed with all the vital info you might need to know, from what actually happens in the driving test to the ways in which you can improve your chances of success. Simply scroll down, pick your closest test centre and enjoy!


40 Boundary Road Heathfield Industrial Estate Ayr South Ayrshire KA8 9DJ
The Carrick Buildings Learning Centre Henrietta Street Girvan South Ayrshire KA26 9AL

Where are the Practical Test Centres in South Ayrshire?