How the Driving Test Parking Manoeuvre is Changing in 2022

reverse bay park

The DVSA has announced that, from 9th May 2022, the 'reverse into a parking bay' manoeuvre can be carried out from any car park, not just the test centre's own.

Before the change, only practical driving test centres lucky enough to have their own car park were able to include the manoeuvre in the test. Now you'll have to be on your toes because any learner driver can be asked to reverse park into a parking bay.

The decision comes after a trial at 15 driving test centres in the UK. Even though some learners might not be too happy with the news, examiners have said that it's a positive change because every learner will need to master the move before sitting their test.

So, if your local test centre is sans car park and you were hoping to dodge this particular manoeuvre, you're best asking your instructor to help you get the reverse bay park nailed down. And if you want to see how it's done on paper — check out our expert's guide on bay parking.

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