Haddington learners will be pleased to hear that they don’t have to travel far to take their practical. Located just off Herdmanflatt Road, Haddington test centre is where local learners put their mettle to the test. If you’re heading here, be sure to read our comprehensive guide below for handy tips, directions and pass rates!


Herdmanflatt Haddington East Lothian EH41 3NG

Tests Offered at Haddington

  • Car


Car parking spaces are available


Unisex toilet available including disabled facilities

Disabled Access

You can get into the test centre in a wheelchair

Check the book your driving test service for availability.

How To Get There

Heading to Haddington test centre without your instructor? If you and your supervisor aren’t completely sure where it’s located (and don’t fancy testing your skills against road signs), you can just follow these simple directions with a sat nav.

A Bit More About Haddington

The area of Haddington is chock full of tricky road types—from the busy A1 to the challenging roundabout on Haldane Avenue. With your instructor, however, you’ll get to grips with these features in no time at all. As for information about the area’s local history, or public transport, you can check out these links:

Haddington Test Pass Rates

Can’t quite decide whether Haddington test centre is the right place for you to take your practical test? Your mind will be made up once you get a load of its pass rates from the last five years! Check them out below!

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
56.5% 60.5% 65.4% 62.5% 56.1%

What If I Can't Go To Haddington? 

If test waiting times are too long at Haddington test centre, or you’re simply considering a change in scenery, there are plenty of other places to head to around the East Lothian area. Your closest alternative test centres include:

What To Expect On The Day

So the young grasshopper is almost ready to become the master. Congratulations! You’re only one step away from getting that full driving licence. To make sure that your hard work doesn’t go to waste, get to Haddington test centre 10 minutes before your test starts—if you’re late, your test will be cancelled and you won’t get a refund.

You’ll then meet your examiner, show them your provisional and sign a quick form. Your driving test will then proceed with:

  • An eyesight test, where you’ll need to read a number plate from a distance of 20 metres
  • Two “show me, tell me” questions covering vehicle safety and maintenance
  • Twenty minutes of general driving, where you’ll be guided by the examiner, and will also need to perform one of the following manoeuvres:
  • Twenty minutes of independent driving, during which you’ll either follow sat nav directions or sign posts to reach a set destination

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Depending on how soon you want to pass, and your overall availability, you’ll be behind the wheel for 2 to 5 hours at a time. We’ll even throw in a fast-track practical at Haddington test centre. What’s not to like?

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