Well done for passing the theory test. You should be really proud of yourself — you’re one big step closer to becoming a fully qualified driver!

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What happens next?

Now you’ve passed the theory test, we’ve started booking your practical test. Booking the test before arranging lessons helps to prevent a large, unwanted gap in-between lessons.

Most importantly, this keeps your lessons close to the test date and everything you learn fresh in your memory (giving you the best chance of passing).

First, we’ll book a placeholder test. The placeholder is booked at any location/date, and we’ll enter into our fast-track system to move it to an appointment that's ideal for you. Booking a placeholder allows us to easily swap tests around, giving us the power to work faster and more efficiently. 

To avoid interrupting the fast-tracking system, please don’t log in to the DVSA practical test site.

Please bear with us while our fast-track team searches for your test.

There's still a large backlog from lockdowns, so it might take us a little while to secure one for you. However, we work around the clock, so I’m sure we’ll have some good news for you soon!


Any questions?

We’ll be in touch once we have any updates on your course.

If you have any questions, then please call our office on 0333 123 4949, email [email protected], or shoot us a message on WhatsApp. We’re always happy to help!

You can also keep up to date by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where we post regular driving tips and advice.

Again, congrats on passing the theory test!